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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
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15 in Total
Owner Six Flags
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Hurricane Harbor is the name of a chain of water parks that are part of the Six Flags theme park chain. Although the parks are not identical, common features include a variety of body slides, speed slides, tube slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and shopping areas.



Six Flags began using the Hurricane Harbor brand in 1995 with the opening of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain. That same year, Wet 'n Wild in Arlington, Texas, was purchased by Six Flags. It operated as Wet 'n Wild — A Six Flags Park in 1995-1996 then was rebranded as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in 1997. [1] The brand has since become a trademark of the Six Flags franchise. In 1999, Six Flags St. Louis was the first Six Flags park to construct its own intra-park water attractions section. [2] As Six Flags acquired and rebranded parks in the 2000s, some existing water parks within these theme parks were later upgraded and rebranded as Hurricane Harbor.

Only one Hurricane Harbor has closed. After Six Flags Worlds of Adventure was sold to Cedar Fair in 2004, the water park was renamed Hurricane Hannah's Waterpark. It was abandoned in 2006 and most of the attractions were relocated to a new waterpark on what used to be the marine life side of the park. [3]


Included with admission

Six Flags America

Hurricane Harbor is a water park located within Six Flags America. It was known as Paradise Island until 2005 when it was rebranded Hurricane Harbor.

Slides and attractions
NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Bahama BlastA 517 feet (158 m) long inner-tube slide2005Over 42" with adult, Over 48" aloneMild
Bamboo ChutesOriginally "Kid's Flumes" (198?-2005).Under 54"Mild
Bonzai PipelinesSix slides on one platform at each slide travels passengers at 40 MPH after where the floor drops out from under.2013Max
Buccaneer BeachA children's play area2005Under 54"Mild
Calypso CannonballsChildren's water slide. Originally "Caribbean Cannonball Flume" (198?-2005).Over 48"Mild
Wahoo RiverA lazy river Mild
Splashwater FallsMulti-platform play structure that features 7 slides, 100+ play features, and 1 giant bucket. Originally "Crocodile Cal’s Outback Beach House" (1997-2005) "Crocodile Cal's Caribbean Beach House" (2005-2015).1997Over 42"Mild
HammerheadAn enclosed water slide. Originally "Black Hole" (1997-2005).1997Over 48"Mild
Hurricane BayA wave pool with 4 feet (1.2 m) tall waves. One of the largest in the country. Originally "Monsoon Lagoon" (1982-2005).1982Mild
MakoAn open air inner-tube slide. Originally "Bonzai Pipeline" (1997-2005).1997Over 48"Mild
Paradise Plunge/Reef RunnerA water slide that leads into a 65,000 gallon pool. Originally "Tahiti Twister" (1994-2005).1994Over 42" with adult, Over 48" aloneModerate
The HalfpipeA four-story high zero gravity water slide. Originally Tony Hawk's Halfpipe" (2008-2010).2008Over 48"Max
TornadoA 132 feet (40 m) long, ProSlide Tornado slide2005Over 48"Max
Vortex/RiptideBody slides. Originally "Luau Loop" (198?-2005).Over 48"Mild
ZoomAzon FallsFour body slides. Originally "Rainbow Falls" (1982-2003) and "Hurricane Mountain" (2004-2008).1982Over 48"Moderate

Six Flags New England

Hurricane Harbor is a water park located within Six Flags New England. The waterpark opened in 1997 as Island Kingdom and was rebranded Hurricane Harbor in 2003.

Slides and attractions
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor located within Six Flags New England. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New England.jpg
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor located within Six Flags New England.
NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Adventure RiverA 1,000-foot (300 m) long lazy river 1998Mild
Big KahunaFour slide intertube complex1998Over 48"Mild
Bonzai PipelinesSix slides on one platform at each slide travels passengers at 40 MPH after where the floor drops out from under.2013Max
Cannonball FallsThree body slides1998Over 48"Moderate
Commotion OceanA 500,000 gallon wave pool 1999Moderate
Geronimo Falls and Zooma FallsA slide complex with a partially enclosed slide and a fully enclosed slide2003Over 42Moderate
Hook's LagoonChildren's area1998Over 42"Mild
Hurricane Bay1998Mild
Hurricane Falls SlideSix slides2003Over 36"Moderate
Kiddie OctopusChildren's area1998Mild
Kiddie Pirate ShipChildren's area1998Mild
Lagoon SlidesSix children's slides2003Over 42Mild
Monsoon Lagoon2003Mild
Shark AttackFour kid slides1999Over 48"Moderate
Splash IslandChildren's pool1998Mild
Swiss Family TobogganA giant raft slide1998Over 36"Moderate
TornadoA ProSlide Tornado slide2003Over 54"Max
TyphoonA water coaster 2005Over 48"Max

Six Flags Over Georgia

Hurricane Harbor is a water park located within Six Flags Over Georgia. The water park opened in May 2014.

Slides and attractions
NameDescriptionHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Bonzai PipelinesMulti-slide complexOver 42"extreme
Calypso BayWave poolMax
Paradise IslandChildren's areaNone with adult, Over 36" aloneModerate
Tsunami SurgeBowl slidesOver 48"Mild

Six Flags St. Louis

Hurricane Harbor is a water park located within Six Flags St. Louis.

Slides and attractions
NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Big KahunaA six-story, four person raft slide1999Over 36"Moderate
Bonzai PipelineA 40 MPH slide where the floor drops out from under you.2012Over 48"Max
Gulley Washer CreekA 1,100-foot (340 m) lazy river 1999Mild
Hook's LagoonAn interactive children's play area1999Mild
Hurricane BayA 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) wave pool 1999Moderate
Pirate Ship SlidesChildren slides1999Mild
Speed SlidesThree 6-story-high tube slides1999 (closed 2017)Over 48"Max
TornadoA ProSlide Tornado slide2005Over 48"Max
Tree House SlidesChildren slides1999Over 42"Mild
Tube SlidesFour 400-foot (120 m) long tube slides1999Over 48"Max
Typhoon TwisterWater slide2018Over 48"Max
Wahoo Racer6 lane, triple-drop, mat racer slide2009Over 48"Max

Six Flags Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor

Hurricane Harbor is a water park located within Six Flags Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor. The waterpark opened in 1997 as Splashwater Kingdom and was rebranded Hurricane Harbor in 2019.

Slides and attractions
Typhoon Twister1995A pair of enclosed water slides that guests ride in small inflatable boats. Previously Called Black Cobra
Adventure River1995–19971,050 ft (320 m) long, 28 in (0.71 m) deep river. Riders may travel in tubes or swim freely. Features waterfalls, geysers, strong current and continuous waves. Located in Upper Splashwater Kingdom. Formerly Capt'n Hook's Adventure River from 1995 to 2018
Splashwater Island1997A treehouse featuring spraying water, 5 body slides, and a 500 US gal (1,900 L) water bucket that drenches the area every 8 minutes. Located in Lower Splashwater Kingdom. Previously Paul Bunyan's Bucket Brigade from 1997 to 2018.
Hurricane Bay1997500,000 US gal (1,900 kL), 25,000-square-foot (2,300 m2) wave pool with six wave patterns. Located in Lower Splashwater Kingdom. Previously called Lumberjack Splash.
Buccaneer Beach2015New for 2015, pirate-themed water fountains, pools and body slides for children. Located in Upper Splashwater Kingdom. Formerly known as "Noah's Sprayground".
Bamboo Shoots1995Three thrilling water slides including (Twister Falls, Banshee Plunge & Blue Typhoon). Previously called Kingdom Cascades
Tornado 2007A ProSlide Tornado that takes riders through a short section of an enclosed slide before coming out at the top of a giant funnel where riders slide back and forth before gently landing in a splash pool. Installed in 2007. Located in Upper Splashwater Kingdom.
Big Kahuna2008A specially designed tube bowl made by ProSlide. Similar to the standard CannonBOWL but a slightly smaller size. Installed in 2008. Located in Upper Splashwater Kingdom. Previously called Mega Wedgie.
Island Air Adventures2008A rotating plane ride, operated as Big Red Planes and ZoomJets in the former Wiggles World and Kidzopolis respectively. The ride operates with the water park operations.
Alpine Freefalls 2012This slide complex features a Wahoo Racer (a ProSlide KrakenRacer) and a Paradise Plunge (a trapdoor released ProSlide speed slide). It opened in 2012. [4] Located in Lower Splashwater Kingdom. Previously called Alpine Freefalls, Twisted Racer, and Cliffhanger.
Bonzai Pipelines2017Thrilling body slide complex.
Bucket Blasters2019 Zamperla Watermania - Spinning flat ride where riders are equipped with water blasters.
Shipwreck Cove2019A fun activity pool with interactive water sprays, geysers, and fountains

Six Flags Darien Lake

The water park is located in Darien, New York. It was previously named Splashtown, and while planned for 2020, was eventually rebranded as Hurricane Harbor in 2022.

Separate admission

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey is a water park located adjacent to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Slides and attractions
NameOpenedDescriptionHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom!2000Three, five-story high slidesOver 48"Moderate
Big Wave Racer2013A multi-lane mat racerOver 48"Max
Blue Lagoon2000A 1,000,000 gallon wave pool Mild
Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus2000Four, 54-foot (16 m) high slidesOver 48"Moderate
Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls2000Three body slidesOver 48"Max
Caribbean Cove2016Interactive water play area, with 55 water featuresMild
Discovery Bay2000A children's areaMild
Hurricane Mountain2001Two 51-foot (16 m) high slidesOver 48"Moderate
King Cobra 2012 (closed 2017, removed 2018)A 25-foot (7.6 m) high dual slide. First of its kind in the United States Max
Taak It Eez Ee Creek2000A 700,000 gallon lazy river Mild
The Big Bambu and Reef Runner2000A 64-foot (20 m) high water slideOver 42"Mild
Tornado2010A 60-foot (18 m) tall ProSlide Tornado slideOver 48"Max

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles is a water park located adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Slides and attractions
NameDescriptionManufacturerOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Bamboo RacerA six-lane 45-foot (14 m) tall mat racerWhitewater West Industries LTD. [5] 1997Over 42"Moderate
Black Snake SummitFour enclosed slides, 2 body slides, 2 tube slides. The body slides are the tallest enclosed water slides in Southern California Whitewater West Industries LTD. [6] 1997Over 48"Max
Bonzai PipelinesTwo individual slides, both with a trapdoor which sends the rider hurdling into an enclosed body slideProSlide Technology, Inc.2014Over 48"Max
Castaway CoveA children's play area1995Under 54"Mild
Forgotten Sea Wave PoolA 6-foot (1.8 m) deep wave pool 1995Mild
Lightning FallsThree tube slidesWhitewater West Industries LTD.1995Over 48"Moderate
Lizard LagoonA 7,000-square-foot (650 m2) pool for teens1997Mild
Lost Temple RapidsA 60-foot (18 m) tall family raft slideWhitewater West Industries LTD.1995Over 42"Moderate
Python PlungeFive 35-foot (11 m) tall water slidesProSlide Technology, Inc. (3 Slides), Whitewater West Industries LTD. (2 Slides)1997Over 48"Moderate
River CruiseA 1,300-foot (400 m) long lazy river 1997Mild
Splash IslandA children's play area. Interactive play area opened in 1995 as Shipwreck Shores and closed in 2011. Replaced by Splash Island, It was formerly known as Mr. Six's Splash Island only in its debut year.Whitewater West Industries LTD. [7] 2010Mild
Taboo TowerA variety of 65-foot (20 m) tall water slidesWhitewater West Industries LTD.1995Over 48"Max
Tiki FallsA 400-foot (120 m) long tube slideWhitewater West Industries LTD.1995Over 48"Moderate
TornadoA ProSlide Tornado.ProSlide Technology, Inc.2004Over 48"Max
Former Attractions
Reptile Ridge5 body 35 foot tall body slides, 3 or them were removed and the other 2 became a part of Python Plunge.Whitewater West Industries LTD.19972015
Shipwreck ShoresSmall kids water playground with water slides19952009
Venom Drop75-foot (23 m) freefall slide, part of the Black Snake Summit slide complex. Replaced by Bonzai Pipelines.Whitewater West Industries LTD.19972013

On September 30, 2012, a 19-year-old man fell off the Venom Drop slide that was part of the Black Snake Summit slide complex. The man ignored the life guards and went down the slide head first on his stomach when protocol is to go down feet-first on the back. He fell off the slide halfway down and hit the concrete. The man was unconscious but breathing when he was taken to the hospital. [8]

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington is located across Interstate 30 from Six Flags Over Texas. It was originally a part of the Wet 'n Wild chain, but was purchased by Six Flags in 1995.

Slides and attractions
Tornado at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas. Tornado water slide at Hurricane Harbor in Texas.jpg
Tornado at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas.
NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Blue RaiderA 530-foot (160 m) long tube slide.1983Over 36"Moderate
Bonzai BoggansA 45-foot (14 m) long toboggan slide.1987Over 36"Moderate
Boogie BeachSurfrider pool.1999Mild
Caribbean ChaosA water slide propelled by 1,500 gallons of water.1997Over 42"Moderate
Der StukaA 72-foot (22 m) high body slide.1985Over 48"Max
Dive BomberA 72-foot (22 m) high body slide. Originally a 2nd Der Stuka slide, it was modified with a ProSlide SkyBOX capsule for the 2012 season. The capsule was removed for the 2022 season.2012Over 48"Max
GeronimoA 60-foot (18 m) high slide.1989Over 48"Max
Hook's Lagoon TreehouseA children's play area.1999Mild
Hook's ShipFour kid slides.1999Under 42"Mild
Hook's SlidesFour kid slides.1999Over 42"Mild
Hydra ManiacFour enclosed slides.1986Over 42"Max
Lazy RiverA lazy river.1983Mild
Mega WedgieA four-story-high slide into a valley.2008Over 42"Max
Raging RapidsA tube ride through six pools connected by a gradual slope.1983Over 36"Mild
Sea WolfAn 830-foot (250 m) long raft slide.1997Over 36"Moderate
Shotgun FallsFour slides, two enclosed and two open air.1985Over 42"Max
Suntan LagoonA one million gallon pool with geysers, fountains, and waterfalls.1983Mild
Surf LagoonOne million gallon wave pool.1983Mild
Surf RiderSurfrider pool.1999Over 48"Moderate
The Black HoleTwo 80-foot (24 m) high slides from WhiteWater West1990Over 36"Max
TornadoA ProSlide Tornado.2004Over 48"Max
Tsunami SurgeA ProSlide Tornado Wave.2013Max
Typhoon TwisterA ProSlide Cannonbowl.2013Max
Wahoo RacerA WhiteWater West multi-lane racer.2014Max

Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Oaxtepec is located in Oaxtepec, Mexico. It was originally independently owned, but was purchased by Six Flags in 2017.

Slides and attractions
NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Adventure River2,132 foot lazy river Over 35"Mild
AnacondaFour Body Slides (Two enclosed, two opened).Over 35"Maximum
Aqua Racer Proslide ProRacer.Over 35"Maximum
Big SurfProSlide hybrid of Tornado Wave and Bowl.2017Over 35"Maximum
CowabungaTwo body slides (One enclosed, one opened).Over 35"Maximum
Coconut CoveKids play area.Under 35"Mild
Hurricane bay2 million gallon wave pool.Over 35"Moderate
King CobraDueling slide themed to a snake2019Over 48"Maximum
Shark AttackTwo Raft Slides.Over 35"Moderate
Splash IslandKids play area.2017Under 35"Mild
TornadoA ProSlide Tornado.2017Over 35"Maximum
TwisterTwo Raft SlidesOver 35"Moderate
TyphoonFour Tube Slides (Two enclosed, two opened)Over 35"Maximum
Volcano Blaster33-foot (10 m) Two Speed Vertical Body SlideOver 35"Maximum

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Chicago is a water park located adjacent to Six Flags Great America that opened in 2005. It opened separately to the amusement park starting in 2021.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

The water park is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally called Wet N' Wild Phoenix from 2009 to 2018, it was rebranded as Hurricane Harbor Phoenix for the 2019 season.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

The water park is located in Spring, Texas. It was previously owned by Six Flags. In 2019, it is rebranded as Hurricane Harbor.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford

The water park is located in Cherry Valley, Illinois. It was previously named Magic Waters. It is currently owned by the Rockford Park District. The park was rebranded as a Hurricane Harbor park in 2019.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City

The water park is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was previously named White Water Bay, and was rebranded as a Hurricane Harbor park in 2020.

Former locations

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Hurricane Harbor was a defunct waterpark located within Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Slides and attractions

NameDescriptionOpenedHeight RequirementThrill Rating
Neptune Falls3 body slides1982Over 42"Moderate
Stingray Wet SlidesSpeed slides1987Over 48"Max
Hook's LagoonWater playground1997Mild
Calypso CreekLazy River2000Over 48"Mild
Hurricane BayWave Pool2000Moderate
Turtle BeachKids play area1989Mild
Shark Attack3 raft slides2003Over 48"Moderate
Hurricane Mountain6 slide complex2003Over 48"Max

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Wildwater Kingdom was a water park located in Aurora and Bainbridge Township, Ohio, United States. Owned by Cedar Fair, the park opened in 2005 as part of the larger Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom resort. The site was previously the location of SeaWorld Ohio (1970–2000) and later served as the marine life section of the larger Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (2001–2003). Worlds of Adventure was purchased by Cedar Fair in 2004 and the marine life area was converted into a water park for the 2005 season.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">King Cobra (ride)</span> Defunct water slide

King Cobra was a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey and Aquapolis Athens at Greece, adjacent to Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, New Jersey. The ride is manufactured by Turkish manufacturer, Polin. The ride did not open for the 2018 season, and was dismantled at the end of the season, paving way for Calypso Springs.

Hangzhou Bay Sunac Tourism City is an under construction theme park and entertainment complex in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China; approximately 45 miles from downtown Shanghai. The project was announced by the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation in 2015 as part of the company's bid to open a multitude of parks in China. In February 2020, Six Flags dropped out on the project after their partner Riverside Investment Group encountered financial turmoil and were unable to pay their debts. In June 2020, Sunac China Holdings took over the project and had the Sunac Water Park opened in June 2021. The complex is expected to open in stages – with the rebranded Sunac Land theme park due to open in late 2022 – and be completed by 2025.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Chicago</span> Water park in Gurnee, Illinois

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Chicago is a 20-acre (8.1 ha) water park located in Gurnee, Illinois, United States, adjacent to Six Flags Great America. Owned and operated by Six Flags, the park opened in 2005 as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Gurnee.


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