Tiger Rail Trail

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The Tiger Rail Trail or Birregurra-Forrest Rail Trail is a rail trail following the route of the former Forrest branch railway line.

Rail trail railroad bed converted to a recreational trail

A rail trail is the conversion of a disused railway track into a multi-use path, typically for walking, cycling and sometimes horse riding and snowmobiling. The characteristics of abandoned railways—flat, long, frequently running through historical areas—are appealing for various developments. The term sometimes also covers trails running alongside working railways; these are called "rails with trails". Some shared trails are segregated, with the segregation achieved with or without separation. Many rail trails are long-distance trails.

Forrest, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Forrest, Victoria is a small rural township in the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia. At the 2016 census, Forrest and the surrounding area had a population of 230.

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John Forrest National Park Protected area in Western Australia

John Forrest National Park is a national park in the Darling Scarp, 24 km (15 mi) east of Perth, Western Australia. It was the first national park in Western Australia and the second in Australia after Royal National Park.

Ashuwillticook Rail Trail

The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail is a former railroad corridor converted into a 10-foot-wide (3.0 m) paved, universally accessible, scenic rail trail path. The Ashuwillticook (ash-oo-will-ti-cook) Rail Trail runs parallel to Route 8 through the towns of Cheshire, Lanesborough and Adams, Massachusetts and is used for biking, walking, roller-blading, and jogging. The trail is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Its first two phases opened in 2001 and 2004, with a 1.2-mile northerly extension opening in May 2017.

Eastern Railway (Western Australia) railway line in Western Australia

The Eastern Railway is the main railway route between Fremantle and Northam in Western Australia. It opened in stages between 1881 and 1893. The line is continued east to Kalgoorlie as the Eastern Goldfields Railway.

Swan View Tunnel

The Swan View Tunnel is a former railway tunnel located on the southern side of the Jane Brook valley in the outer Perth suburb of Swan View in the John Forrest National Park on the edge of the Darling Scarp. After its closure as a railway tunnel, it reopened as part of the John Forrest Heritage Trail, a rail trail.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail – also on some maps as Rail Reserve Heritage Trail or Rail Reserves Historical Trail, and frequently referred to locally as the Bridle Trail or Bridle Track – is within the Shire of Mundaring in Western Australia.

Deans Marsh, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Deans Marsh is a town in Victoria, Australia, located 23 kilometres (14 mi) inland from Lorne. At the 2016 census, Deans Marsh had a population of 269. Deans Marsh is part of the Otway Harvest Trail, with the Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm and the Gentle Annie Berry Gardens nearby. There are three wineries in the area - Blakes Estate, Dinny Goonan and Gosling Creek.

York County Heritage Rail Trail

Heritage Rail Trail County Park is a National Recreation Trail rail-with-trail in Pennsylvania built in 1999 by the York County Rail Trail Authority (YCRTA). It connects with the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail in Maryland. The trail runs along the active Northern Central Railway line and forms the southernmost part of Route J in the BicyclePA route system.

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail is a 23.7-mile (38.1 km) rail trail and linear park that runs along the former Wallkill Valley Railroad rail corridor in Ulster County, New York. It stretches from Gardiner through New Paltz, Rosendale, and Ulster to the Kingston city line. The trail is separated from the Walden–Wallkill Rail Trail by two state prisons in Shawangunk, though there have been plans to bypass these facilities, and to connect the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail with other regional rail trails.

Norwottuck Branch Rail Trail

The Norwottuck Branch Rail Trail, formerly the Norwottuck Rail Trail, is an 11-mile (18 km) combination bicycle/pedestrian paved right-of-way running from Northampton, Massachusetts, through Hadley and Amherst, to Belchertown, Massachusetts. It opened in 1992, and is now part of the longer Mass Central Rail Trail.

The Warrnambool railway line is a railway serving the south west of Victoria, Australia. Running from the western Melbourne suburb of Newport through the cities of Geelong and Warrnambool, the line once terminated at the coastal town of Port Fairy before being truncated to Dennington. This closed section of line has been converted into the 37 km long Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail. The line continues to see both passenger and freight services today.

The Forrest railway line is a former branch railway in Victoria, Australia. It branched off the Port Fairy railway line at Birregurra, running through the Otway Ranges to the town of Forrest.

The Georgia Florida and Alabama (Railroad) Trail (GF&A) is but a small section of a proposed 52-mile rail-trail, which will one day stretch from Tallahassee to Carrabelle, on the Gulf of Mexico. Part of the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Railway's holdings was fifty miles of track from Carrabelle on the Gulf of Mexico to Tallahassee, Florida. The United States Forestry Service placed the start of this trail at Trout Pond Park located just south of Tallahassee Airport on SR 373. The forest service has incorporated about 1.3 miles of the park land and just over a mile of the old GF&A rail-bed in the GF&A Trail in the Apalachicola National Forest. This 2.4-mile section is complete and paved, accommodating cyclists, walkers and inline skaters. It also features nearby hiking trails in the Apalachicola National Forest. Excursions just off the trail to old foundations, streams and ponds. It is sometimes referred to as the Gopher, Frog & Alligator Trail. The first mile of the trail is completely wooded with just over a mile of the rest following SR 73 on the old GF&A railroad bed. Though following the road adequate wooded land barriers the trail. Currently the trail is only on National Forrest land which allows hiking and primitive camping during non-hunting season.

<i>Rock Island Trail</i> (film) 1950 film by Joseph Kane

Rock Island Trail is a 1950 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and written by James Edward Grant. The film stars Forrest Tucker, Adele Mara, Lorna Gray, Bruce Cabot, Chill Wills and Barbra Fuller. The film was released on May 18, 1950, by Republic Pictures.

<i>Iron Mountain Trail</i> 1953 film by William Witney

Iron Mountain Trail is a 1953 American Western film directed by William Witney and written by Gerald Geraghty. The film stars Rex Allen, Slim Pickens, Grant Withers, Nan Leslie, Roy Barcroft and Forrest Taylor. The film was released on May 8, 1953, by Republic Pictures.

Big Run (North Fork South Branch Potomac River tributary)

Big Run is a river of 13 miles in length, located one-and-a-half miles west of Spruce Knob in Monongahela National Forest, in Pendleton County, West Virginia. It is a tributary of the North Fork South Branch Potomac River.