Mama Kin

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"Mama Kin"
Song by Aerosmith
from the album Aerosmith
ReleasedJanuary 5, 1973
Genre Hard rock
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Steven Tyler
Producer(s) Adrian Barber

"Mama Kin" is a song by American hard rock band Aerosmith, which appears on their 1973 self-titled debut album. The song was written by lead singer Steven Tyler. It was a staple of Aerosmith concerts and appeared on several live albums. [1]


Song structure

The song comprises a basic guitar riff, with a strong rhythm backbeat which comes in between lyrics in the verse and throughout the bridge. There are also saxophones interspersed throughout the song.


The song has also been a live staple of Aerosmith concerts throughout the band's career. Live versions of the song appeared on Live! Bootleg , Classics Live , and A Little South of Sanity .

The song has also appeared on several Aerosmith compilations including Gems (1988), Pandora's Box (1991), Pandora's Toys (1995), O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (2002), Greatest Hits 1973–1988 (2004), and Devil's Got a New Disguise (2006).

Noteworthy references to the song

Guns N' Roses and Buckcherry versions

The song was covered by Guns N' Roses in 1986 and released in the same year on their EP album Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide . It was later re-released on their second studio album G N' R Lies in 1988. There's also a live version of Guns N' Roses performing the song along with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. This was from Guns N' Roses live from Paris pay per view special. [7]

Buckcherry also covered the song, which appeared as a bonus track on their 2014 EP Fuck. It is the only song on that album that does not use the word "fuck" in the song or have "fuck" as part of the title. [8]

"Mama Kin" in other media

"Mama Kin" is featured as a re-recorded track on the video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith . [9]

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"Dream On" is a power ballad by Aerosmith from their 1973 debut album, Aerosmith. Written by lead singer Steven Tyler, this song was their first major hit and became a classic rock radio staple. Released in June 1973, it peaked at number 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 but hit big in the band's native Boston, where it was the number one single of the year on WBZ-FM, number five for the year on WRKO and number 16 on WMEX (AM). The song also received immediate heavy airplay on the former WVBF (FM), often showing up in the #1 position on "The Top Five at Five" in June 1973.

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The Get a Grip Tour was a concert tour by American hard rock band Aerosmith that lasted over eighteen months, from early June 1993 to mid-December 1994. The tour was put on in support of the band's third consecutive multi-platinum album Get a Grip, released in April 1993.

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The Global Warming Tour, by American hard rock band Aerosmith, included 82 concert performances across North America, Oceania, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

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The Let Rock Rule Tour was a concert tour by American hard rock band Aerosmith that featured Slash as the opening act. The tour sent both acts to various locations across North America from July to September 2014 and included two festival concerts and eighteen regular concerts. In addition, Aerosmith performed a private show in the middle of the tour. Slash with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators did not perform at Rock Fest in Wisconsin or at the private show, but performed at all of the other concerts.

<i>Fuck</i> (EP) 2014 EP by Buckcherry

Fuck is an extended play album by American hard rock band Buckcherry, released on August 19, 2014 on F-Bomb Records. Every song on the EP has the word "Fuck" in their titles, except for the bonus track, a cover of the Aerosmith song "Mama Kin". The song "Say Fuck It" is a cover of the Icona Pop song "I Love It" with modified lyrics. It is their first release with Kelly LeMieux on bass guitar.


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