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The Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) is an association of artists in London, England, that promotes contemporary marine art. This includes painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. [1]



The Royal Society of Marine Artists was founded in 1939. This came about after some initial exhibitions on the subject, staged "largely due to the anomaly that Great Britain, whose history is so bound up with the sea, did not have a society dedicated to painting the sea and its occasions." [1] One of these early exhibitions, Sea Power, gained the patronage of King George VI and was opened by Winston Churchill. Subsequently, in 1938, Admiral of the Fleet, the Earl of Cork and Orrey suggested the formation of a formal society, which came into being with the title "The Society of Marine Artists". [1]

No activity took place immediately because of the outbreak of World War II, and it was not until 1946 that the Society's inaugural exhibition was mounted in the Guildhall Art Gallery at the invitation of the City of London Corporation. This became the venue for the Society's annual exhibitions. In 1966, Queen Elizabeth II granted assent for the title of "The Royal Society of Marine Artists". The location for the annual exhibitions was changed to the Mall Galleries in 1981, when building works prevented use of the Guildhall. [1]

The Society maintains links with other relevant organisations, including the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Navy, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and with publishers and the shipping industry. [2] In 1996, Blandford published a 176-page book A Celebration of Marine Art : Fifty Years of the Royal Society of Marines Artists. [3] In 2004, the Society exhibited work at the National Maritime Museum. [2]

Norman Wilkinson (1878–1971) was a member, as was Harry Heine (1928–2004) the first Canadian to be elected. Leslie Arthur Wilcox (1904-1982) was Honorary Secretary from 1960-1974.

The society is a registered charity. It is also one of the nine member societies that form the Federation of British Artists, which is based in and administers the Mall Galleries, next to Trafalgar Square. [1] Approximately 50 full members are entitled to use the letters R.S.M.A. after their name.


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Harry Heine R.S.M.A., C.S.M.A., N.W.W.S., F.C.A was an artist who specialized in maritime scenes.

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The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) is a British art body established in 1823 as the Society of British Artists, as an alternative to the Royal Academy.

Norman Wilkinson (artist) British artist

Norman Wilkinson was a British artist who usually worked in oils, watercolours and drypoint. He was primarily a marine painter, but also an illustrator, poster artist, and wartime camoufleur. Wilkinson invented dazzle painting to protect merchant shipping during the First World War.

The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society is the largest life drawing society in London. It was founded in 1930 and has been meeting regularly since then.

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Montague Dawson RSMA, FRSA (1895–1973) was a British painter who was renowned as a maritime artist. His most famous paintings depict sailing ships, usually clippers or warships of the 18th and 19th centuries.

John Foulger was an established landscape and seascape painter, specialising in oils and acrylics. Before becoming a professional artist he was employed by a firm of art dealers in London.

Bernard Finegan Gribble was a prolific British marine artist and illustrator.

Frank Henry Mason, RBA, RI, RSMA was an English artist best known for his maritime, shipping, coastal and harbour paintings, and as a creator of art deco travel and railway posters. His style is described as "light impressionist" and he was a founder member of the Staithes Art Club whose members are known today as the Staithes group of artists, or the Northern Impressionists.

Leslie Arthur Wilcox

Leslie Arthur Wilcox, RI, RSMA was an English artist known mainly for his marine works in oils. He was also a watercolourist, illustrator, poster artist, marine model-maker and author. He was for some years Honorary Secretary of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. His works are in many collections around the world, including the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, and the Royal Collection. He wrote and illustrated two books on maritime history: Mr Pepys' Navy and Anson's Voyage.

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Richard Ernst Eurich, OBE, RA was an English painter who worked as a war artist to the Admiralty in the Second World War and was also known for his panoramic seascapes and narrative paintings. These were often invested with a sense of mystery and wonder which have tended to set him apart from mainstream development of art in the twentieth century.

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Aileen Mary Edith Elliott was a British artist known for her paintings of boats and harbour scenes.


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