Tiger Trap (album)

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Tiger Trap
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Studio album by
Released25 May 1993 [1]
Genre Twee pop, indie pop
Label K Records
Producer Calvin Johnson
Professional ratings
Review scores
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Robert Christgau Rating-Christgau-neither.png [3]
Billboard (favorable) [4]

Tiger Trap is the only album released by the band Tiger Trap. It was released in 1993 on K Records and was produced by Calvin Johnson. With about 10,000 copies sold, it was K Records' best-selling album until they released Beck's One Foot in the Grave the following year. [5]

Tiger Trap was a twee-pop foursome composed of high school friends Angela Loy and Rose Melberg, with Heather Dunn and Jen Braun. The group recorded for K Records. The name "Tiger Trap" comes from the very first Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. Formed in Sacramento, California in 1992, they managed to garner something of a cult following before disbanding only a year later. Their last concert took place at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, in December 1993. Bands they played with include Heavenly, Unwound, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Girl Trouble, Mecca Normal, Beat Happening, and Tsunami.

K Records an independent record label in Olympia, Washington

K Records is an independent record label in Olympia, Washington founded in 1982. Artists on the label included early releases by Beck, Modest Mouse and Built to Spill. The record label has been called "key to the development of independent music" since the 1980s.

Calvin Johnson (musician) American musician

Calvin Johnson is an American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, music producer, and disc jockey born in Olympia, Washington. Known for his uniquely deep and droning singing voice, Johnson was a founding member of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team and The Halo Benders.


Critical reaction

In 2014, Andrew Earles called the album "quintessential", and wrote that on it, Tiger Trap "packed each song with at least one pop hook." [6] In 2015, The A.V. Club's Jason Heller wrote that the album "embodies twee," but added that "it’s also a forceful, potent, consummately melodic complement to the more strident sounds of riot grrrl that were raging around them at the time." [7]

<i>The A.V. Club</i> Online newspaper and entertainment website

The A.V. Club is an online newspaper and entertainment website featuring reviews, interviews, and other articles that examine films, music, television, books, games, and other elements of pop culture media. The A.V. Club was created in 1993 as a supplement to The Onion, despite having a minimal presence on its website in its early years. A 2005 website redesign placed The A.V. Club in a more prominent position, allowing its online identity to grow. Unlike its parent publication, The A.V. Club is not satirical.

Track listing

  1. "Puzzle Pieces"
  2. "You're Sleeping"
  3. "Eight Wheels"
  4. "Supercrush"
  5. "Tore a Hole"
  6. "Words and Smiles"
  7. "For Sure"
  8. "You and Me"
  9. "Supreme Nothing"
  10. "Chester"
  11. "My Broken Heart"
  12. "Prettiest Boy"

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