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Tsagem, Mani, Katsina, Nigeria
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Coordinates: 9°25′16″N3°29′19″E / 9.42111°N 3.48861°E / 9.42111; 3.48861 Coordinates: 9°25′16″N3°29′19″E / 9.42111°N 3.48861°E / 9.42111; 3.48861
CountryFlag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria
State Katsina State
  Councillor1.Alh. Muhd Inusa (councillor) 2.Alh. Usman tsagem (village head)
  Total42 km2 (16 sq mi)
 (2006 Census)
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)
3-digit postal code prefix
ISO 3166 code NG.KT.MN .TGM

TSAGEM is a ward head in Mani Local Government, Katsina State. It is situated on the northern part of Mani town. It is a predominantly Fulani village whose main occupation is farming and animal rearing. It has its indigenes scattered all over Nigeria engaging in one job or another. They are educated in both western and Islamic education. It has an area of 42 km2 and a population of 766 at the 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 823. [1]

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