The Nudist Story

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The Nudist Story
"The Nudist Story" (1960).jpg
Directed byRamsey Herrington
Written byMark Grantham (as Norman Armstrong)
Produced by
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited bySpencer Reeve
Music by Tony Crombie
  • Danzinger Productions
  • The British Sunbathing Association
Distributed byEros (UK)
Release date
May 1960
Running time
69 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Nudist Story is a 1960 British film set at a nudist colony. [1] [2] It was released in the U.S. as Pussycat's Paradise, and is also known as For Members Only. [3]



Prudish businesswoman Jane Robinson inherits the 'Avonmore Sun Camp' from her eccentric grandfather and decides to sell it so she can pay taxes on the relative's estate. However, some of the members ask her to take a look at the club first. While touring the grounds, she starts to fall in love with the place and also with one of its handsome patrons. Jane soon finds herself embroiled in a hazardous love triangle. A couple of song and dance scenes, [4] the reasonable script and the relatively high production values has ensured the film's reputation as one of the pre-eminent nudist films.

Cast Member Note

Brian Cobby from 1985 was the Voice of the UK's 'Speaking Clock' service, reached by dialing 123.


Critical reception

The Manchester Guardian wrote, "It's the Citizen Kane of nudist films."[ citation needed ]

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