Crash Drive

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Crash Drive
"Crash Drive" (1959).jpg
UK theatrical poster
Directed by Max Varnel
Written by Brian Clemens
Eldon Howard
Produced by Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Starring Dermot Walsh
Wendy Williams
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited byLee Doig
Distributed by United Artists
Release date
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Crash Drive is a 1959 British racing car film starring Dermot Walsh, which was produced by the Danziger Brothers. [1] [2]


Rolf Harris has a small role. [3]


Paul Dixon is an international racing driver severely depressed after being paralysed from the waist down in a crash. He seems to have lost everything, including his will to live. His estranged wife Ann returns to him in the wake of the accident and attempts to cure him of his despair. [4]


Critical reception

Sky Movies wrote, "this very minor, modest and mostly mediocre British melodrama - partly written by The Avengers producer Brian Clemens - has a hard job getting into gear." [6]

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New Elstree Studios was a British film studio complex that was the main production centre for the Danziger Brothers from 1956 to 1962, and was one of several sites collectively known as "Elstree Studios". 60 B-movies and 350 half-hour TV episodes were filmed there, for both British and American markets.


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