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"Compelled" (1960).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed byRamsey Herrington
Written byMark Grantham
Produced by Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Starring Ronald Howard
Beth Rogan
Cinematography James Wilson (as Jimmy Wilson)
Edited by Desmond Saunders
Distributed by United Artists Corporation (UK)
Release date
December 1960 (UK)
Running time
56 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Compelled is a 1960 British neo noir black and white crime film, one of two films directed by Ramsey Herrington. [1] It stars Ronald Howard and Beth Rogan. [2]



Ex-con Paul Adams is an engineer blackmailed into assisting with a jewel theft. Unbeknownst to his wife, he becomes involved in the building of a tunnel from a bookshop to a jeweller's.


Critical reception

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