Spellbound (1941 film)

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Directed by John Harlow
Written by
Produced byR. Murray-Leslie
Edited byFrederick Wilson
Music by Walter Goehr
Pyramid Amalgamated
Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation (US)
Release dates
  • 10 May 1941 (1941-05-10)(UK)
  • 10 February 1945 (1945-02-10)(US)
Running time
82 min
CountryUnited Kingdom

Spellbound (1941) is a British drama film directed by John Harlow. The film is based on the 1909 novel The Necromancers by Robert Hugh Benson. [1] The film was released in the US in 1945 under the titles of Ghost Story and The Spell of Amy Nugent to avoid confusion with Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound , released later in 1945.



A young man is distraught after losing his fiancée to a terminal illness. He soon becomes involved with a group of spiritualists in order to contact her. This leads to a frightening series of events.


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