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Country New Zealand
Broadcast areaNational
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Owner Television New Zealand
Sister channels TVNZ 1
Launched20 March 2016
Former namesDuke
Freeview 13
Freeview 13
Sky 23
Vodafone TV 23
Streaming media
TVNZ Watch live (NZ only)

TVNZ Duke (formerly Duke) is a New Zealand television channel run by state broadcaster Television New Zealand. It screens programming targeted at a male audience. [1] It was launched on 20 March 2016 to replace TVNZ's popup channel that was used to air the Wimbledon Championships. [2] Initially advertised as a male-skewed channel, this branding was later dropped. [3]


Its programming includes comedy, drama, documentaries, movies, music (under the Dukebox Music banner) and sport. It operates between the hours of 6pm and midnight, and occasionally screens live sport events outside these hours. [2] The channel is available on Freeview channel 13 and channel 23 on Sky. Some programming is also available on TVNZ OnDemand.

TVNZ Duke started broadcasting in 1080i HD terrestrially on 11 January 2018; [4] the online live stream of the channel had already been streaming up to 720p.


Local Series

Sports rights

Licensed from Sky Sport  :

Licensed from Spark Sport  :

TVNZ Duke+1

TVNZ Duke+1
Broadcast areaNational
Picture format 16:9 (SDTV)
Launched17 November 2020
DVB 64-QAM on band IV

TVNZ Duke+1 is a one-hour timeshifted channel that was launched on Freeview on 17 November 2020.[ citation needed ] TVNZ Duke+1 is available on Channel 18 on Freeview via UHF and Sky channel 504. [10]

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Television in New Zealand was introduced in 1960 as a state-run service. The broadcasting sector was deregulated in 1989, when the Government allowed competition to the state-owned Television New Zealand (TVNZ). There are currently three forms of broadcast television: a terrestrial (DVB-T) service provided by Freeview; satellite services provided nationwide by both Freeview and Sky; and an internet television service delivered over cable and fibre broadband provided by Vodafone.

TVNZ State-owned television network that is broadcast throughout New Zealand

Television New Zealand, more commonly referred to as TVNZ, is a television network that is broadcast throughout New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region. All of its currently-operating channels are free-to-air and commercially funded.

Spark New Zealand Telecommunications company in New Zealand

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Sky (New Zealand)

Sky Network Television Limited, more commonly known as Sky, is a New Zealand broadcasting company that provides pay television services via satellite, media streaming services and broadband internet services. It is also a wholesale channel provider to New Zealand IPTV provider Vodafone. As at 30 June 2021, Sky had 955,168 subscribers consisting of 561,989 satellite subscribers and 393,179 streaming subscribers. Despite the similarity of name, branding and services, such as Sky Go and MySky shared with its European equivalent, Sky, there is no connection between the companies.

Prime (New Zealand TV channel) New Zealand free-to-air television network

Prime is a New Zealand free-to-air television network. It airs a varied mix of programming, largely imported from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

TVNZ 1 New Zealand television channel

TVNZ 1 is the first national television channel owned and operated by the state-owned broadcaster Television New Zealand (TVNZ). It was one of the major television broadcasters in New Zealand, starting out from 1960 onwards as independent government-operated facilities in the four main centres of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and eventually began sharing programming between them all in real time in 1969, becoming NZBC TV. The collective group was renamed Television One in 1975 upon the break-up of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, and became a part of TVNZ in 1980 when Television One and South Pacific Television merged. The channel assumed its current name in October 2016.

Freeview (New Zealand)

Freeview is New Zealand's free-to-air television platform. It is operated by a joint venture between the country's major free-to-air broadcasters – government-owned Television New Zealand and Radio New Zealand, government-subsidised Māori Television, and the American-owned Discovery New Zealand. It consists of a HD-capable digital terrestrial television service, to around 86% of the population in the major urban and provincial centres of New Zealand, and a standard-definition satellite television service, called Freeview Satellite, covering the whole of mainland New Zealand and the major offshore islands. Freeview uses the DVB-S and DVB-T standards on government-provided spectrum.

TVNZ 7 New Zealand television channel

TVNZ 7 was a commercial-free New Zealand 24-hour news and information channel on Freeview digital television platform and on Sky Television from 1 July 2009. It was produced by Television New Zealand, which received Government funding to launch two additional channels. The channel went to air just after 10 am on 25 March 2008 with a looped preview reel. The channel was officially launched at noon on 30 March 2008 with a special "kingmaker" political debate held within the Parliament building and featuring most of the elected minor party leaders. The channel went off air at midnight on 30 June 2012 to the Goodnight Kiwi.

TVNZ Sport Extra New Zealand television channel

TVNZ Sport Extra was a temporary sports television station in New Zealand, operated by TVNZ. Broadcasting on channel 20 on Freeview, it showed live and delayed free-to-air coverage of selected events. Eric Kearley, TVNZ's Digital Launch Manager, has stated there was no further plans for this channel until the 2008 Summer Olympics.

1 Sport is a division of TVNZ which airs many of the sports telecasts in New Zealand.

This article refers to sports broadcasting contracts in Germany. For a list of contracts in other countries, see Sports television broadcast contracts.

This article refers to sports broadcasting contracts in New Zealand. For a list of other countries' broadcasting rights, see Sports television broadcast contracts.

Sky Sport is a group of sports-oriented television channels operated by New Zealand's satellite pay-TV company, Sky.

U (TV channel) Defunct New Zealand TV channel

U was an interactive youth-oriented New Zealand television channel, owned and operated by TVNZ. The channel launched on 13 March 2011, and featured reality programming, as well as an interactive live show and music content. It replaced the now defunct TVNZ 6. Leading up to the launch of U, there were 13 days' worth of promotional videos and programming information aired to advertise the new channel.

Igloo (TV) New Zealand pay TV service

Igloo was a New Zealand prepaid pay TV service launched on 3 December 2012. The Pace-supplied receiver provides customers access to free-to-air channels through Freeview, and previously a small selection of pay TV channels could be purchased for 30 days. On 1 March 2017, Igloo closed and the receiver was updated to allow viewers to use New Zealand's Freeview television service.

Sommet Sports

Sommet Sports was a sports-oriented television channel operated in New Zealand that was broadcast on channel 14 on Freeview NZ. It offered a varied range of sporting events, some of which had never been screened in New Zealand. This included LIVE weekly coverage of the German Bundesliga, delayed Liverpool FC matches from the English Premier League and coverage of the former SKY-broadcast Moto GP.

Neon (service)

Neon, marketed as NEON until 2020, is a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering a range of television shows and movies. The platform is a division of Sky Network Television Limited.

Southern Pro Wrestling

Southern Pro Wrestling (SPW) is a New Zealand professional wrestling promotion. Since the promotion's formation in 2015, it has promoted regular live events throughout the country predominantly in Invercargill and Queenstown In 2018, SPW held the biggest live independent wrestling show seen in New Zealand for over 27 years, the 2018 Southern Rumble, which was held at ILT Stadium in Invercargill in front of 1,200+ in attendance. SPW has led to a resurgence of the popularity and mainstream media coverage of professional wrestling in New Zealand. The 2019 Southern Rumble event was held again in ILT Stadium, with similar attendance numbers. SPW currently has over 30 full-time employees. In March 2019, SPW signed a deal with New Zealand's largest free-to-air broadcaster, TVNZ with an audience of 2 million people. 22 June 2019, marked the return of New Zealand pro-wrestling on TVNZ for the first time since On the Mat ended 35 years prior. On 24 August 2019, the 2019 Southern Rumble event aired on TVNZ Duke and was viewed by over 40,000 people.

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