Rick Jones (voice actor)

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Rick Jones
Richard Jones

c. 1957 (age 6364)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
OccupationVoice actor, voice director, writer, content developer
Years active1982–present

Richard Jones (born c. 1957) is a Canadian voice actor, voice director, writer and content developer. [1] Since 1982, he's worked with Fox, Disney, Universal, Hanna-Barbera, Alphanim, Cinar and Nelvana. Jones has been nominated for a Gemini Award twice in 1988 and 2003. [2]



During his early years, Rick obtained an undergrad in biology. Whilst he was working on a geology thesis, a friend from Carleton University working at the school radio station asked him to do a voice for an ad, which helped start Rick's career. His first work was in the special The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings . [3]


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