Babes in Bagdad

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Babes in Bagdad
"Babes in Bagdad" (1952).jpg
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
Written by Felix E. Feist
Produced by Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Starring Paulette Goddard
Gypsy Rose Lee
Distributed by United Artists
Release date
Running time
79 minutes
CountryUnited States

Babes in Bagdad is a 1952 American comedy film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer and starring Paulette Goddard and Gypsy Rose Lee. [1] [2]



Arabian Nights princess Kyra goes on strike demanding equal rights for women, to the frustration of caliph Hassan. Supported by the caliph's godson, Ezar, Kyra enables the caliph to see the error of his polygamous ways, and he eventually settles down with his favourite wife, Zohara.


Critical reception

Allmovie wrote, "even the staunchest auteurist defenders of director Edgar G. Ulmer are hard-pressed to justify his participation in this relentlessly silly effort." [3]

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