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Springer Nature
Type Privately held Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien with an Aktiengesellschaft as general partner
Industry Publishing
Founded2015;7 years ago (2015)
Headquarters London, UK (global)
Berlin, Germany (corporate)
New York City, USA (sales)
Area served
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Revenue US$1.72 billion (2019)
Number of employees
10,000 (2019)
Website www.springernature.com
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Springer Nature or the Springer Nature Group [1] [2] is a German-British academic publishing company created by the May 2015 merger of Springer Science+Business Media and Holtzbrinck Publishing Group's Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, and Macmillan Education. [3]



The company originates from a number of journals and publishing houses, notably Springer-Verlag, which was founded in 1842 by Julius Springer in Berlin [4] (the grandfather of Bernhard Springer who founded Springer Publishing in 1950 in New York), [5] Nature Publishing Group which has published Nature since 1869, [6] and Macmillan Education, which goes back to Macmillan Publishers founded in 1843. [7]

Springer Nature was formed in 2015 by the merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan and Macmillan Education (held by Holtzbrinck Publishing Group) with Springer Science+Business Media (held by BC Partners). Plans for the merger were first announced on 15 January 2015. [8] The transaction was concluded in May 2015 with Holtzbrinck having the majority 53% share. [9]

IPO attempts in May 2018 and Autumn 2020 [10] were unfruitful due to unfavorable market conditions. [11] [12]

Current company

After the merger, former Springer Science+Business Media CEO Derk Haank became CEO of Springer Nature. [13] When he retired by the end of 2017, he was succeeded by Daniel Ropers, [14] the co-founder and long-time CEO of bol.com. [15] In September 2019, Ropers was replaced by Frank Vrancken Peeters. [16] [17]

The company is releasing a number of Policies & Reports, [18] including a Modern Slavery Act statement, a Tax strategy, a gender pay gap report for Springer Nature’s UK operations, [19] [20] Editorial and publishing policies, Code of conduct, etc.


The following major brands belong to the group (see also Subsidiaries): [21]


In 2017, the company agreed to block access to hundreds of articles on its Chinese site, cutting off access to articles on Tibet, Taiwan, and China's political elite. [23] [24]

The company retracted a paper in 2019, in its journal BMC Emergency Medicine due to dubious peer-review process (a herpetologist could have denied the publication of the paper). [25]

In August 2020, Springer Nature was reported to have rejected the publication of an article at the behest of its co-publisher, Wenzhou Medical University, from a Taiwanese doctor because the word "China" was not placed after "Taiwan." [26] [27]

In July 2020, Springer Nature retracted a paper in the journal Society due to dubious review process and criticism regarding racism. [28]

In November 2021, Springer Nature retracted 44 nonsense papers from the Arabian Journal of Geosciences after a lapse in the peer review process. [29] [30]


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