The Spanish Sword

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The Spanish Sword
"The Spanish Sword" (1962).png
Directed by Ernest Morris
Written by Brian Clemens (story)
Produced by
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey (as Jimmy Harvey)
Edited by Peter Pitt
Music by Bill LeSage
Distributed by United Artists Corporation (UK)
Release date
January 1962 (UK)
Running time
62 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Spanish Sword is a low budget 1962 British adventure film directed by Ernest Morris and starring Ronald Howard, June Thorburn and Nigel Green. [1] [2]



Rebellion breaks out during the reign of Henry III, and a brave knight foils the plans of a baron to steal the treasure of the King.


Critical reception

TV Guide wrote, "a weak script is saved by some impressive battle scenes and authentic-looking costuming." [3]

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