Delayed Action

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Delayed Action
"Delayed Action" (1954).jpg
Directed by John Harlow
Written by Geoffrey Orme
Produced by Robert S. Baker
Monty Berman
Starring Robert Ayres
June Thorburn
Alan Wheatley
Bruce Seton
Cinematography Gerald Gibbs
Edited by Bill Lewthwaite
Music by John Lanchbery
Kenilworth Film Productions
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release date
6 September 1954
Running time
58 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Delayed Action is a 1954 British film noir mystery film directed by John Harlow and starring Robert Ayres, June Thorburn and Alan Wheatley. [1] It was produced as a second feature for release by General Film Distributors. [2] It was shot at Twickenham Studios in London with sets designed by the art director Wilfred Arnold.



Two criminals do a deal with a suicidal man, who will confess to crimes they have committed before killing himself. However he subsequently has a change of heart. [3]


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