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OMX Helsinki 25 (OMXH25, formerly HEX25) is a stock market index for the Helsinki Stock Exchange. It is a market value weighted index that consists of the 25 most-traded stock classes. The maximum weight for a single stock is limited to 10%. This is mainly to limit Nokia's weight in the index, although Fortum and Sampo Group were also capped in a February 2009 reshuffle.



OMX Helsinki 25 Index 1988-2012 OMX Helsinki 25.png
OMX Helsinki 25 Index 1988–2012
Stora Enso paper mill in Oulu. Stora Enso Oulu 2006 01 26.JPG
Stora Enso paper mill in Oulu.

As of August 2020, the following 25 companies make up the index: [1]

Company GICS SectorTicker symbol
Cargotec industrial machinery CGCBV
Elisa integrated telecommunication services ELISA
Fortum electric utilities FORTUM
Huhtamäki industrial Goods & Services HUH1V
Kemira diversified chemicals KEMIRA
Kesko food retail KESKOB
Kojamo real estate investor KOJAMO
Kone industrial machinery KNEBV
Konecranes industrial machinery KCR
Metso Outotec industrial machinery MOCORP
Metsä Board paper and packaging METSB
Neles process industries NELES
Neste oil and gas refining and marketing NESTE
Nokia communications equipment NOKIA
Nokian Tyres tyres and rubber TYRES
Nordea Bank diversified banks NDA-FI
Orion Corporation pharmaceuticals ORNBV
Outokumpu steel OUT1V
Sampo multi-line insurance SAMPO
Stora Enso paper products STERV
Telia Company integrated telecommunication services TELIA1
TietoEVRY IT services TIETO
UPM paper products UPM
Valmet industrial Goods & Services VALMT
Wärtsilä industrial machinery WRT1V


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