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"Oh Yeah"
Oh yeah single cover.jpg
Cover art for 1987 European release
Single by Yello
from the album Stella
ReleasedJuly 11, 1985 (1985-07-11)
Genre Synth-pop
Label Elektra
Producer(s) Yello
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"Oh Yeah"
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"Oh Yeah" is a single released in 1985 by the Swiss band Yello and featured on their album Stella . The song features a mix of electronic music and manipulated vocals. The song gained popularity after being featured in the films Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Secret of My Success , among other films. It is a popular staple in pop culture.


Its 1987 rereleased version features the extra lyrics: "such a good time / a really good time".


Describing the composition of "Oh Yeah," Blank said, "First I did the music and then I invited Dieter to sing along, and he came up with some lines which I thought, 'no Dieter, it's too complicated, we don't need that many lyrics'. I had the idea of just this guy, a fat little monster sits there very relaxed and says, "Oh yeah, oh yeah". So I told him, 'Why don't you try just to sing on and on 'oh yeah'?... Dieter was very angry when I told him this and he said, 'are you crazy, all the time "Oh yeah"? Are you crazy?! I can't do this, no no, come on, come on.' And then he said, 'some lyrics, like "the moon... beautiful", is this too much?!' and I said, 'no, it's OK', and then he did this 'oh yeah' and at the end he thought, 'yeah it's nice', he loved it himself also. And also I wanted to install lots of human noises, all kind of phonetic rhythms with my mouth; you hear lots of noises in the background which are done with my mouth." [1]


In 1987, the single reached #51 on the US Billboard Hot 100, [2] and #36 on the US dance chart. [3] It also peaked at #47 in Germany in November 1987 [4] and then #9 in Australia in October 1988. [5]

The song (and others) has been aggressively shopped around, the group going so far as to produce a special "All Time Classics" CD for advertising, television and movies. [6]

The song has been wildly successful, and was the basis for Dieter Meier's investment fortune, which as of 2017 was valued at an estimated $175 million. [7]


A remix of the song, entitled, "Oh Yeah Oh Six" went to No. 1 on the US dance charts in 2006. [8]

Dieter Meier, vocals Dieter Meier on October 15, 2011.jpg
Dieter Meier, vocals

After its use in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off an "incredibly infectious song" from which it became virtually known as 'the Ferris Bueller song' [9] [10] the song was used in various other film soundtracks through the end of the decade and developed a reputation as a 1980s Hollywood cliche. [11] [12] [13] It was prominently used in the 1987 film The Secret of My Success . [11] [12] [13] [upper-alpha 1] It was also part of the soundtrack in She's Out of Control [7] and Opportunity Knocks . [15] The song was used in a series of Twix commercials from 1988 to 1990.

Film critic Jonathan Bernstein observed that despite never reaching hit status, the song "has become synonymous with avarice and lust. Every time a movie, TV show or commercial wants to underline the jaw-dropping impact of a hot babe or sleek auto, that synth-drum starts popping and that deep voice rumbles, 'Oh yeah…". [16] A 2014 article on The Dissolve website, suggests the song is used to metaphorically represent lust (in various forms) and cocaine. [13]

The song became a conceit on The Simpsons , being used when Duffman appears; an idiomatic staple in video games; and a repeated choice in television advertisements. [7] [12] [17]

Matthew Broderick reprised his Bueller role in a Honda commercial aired during the Super Bowl in which "Oh Yeah" was featured. [18] A teaser for the ad had appeared two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, which had created rumors of a possible film sequel. [19] [20] It was produced by Santa Monica-based RPA and directed by Todd Phillips. [21] AdWeek's Tim Nudd called the ad "a great homage to the original 1986 film, with Broderick this time calling in sick to a film shoot and enjoying another day of slacking." [21] On the other hand, Jalopnik's Matt Hardigree called the spot "sacrilegious". [22]

The song appears in the video game Gran Turismo 4 , both as one of the songs of the racing BGM and the music played when the player fails a License Test.

The song features prominently in an episode of the comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack". Characters refer to it as "that song from the 80s, 'Day Bow Bow'" and reference its use in The Secret of My Success.

The song was used during a sketch on the TV show Saturday Night Live, with celebrity guest Margot Robbie. [23]

The song was used in a Domino's Pizza commercial in 2017. The commercial is a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off; [24] it is an example of a repurposed pop song. [25]

The song was used in the 2017 films Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie and Spider-Man: Homecoming . [26]

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Oh Yeah, Ooh Yeah, or other variants may refer to:

<i>Stella</i> (album) 1985 studio album by Yello

Stella is the fourth studio album by the Swiss electronic band Yello, first released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on 29 January 1985, and in the UK and US in March 1985. It was the first album made by the band without founder member Carlos Perón, and with his departure the remaining duo of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier began to move away from experimental electronic sounds towards a more commercial synthpop and cinematic soundtrack style. As well as becoming the first album ever by a Swiss group to top the Swiss album chart, it was the band's breakthrough album internationally, helped by the success of the song "Oh Yeah", which gained the band worldwide attention the following year after it was prominently featured in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off and then a year later in The Secret of My Success.

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Dieter Meier is a Swiss musician and conceptual artist. He is the frontman of the electronic music group Yello, which also includes music producer Boris Blank. He is a vocalist and lyricist, as well as manager and producer of the group.

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