Wild Waves Theme Park

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Wild Waves Theme & Water Park
Previously known as
    • Enchanted Village
    •  (197783)
    • Enchanted Parks
    •  (1984)
    • Wild Waves and Enchanted Village
    •  (19842001)
    • Six Flags Wild Waves
    •  (20022006)
    • Wild Waves Theme Park
    •  (20072016)
    • Wild Waves and Enchanted Village
    • (park was split into 2 different parks)
    •  (2016)
    • Wildwaves Theme and Water Park
    •  (2017current)
Wild Waves Theme Park logo.png
Location36201 Enchanted Parkway S, Federal Way, Washington
Coordinates 47°16′21″N122°18′41″W / 47.2725°N 122.3115°W / 47.2725; -122.3115 (Wild Waves Theme Park) Coordinates: 47°16′21″N122°18′41″W / 47.2725°N 122.3115°W / 47.2725; -122.3115 (Wild Waves Theme Park)
Owner EPR Properties
Operated by Premier Parks, LLC
Operating seasonMay to October
Area70+ Acres
    • Theme park: 25
    • Water park: 9
    • Total: 34
Roller coasters4
Water rides9
Website http://www.wildwaves.com

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park is an amusement park and water park in Federal Way, Washington. Opened in 1977 as The Enchanted Village (with its accompanying water park, Wild Waves, opening in 1984), [1] the park is a popular summer destination in the Pacific Northwest and is one of three waterparks in Washington state. The park's name was reverted to Wild Waves Water Park and Enchanted Village Amusement Park in April 2016, and once again changed to Wild Waves Theme and Water Park in November 2016, as a result of the park's acquisition by EPR Properties.



Founding through today.

Hooks Lagoon Wild Waves slide tower.jpg
Hooks Lagoon

The Enchanted Village theme park was first opened in 1977 by Byron Betts. The initial 12-acre (49,000 m2) park site held only a half-dozen rides. In 1984, Wild Waves Waterpark was built adjacent to Enchanted Village; [2] the combined amusement complex became known as Enchanted Parks. In 1991, co-owners Michael Moodenbaugh and Jeff Stock paid $8 million for Enchanted Parks. In 1993, Moodenbaugh traded his share of Enchanted Parks, Inc., for shares in their jointly owned amusement park in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada called Boblo Island Amusement Park, Inc.  In 1993, Jeff Stock purchased several rides from Boblo Island. Stock then sold his shares of Enchanted Parks, Inc., in late 2000 to Six Flags for $19.3 million. [3] In 1997, the park purchased the Loop Corkscrew roller coaster from the defunct Rocky Point Amusement Park in Warwick, Rhode Island and renamed the ride the Wild Thing. [4] In 2000, the park had grown to over 70 acres (280,000 m2), with more than 20 rides, and was the Northwest's largest waterpark. [1] In 2002 and 2003, major expansion took place, with the addition of several new attractions, many manufactured by Zamperla and S&S Power. Also in 2002, approximately 1000 seasonal workers were employed for positions as rides operators and food service workers. Many of these seasonal workers are also students of local high schools. [5] The park's name was reverted to Enchanted Village and Wild Waves Water Park for the 2016 season to once again split the park into two separate parks instead of one. This was accomplished by having a second entrance at the top of the parking lot to enter Enchanted Village and the main entrance was used to enter Wildwaves Water Park. Ticket holders could purchase a pass to just Wildwaves or just Enchanted Village. they could also purchase a more expensive park hopper pass. Season Pass Members got park hopper access free with their purchase. In the 2017 season, this system was removed and the entire park became Wildwaves Theme and Water Park. This change was due to many complaints that the park hopping ticket system was too complicated. In 2020, the park did not open due to Covid-19. Tickets and season passes were rolled over into 2021. During the 2021 season, there were many covid mitigation strategies in place such as reservations, distancing, and masks.

Ownership changes

Aerial view, with the large Wave Pool visible to the right Wild Waves Theme Park - Federal Way WA.jpg
Aerial view, with the large Wave Pool visible to the right

In April 2007, Six Flags sold the park to Orlando-based real estate investment trust CNL Income Properties, which leased the park to PARC Management. [6]

In January 2010, PARC Management had defaulted on its lease with CNL for Wild Waves and a majority of its other parks. Wild Waves was then placed under the new management of Norpoint Entertainment (owned by previous Wild Waves owner Jeff Stock). Stock implemented many changes to the park in 2011 including a new water ride for that season.

With the CNL Income Properties acquisition, the park was named Wild Waves Theme & Water Park. Other parks owned by CNL included Darien Lake Theme Park Resort, Elitch Gardens, Frontier City, SplashTown Waterpark, White Water Bay, and Waterworld California, all of which were bought in a $312 million purchase from Six Flags. [7]

In November 2016, Wild Waves and the other CNL properties were sold to EPR Properties, based in Kansas City, Missouri. The total price of all the properties was $456 million, although there was no specific price disclosed for Wild Waves. The parks were placed under the management of Premier Parks, LLC.

August 2016 drowning accident

On August 20, 2016, a 33-year-old man died in the Activity Pool due to drowning. [8] A police report noted multiple missed chances to attempt a rescue. [9] According to the report, children reported a body at the bottom of the pool to a lifeguard, who "believed that they were pranking him and did not think anything of it." [10] In a statement released by police, Wild Waves said they actively reviewed the accident, their safety protocols, and the actions taken by staff. [11]


Roller Coasters

Roller CoasterOpenedManufacturerType
Kiddie Coaster1997 Zamperla Single Helix Powered Coaster
Klondike Gold Rusher 2002 Zamperla Zig-Zag Coaster
Timberhawk: Ride of Prey 2003 S&S Wooden Coaster
Wild Thing 1997 Arrow Dynamics Loop and Corkscrew

Water rides

Wave Pool Wild Waves Water Park pool.jpg
Wave Pool

Thrill rides

Disk'o Flashback2009 Zamperla Disk'o Coaster
I-5 Sky Dive2017Sky Fun 1Sky Coaster (additional cost)
Timber Axe2018 Zamperla Hawk
Lumberjack Falls1995 Intamin Shoot-the-Chutes
Soarin' Eagle Zip Line2010Soaring EagleZip Line
Brain Drain2016 S&S - Sansei Technologies Double Shot

Family rides

Dodg’ems Bumper Cars1977Soli of ItalyBumper Cars
Gambler1977 Chance Rides Trabant
Pirate Ship1999 Chance Morgan Pirate Ship
Antique Carousel1977 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel
Hang Glider2005 Zamperla Kite Flyer
Ferris Wheel1977 Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel
Wagon Train1980 Chance Rides Train Ride
Scrambler1977 Eli Bridge Company Scrambler
Kang-A-Bounce2008 Zamperla Jump Around

Kiddie rides

Enchanted Railway1977 Chance Rides Train Ride
Red Baron1977 Allan Herschell Company Red Baron
Frog Hopper2001 S&S - Sansei Technologies Frog Hopper
Kiddie Boats1977 Allan Herschell Company Boat ride
Kiddie Combo2005 Zamperla Jump Around
Safari Jeeps1999UnknownJeep Ride
Coastal Clipper2000 Zamperla Kontiki

Former Rides

Rides announced but never built


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