Peterborough and District Football League

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Peterborough & District Football League
Feeder To
United Counties League
Division One
Premier Division
Division One
Division Two
Division Three
Division Four
Division Five
Veterans Premier Division
Veterans East Division
Veterans West Division
Veterans Central Division
Walking Footbal Division
Number of Teams
Levels on Pyramid
11 (Premier Division)
Current Champions (2018–19)
Moulton Harrox (Premier Division)
FC Parson Drove (Division One)
Stilton United (Division Two)
Peterborough NECI (Division Three)
Glinton & Northborough (Division Four)
Stanground Sports (Division Five)

The Peterborough & District Football League is a football competition in England. It has a total of six divisions, the highest of which the Premier Division sits at step 7 of the National League System (level 11 of the English football league system). It is a feeder to the United Counties League Division One.


For the 2014–15 season there are 90 teams competing in the league, which under the terms of a sponsorship agreement is known as the ChromaSport & Trophies Peterborough & District Football League.

The 2009–10 season was dominated by Rutland Rangers who won both the Premier League and the Senior Cup at Peterborough United's London Road for the second successive season.

In 2005–06 the PDFL introduced 'combination leagues' for Reserve and 'A' teams. These divisions were scrapped after the 2010-11 and the league went back to six ordinary divisions named, Premier Division, Division One, Division Two, Division Three, Division Four and Division Five. The league have also introduced a Veterans Section, in 2012 and a Walking football division in 2020.

2020–21 Members

Premier Division

Division One

Division Two

Division Three

Division Four

Division Five

Veterans Premier Division

Veterans East Division

Veterans West Division

Veterans Central Division

Walking Football Division

Past winners


1902–03 Fletton United
1903–04 Fletton United
1904–05 Fletton United
1905–06Peterborough Town Reserves
1906–07G.E. Loco
1907–08G.E. Loco
1908–09Westwood Works
SeasonDivision 1Division 2
1909–10G.N. Loco ReservesCrowland Abbey
1910–11Westwood WorksYaxley Rovers
1911–12Westwood WorksStamford Vics
1912–13Westwood WorksBrainsbys Works
1913–14Westwood WorksWestwood Works Reserves
1918–19 Blackstones
1919–20Stamford Reserves
SeasonDivision 1Division 2
1920–21Westwood WorksPeterborough Rovers
SeasonDivision 1Division 2Division 3
1921–22G.N. LocoG.N. Sheet StoresYaxley Rovers Reserves
1922–23G.N. LocoG.N. Sheet StoresBarfords
1923–24G.N. LocoBarfordsNewark
1924–25Wisbech TownSilver BadgePaston Athletic Reserves
1925–26G.N. LocoWhittlesey TownBrotherhoods
1926–27Westwood WorksBarfordsWilliamson Cliff
1927–28Wisbech TownNew Peterborough SportsLongthorpe Scouts
1928–29Wisbech TownCrowland RoversCastor & Ailsworth
1929–30BarfordsLondon Brick CompanyWhittlesey Town
1930–31Spalding UnitedPaston AthleticL.N.E.R. Accounts
SeasonDivision 1Division 2Division 3 (Southern Section)Division 3 (Northern Section)
1931-32Wisbech TownL.N.E.R. AthleticCelta MillsMunicipal Sports
1932–33Wisbech TownCrowland AbbeyCentral Sugar CompanyDeeping United
1933–34Bourne TownStamford St. GeorgeOrton WatervilleKings Dyke
1934–35Phorpres SportsPhorpres Sports ReservesCastor & AilsworthNortham Star Sports
1935–36Peterborough United ReservesCrowland AbbeyL.N.E.R. Sheet StoresMaxey United
1936–37Chatteris EngineersMoulton ChapelElectricity SportsR.A.F. (Peterborough)
1937–38St. Ives TownR.A.F. (Wittering)Stanground VictoriaCrowland Abbey
1938–39Westwood WorksR.A.F. (Peterborough)Phorpres Sports ReservesDeeping United
SeasonDivision 1Division 2
1945–46Bourne TownBrotherhoods Reserves
SeasonDivision 1Division 2Division 3 (Southern Section)Division 3 (Northern Section)
1946-47 Bourne Town Crowland TownCollegeCrowland Town Reserves
1947–48 March Town Phorpres SportsHolme RoversHelpston United
1948–49 Parson Drove Morton Ramsey Town L.N.E.R. Athletic
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision 3 (Southern Section)Division 3 (Northern Section)
1949-50 Parsons Drove South Lynn Youth ClubPerkins Athletic ReservesWarmington WaspsMaxey United
1950–51 King's Lynn Reserves Upwell TownYaxley AthleticKing's Lynn 'A'Helpston United
1951–52 Cambridge United ReservesBourne Town ReservesKing's Lynn 'A'Kings DykeEast Ward
1952–53 Cambridge United ReservesWhittlesey UnitedHelpston UnitedMarch British LegionNassington
1953–54 King's Lynn Reserves Warmington WaspsParson DroveManea UnitedDogsthorpe
1954–55 Cambridge United ReservesMortonManea UnitedOundle TownWarmington Wasps
1955–56 Ely City MortonWarmington WaspsCoates AthleticBarnack United
1956–57 King's Lynn Reserves MortonThurlby UnitedMarch St. Mary'sNortham Star Sports
1957–58 Newmarket Town declared null and voidPerkins AthleticPeterborough United 'B'Glinton United
1958–59 Cambridge United ReservesParson DroveMarch St. Mary'sNew England UnitedBritish Railways
1959–60 Soham Town Rangers Ramsey TownCrowland TownPeterborough RoversStamford Reserves
1960–61 Cambridge United ReservesPhorpres SportsCoates AthleticWhittlesey UnitedEye United
1961–62 Soham Town Rangers Perkins Athletic Blackstones Works Downham Town ReservesStamford Belvedere
1962–63Downham TownHuntingdon UnitedChatteris EngineersLeverington SportsB.R.A.D.
1963–64Chatteris TownGlinton UnitedPeterborough RoversBalding & MansellSpalding Youth Old Boys
1964–65Chatteris TownCrowland TownLeverington SportsWhittlesey RoversR.A.F. (Wittering)
1965–66Chatteris TownWhittlesey UnitedStamford BelvedereNewalls SportsKings Cliffe
1966–67 Parsons Drove Peterborough RoversDiesel AthleticWimblington Old BoysDeeping Rangers
1967–68 Parsons Drove Stamford BelvedereEye UnitedParson Drove ReservesThurlby United
1968–69 Parsons Drove Glinton UnitedDeeping RangersYaxley (British Legion)Pinchbeck United Reserves
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3 (Southern Section)Division 3 (Northern Section)Division 4
1969–70 Parsons Drove Deeping RangersParson Drove ReservesUpwell TownStamford Belvedere ReservesStilton United
1970–71 Parsons Drove Stamford BelvedereYaxley (British Legion)Whittlesey United ReservesHotpointPhorpres Sports
1971–72Peterborough RoversEye UnitedSpalding United ReservesPhorpres SportsThorneyStamford YMCA
1972–73 Parsons Drove Eye UnitedPhorpres SportsGPO SportsBlackstones Works ReservesWittering Sports
1973–74 Downham Town Phorpres SportsGPO SportsYaxley ReservesStamford YMCADoddington United
1974–75 Huntingdon United GPO SportsFengateCoates AthleticWittering SportsOrtonians Reserves
1975–76 Huntingdon United Blackstones WorksYaxley ReservesBrotherhoodsBlackstones Works ReservesPearl Assurance
1976–77 Yaxley Whittlesey UnitedDoddington UnitedWisbech St. MaryB.R.A.D.March Youth Club
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
1977–78Phorpres SportsSpalding United ReservesEye United ReservesSt. Ives TownPerkins Sports ReservesFletton Ex-Servicemen
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5Division 6
1978–79 Downham Town Perkins SportsMarch Town United ReservesMarch Youth ClubFletton Ex-ServicemenMolinsHuntingdon United Reserves
1979–80 Eye United OrtoniansStamford YMCAPeterborough Rovers ReservesWhittlesey United ReservesMoulton HarroxSomersham Town Reserves
1980–81 Eye United OrtoniansYaxley ReservesBrotherhoodsMoulton HarroxOrtonians ReservesLongthorpe Albion
1981–82 Eye United St. Ives TownChatteris Town ReservesHuntingdon TownSt. Ives Town ReservesLongthorpe AlbionFreemans Sports
1982–83OrtoniansPerkins SportsCoates AthleticFletton Ex-ServicemenMolinsAlconburyMurrow Bell
1983–84 Yaxley Yaxley ReservesFletton Ex-ServicemenMolinsFreemans SportsOrtonians 'A'Crosfield
1984–85 King's Lynn Reserves Fletton Ex-ServicemenSt. Ives Town ReservesSomersham Town ReservesCrowland TownBlackstones Works 'A'Long Sutton Athletic
1985–86Perkins SportsBlackstones Works ReservesWoodhouse & SturnhamCrowland TownNeneLong Sutton AthleticJuventus
1986–87Downham TownStamford BelvedereCrowland TownGedney HillLong Sutton AthleticMolins ReservesEastfield Rovers
1987–88Downham TownMolinsThomas CookLong Sutton AthleticJuventusNewboroughWoodhouse & Sturnham Reserves
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
1988–89Perkins SportsWhittlesey United ReservesJuventusDoddington UnitedHotpointOutwell Swifts
1989–90Pinchbeck UnitedManea UnitedMoulton HarroxMarch Town United 'A'Outwell SwiftsWisbech Town 'A'
1990–91Pinchbeck UnitedRyhall UnitedHotpointOutwell SwiftsWisbech Town 'A'Goldhay United
1991–92MolinsDeeping Rangers ReservesOutwell SwiftsSawtryKettonHotpoint Reserves
1992–93Perkins SportsHotpointKings CliffeMolins ReservesHotpoint ReservesThorney Reserves
1993–94OrtoniansOutwell SwiftsKettonEye United ReservesWhittlesey Blue StarsLangtoft United
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5Division 6
1994–95Perkins SportsOrtonians ReservesOundle Town ReservesOakham TownLangtoft UnitedSawtry ReservesPapa Luigi
1995–96Leverington SportsOrtonians ReservesHotpoint ReservesSilver JubileeBrotherhoods ReservesLong Sutton AthleticWerrington Town
1996–97OrtoniansAlconburySilver JubileeParson DroveLong Sutton AthleticWerrington TownPeterborough Railway
1997–98Oundle TownDeeping Rangers ReservesParson DroveLong Sutton AthleticPapa LuigiWimblington Old BoysCross Keys
1998–99Perkins SportsStilton UnitedLong Sutton AthleticWerrington TownWimblington Old BoysEmneth SeniorsLong Sutton Athletic Reserves
1999–2000 Eye United ICA JuventusDeeping Rangers 'A'Wimblington Old BoysEmneth SeniorsSilver Jubilee ReservesBearings Direct Reserves
2000–01 Eye United ICA JuventusWimblington Old BoysWoodlandsMarch St. Mary'sLong Sutton Athletic ReservesWimblington Old Boys Reserves
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
2001–02Pearl AssuranceWimblington Old BoysEmneth SeniorsSawtryRamsey Town ReservesCastor & Ailsworth
2002–03 Eye United Emneth SeniorsCrowland TownWimblington HarriersCastor & AilsworthGuyhirn Athletic
2003–04OrtoniansParson DroveHereward Old BoysDeeping Rangers 'B'Stilton UnitedWimblington Old Boys Reserves
2004–05Whittlesey UnitedCrowland TownWimblington HarriersSutton BridgeCoates AthleticNetherton United Reserves
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoCombination Division OneCombination Division TwoCombination Division Three
2005–06OrtoniansWoodlandsThorneyPerkins Sports ReservesChatteris Town ReservesPinchbeck United Reserves
2006–07Peterborough SportsA.F.C. Fletton ReservesLangtoft United ReservesSilver Jubilee Reserves
2007–08Perkins SportsWhittlesey United ReservesWimblington Reserves Ramsey Town 'A'
2008–09 Ramsey Town Coates AthleticManea UnitedWhittlesey United ReservesNetherton United ReservesPeterborough Rovers Reserves
2009–10Rutland RangersEye Sports & SocialLangtoft United Holbeach United ReservesAlconbury ReservesPeterborough Sports Parkway Reserves
2010–11 Ramsey Town King's Cliffe UnitedWhittlesey Blue Star Holbeach United ReservesCrowland Town ReservesOundle Town Reserves
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision Five
2011–12Pinchbeck UnitedRiverside RoversRyhall UnitedLangtoft United ReservesWoodston DynamoRiverside Rovers Reserves
2012–13Moulton Harrox King's Lynn Town ReservesPeterborough Sports Parkway ReservesWhittlesey United ReservesWitteringPeterborough Sports Parkway 'A'
2013–14 King's Lynn Town ReservesThorneyBastonWitteringSpalding TownBretton North End
2014–15 Oakham United Coates Athletic ReservesICA Sports 'A'Peterborough Sports 'A'Bretton North EndAFC Stanground Reserves
2015–16Moulton HarroxStamford Lions Oakham United ReservesStanground SportsBrotherhood SportsLimetree UTR
2016–17 Peterborough Sports ReservesMoulton Harrox ReservesRamsey TownBretton North EndPremiairPeterborough NECI
2017–18 Netherton United Moulton Harrox ReservesFC Parson DroveCardeaEunice HuntingdonAFC Orton
2018–19Moulton HarroxFC Parson DroveStilton UnitedPeterborough NECIGlinton & NorthboroughStanground Sports

Veterans Champions

SeasonVeterans Division 1
2012-13Stamford Belvedere Veterans
2013-14Moulton Harrox Veterans
2014-15Stamford Belvedere Veterans
SeasonVeterans Division 1Veterans Division 2
2016-17Netherton United VeteransBretton North End Veterans
SeasonVeterans Division 1Veterans Division 2Veterans Division 3
2017-18Stamford Belvedere VeteransPeterborough Sports VeteransStamford Lions Veterans
SeasonVeterans Premier DivisionVeterans East DivisionVeterans West Division
2018-19Peterborough Sports VeteransPeterborough Polonia VeteransOakham United Veterans

PFA Senior Cup

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The 2018–19 season was the 51st season of the Northern Premier League. After eleven seasons, the two divisions of Division One were re-aligned from North and South to West and East. The League sponsors for the last time were Evo-Stik.

The United Counties League operated two divisions in the English football league system, the Premier Division at Step 5 and Division One at Step 6, for the last time this season.


The league tables of the Peterborough & District Football League 1902–2006 (Bob Perkins)