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Ouarsenis Range
Adrar en Warsnis
ⵡⴰⵔⵙⵏⵉⵙ / Ouarsnis / الونشريس
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View of the Ouarsenis Range near Tamalehat Commune
Highest point
Peak Mount Sidi Amar
Elevation 1,985 m (6,512 ft)
Coordinates 35°52′0″N1°37′0″E / 35.86667°N 1.61667°E / 35.86667; 1.61667 Coordinates: 35°52′0″N1°37′0″E / 35.86667°N 1.61667°E / 35.86667; 1.61667 [1]
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Ouarsenis Range
Parent range Tell Atlas
Orogeny Alpine orogeny
Age of rock Miocene

The Ouarsenis or Ouanchariss (Berber language: ⵡⴰⵔⵙⵏⵉⵙ, Warsnis (meaning "nothing higher") Adrar en Warsnis, Arabic : الونشريس) is a mountain range and inhabited region in northwestern Algeria.



The range is located at about 80 km south of the Mediterranean, between the basin of the Chelif River in the north and in the east, the Oued Mina in the west and the Sersou plateau in the south. It reaches its maximum elevation of 1,985 m at the Mount Sidi Amar, near Bordj Bounaama at about 60 km west of Tissemsilt. Other important summits are Achaoun (1808 m), Djebel Meddad (1787 m), Kef Siga (1784 m), Sra Abdelkader (1776), Ras El Brarit (1750 m), Mont Belkheiret (1620 m), Djebel Amrouna (1512 m), Mount Tamedrara, and Rond Point des Cèdres (1461 m), Rokba Atba (1300 m). [2] The mountain range area is inhabited by Berbers. [3]


The mountain forests are home to several animals such as wolves, foxes, caracals, boars, hyenas, hedgehogs. The area was previously inhabited by lions and panthers. Jean Auguste Margueritte reported that a single person from Beni Mahrez tribe near Theniet El Hed killed 14 lions and 3 panthers in the 1840s.

Protected areas

Although part of its slopes have been used traditionally to grow cereals, the range still has relatively large natural Atlas cedar forests.

The Théniet El Had National Park is a protected area located in the foothills of the Ouarsenis Range. [4]

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Atlas Mountains North African mountain range

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Laghouat is one of the forty-eight provinces (wilaya) of Algeria. It is located in the north central part of Algeria. The province borders Tiaret Province to the north, El Bayadh Province to the west, Ghardaia Province to the south and Djelfa Province to the east. The capital of the province is Laghouat City. The province is famous for palm trees and livestock.

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The rock art of the Djelfa region in the Ouled Naïl Range (Algeria) consists of prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs dating from the Neolithic age which have been recognized since 1914. Following the Saharan Atlas Mountains they follow on from those, to the west, of south Oran, to which they are related. Comparable engravings have also been described further to the east, in the Constantine (Algeria) region.

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The Ksour Range or Kçour Range is a mountain range in Algeria. Stretching across the provinces of Béchar and El Bayadh, it is the westernmost range of the Saharan Atlas, with the Amour Range further east.

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The Dahra Range is a mountain range located in northern Algeria. 'Dahra' is an Arabic word meaning 'back'; in toponymy this term indicates a long plateau of lesser altitude.

Belezma Range

The Belezma Range, also transliterated as Belzma, is a prolongation of the Aurès Mountains, at the confluence of the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas in northeastern Algeria. It is separated from the main Aurès Range by the Batna-El Kantara basin.

Hodna Mountains Mountains in Algeria

The Hodna Mountains are a mountain massif in northeastern Algeria. It rises on the northern side of the Hodna natural region in the M'Sila Province, near the town of Maadid around 200 km southeast of Algiers. These mountains are one of the ranges of the Saharan Atlas, part of the Atlas Mountain System.


The Titteri is a historical region in Algeria. It is located in the mountainous area of the southern Tell Atlas in the Atlas Mountains.