Three Lions (video game)

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Three Lions
Developer(s) Z-Axis
Tarantula Studios (GBC)
Publisher(s) Take-Two Interactive
Composer(s) Allister Brimble
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Color
  • EU: 17 April 1998
  • EU: 1999 (GBC)
  • NA: 21 May 1999 (PS)
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Three Lions (The Official England Team Game), released in North America as Alexi Lalas International Soccer, is a video game developed by Z-Axis and published by Take-Two Interactive, based on European football (soccer). It was released for the PC, PlayStation and Game Boy Color on 17 April 1998 and in 1999 as the official video game of the English Football Association. Originally announced under the title "Major League Soccer", [1] it was also marketed under other names in other regions, including Golden Goal 98, Bomba:98 All Champions Challenge, Mundial:98 and Pro:Foot Contest 98.


Cover Stars

Editions of the game in different regions feature native international footballers. In France, Pro:Foot Contest 98 features Didier Deschamps, in Italy, Bomba:98 All Champions Challenge features Roberto Di Matteo, [2] in North America, Alexi Lalas International Soccer features Alexi Lalas. [3]


Aggregate score
GameRankings 49% [4]
Review scores
CVG Star full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [5]
Edge 7/10 [6]
EGM 3.25/10 [7]
Game Informer 2.25/10 [8]
GameSpot 3.3/10 [9]
IGN 5.5/10 [3]
Next Generation Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [10]
OPM (UK) 8/10 [11]
OPM (US) Star full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [12]
PSM Star full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [13]

The PlayStation version received unfavorable reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings. [4] Next Generation said, "If you're looking for speedy, no-nonsense physical play, you could do a lot worse than Alexi Lalas International Soccer." [10]

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