Three Wise Men (cocktail)

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Three Wise Men is a drink consisting of three types of whiskey with brand names that are each named after a man (ordinarily Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel and Jim Beam). [1] The three named men are the "wise men" in the name of the drink, which is an allusion to the Biblical Magi. Although informally called a cocktail, it does not meet the usual definition of the term "cocktail", as the drink includes only whiskeys with no other ingredients. Several variations exist that include other ingredients or substitute tequila or rum for some of the whiskey.



1 part Scotch whisky (e.g., Johnnie Walker Red or Black Label).
1 part Tennessee whiskey (e.g., Jack Daniel's).
1 part Kentucky bourbon whiskey (e.g., Jim Beam White or Black Label).
Serve neat, on the rocks, or shaken with ice and strained, [1] according to taste. Or serve the three whiskeys as three separate shots that are lined up and consumed sequentially. [1]


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