Takao Osawa

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Takao Osawa
Takao Osawa Cannes 2013.jpg
Born (1968-03-11) March 11, 1968 (age 53)
Tokyo, Japan
OccupationActor, model, producer
Years active1987–present
Height1.81 m (5 ft 11+12 in)
Website www.osawatakao.jp

Takao Osawa (Japanese: 大沢 たかお, Hepburn: Ōsawa Takao, born March 11, 1968)[ citation needed ] is a Japanese actor.



Osawa starred in the 2002 film Filament [1] and the 2007 film Midnight Eagle . [2] He has also appeared in films such as Masayuki Suo's A Terminal Trust [3] and Takashi Miike's Shield of Straw . [4]

The Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Beach, CA, screened Osawa's film Wolf Children on April 27, 2013. [5]

In mid-2018, he is playing the Kralahome in the West End revival of The King and I . [6]



1995I Want to Love You in a Way That'll Melt the Ski SlopesMasaru Shigure
1996Two PunksYoichi FujikawaLead role
1999The Island TalesHaruki Fukuyama
Sennen TabitoTogashi
2001 All About Lily Chou-Chou Takao Tabito
2002 Jam Films MathematicianLead role, segment "Cold Sleep"
FilamentKyota Sawada
2003 Aragami The SamuraiLead role
The Battling AngelKazumasa FuruyoshiLead role
HanaYoichiro NozakiLead role
Sky High Tatsuya Kudo
2004GegeTakayuki TakanoLead role
Hana and Alice Ryo Taguchi
Crying Out Love in the Center of the World Sakutaro MatsumotoLead role
2005 Into the Sun Kuroda
2006 Helen the Baby Fox Koji YajimaLead role
A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth NaruseLead role
Riding the MetroSakichi Konuma
Christmas on July 24th AvenueSatoshi Okuda
BizanDr. Daisuke Terasawa
2007Life: Tears in HeavenNatsuki IijimaLead role
Midnight Eagle Yuji NishizakiLead role
2008The Taste of FishShuntaro AkagiLead role
Ichi Toma Fujihira
Love FightJoe Oki
Goemon Kirigakure Saizō
Ballad: Nameless Love SongTakatora Okurai
2010FlowersHiroshi Manaka
The Sakurada Gate IncidentTetsunosuke SekiLead role
2012 Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Ookami (voice)Animated film
A Terminal Trust The prosecutor
2013 Strawberry Night Isao Makita
Shield of Straw Kazuki Mekari
2014 Kano Yoichi Hatta Taiwanese film
2015 The Lion Standing in the Wind Koichiro ShimadaLead role
2019 Kingdom Wang Qi
2020AI AmokKiryūLead role
2021 The Great Yokai War: Guardians Inugami Gyōbu


1994Kimi to Ita NatsuRyoichi Aizawa
Wakamono no SubeteShinsuke Yamazaki
Hana no Ran Ashikaga Yoshitane Taiga drama
1995 Hoshi no Kinka Shuichi Nagai
Kamisan no Waruguchi 2Satoshi Mikami
1996 Zoku Hoshi no Kinka Shuichi Nagai
Gekiteki Kiko: Shinya TokkyuKoutaro Sawaki
Only You: AisareteSumio Ozaki
Rennai Zenya Ichidodake: Shoya no Asa
1997DessinSatoshi Asakura
1998Seikimatsu no Uta / The Last SongMysterious Man
1999Utsukushii HitoJiro Murasame
2000Another HeavenGoro Minazuki
Worst ContactTakimoto
Hyaku-nen no MonogatariKazuo Hirose
2001Ex-Lover / Mukashi no OtokoArashi Ikeda
2003Ore wa IwashiWangTV movie
2006Tokyo Wonder ToursHimself
2009 JIN Jin MinakataLead role
2011 JIN 2 Jin MinakataLead role
2013Fiery Enmity: Hero of the North Aterui Lead role
Galileo Shikō RenzakiEpisode 1, season 2
2015 Hana Moyu Katori TomohikoTaiga drama
2019 Ōoku the Final Tokugawa Yoshimune TV movie


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