Strip Tease Murder

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Strip Tease Murder
"Strip Tease Murder" (1961).jpg
Original British lobby card
Directed by Ernest Morris
Written byPaul Tabori
Produced by
CinematographyPaddy Aherne
Edited byDerek Parsons
Music by Bill LeSage
Distributed by Paramount British Pictures (UK)
Release date
March 1961 (UK)
Running time
66 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Strip Tease Murder is a low budget 1961 British film thriller directed by Ernest Morris and starring John Hewer and Ann Lynn. [1] [2] [3]



Diana, a stripper, is electrocuted during a dance routine on stage at the Flamingo Club. Her husband, compere Bert Black, turns detective to investigate. He suspects Diana was murdered for a crime she didn't commit, but proving it to the satisfaction of Inspector Forbes is another matter.


Critical reception

Hal Erickson in Allmovie called it a "lurid British potboiler", [4] while in The Spinning Image, Graeme Clarke wrote, "Strip Tease Murder had a title which promised far more lurid thrills than the censorship of the day would have allowed them to deliver on, although as far as the nudity went it was still going further than most of its contemporaries. Yet you could see as much in such higher profile fare as Expresso Bongo , and probably be more entertained by a better standard of production to appearing whimsically old-fashioned, Strip Tease Murder was unlikely to find an enduring reception outside of vintage exploitation fans." [5]

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