Sonet Records

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Sonet Records
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Parent company PolyGram
Founded1956 (1956)
FounderSven Lindholm
Gunnar Bergström
Defunct1991 (1991)
Genre Jazz, blues, pop, rock
Country of originSweden

Sonet Records was a jazz, pop and rock record label operating as an imprint of Universal Music Sweden. It was founded in Sweden in 1956.


Sonet Records was established by Sven Lindholm and Gunnar Bergström, who managed the label into the 1980s. Dag Haeggqvist, the owner of Gazell Records, became an executive of the label in 1960, and Sonet eventually acquired Gazell's catalogue. It was distributed by Pickwick Records in North America in the 1960s, where it was involved in releasing some of Bill Haley's latter-day material. The label set up offices throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom. It also expanded into film, video, and other visual arts in addition to music. The label released both new material and reissues, many by Scandinavian artists in addition to albums by American jazz musicians as well as non-jazz material such as pop and rock music. It acquired the Danish label Storyville Records at some point.

Sonet Records was acquired by PolyGram in 1991. [1]

Artists who have released material on Sonet Records

Jazz and blues artists

Pop and rock artists

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