Tidjikja Airport

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Tidjikja Airport
Airport typePublic
Serves Tidjikja, Mauritania
Elevation  AMSL 1,342 ft / 409 m
Coordinates 18°34′12″N011°25′24″W / 18.57000°N 11.42333°W / 18.57000; -11.42333
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Location within Mauritania
Direction LengthSurface
Source: DAFIF [1] [2]

Tidjikja Airport( IATA : TIY, ICAO : GQND) is an airport serving Tidjikja, the capital of the Tagant region of central Mauritania. on 1 July 1994 Air Mauritanie Flight 625 crashed near the airport only 13 people survived.it is the deadliest one in Mauritania.[1]

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Air Mauritanie Flight 625 1994 aviation accident

Air Mauritanie Flight 625 was a Fokker F28 Fellowship 4000 which crashed on landing at Tidjikja Airport, Mauritania on 1 July 1994 in sandstorm conditions. All four crew and 76 of the 89 passengers were killed in the crash. It remains the deadliest crash involving a Fokker 28 and the deadliest one in Mauritania.

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