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The CBS Sunday Movie (also known at various times as the CBS Sunday Night Movie) was the umbrella title for a made-for-TV and feature film showcase series carried by CBS until the end of the 2005–2006 television season, when it was replaced with drama series. It was the last of the weekly Sunday night movie showcases aired by the Big Three television networks to be canceled, outside of special event premieres and the network's previous run of the Hallmark Hall of Fame film anthology.


On April 7, 2020, as part of schedule changes associated with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on television in the United States, CBS announced that it would air feature films under the CBS Sunday Night Movies banner for a five-week event in May 2020, featuring films from corporate sister Paramount Pictures. A sixth week was added to the event to fill the timeslot of the postponed 74th Tony Awards, featuring a sing-along version of Grease . [1] In this iteration, the films were stretched with additional advertising to fill a three-hour timeslot.

In September 2020, CBS announced that the block would return for six additional weeks beginning in October, filling the network's Sunday-night schedule to allow time for its Sunday-night dramas ( The Equalizer , NCIS: Los Angeles , and NCIS: New Orleans ) to resume production. [2]


This is a listing of topics pertaining to CBS movies broadcast on television under various umbrella titles. [1] [3]



May 3 Raiders of the Lost Ark
May 10 Forrest Gump
May 17 Mission: Impossible
May 24 Titanic
May 31 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
June 7 Grease Sing-Along [12]
October 4 Old School
October 11 Clueless
October 18 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
October 25 Scream
November 1 Star Trek Beyond
November 29 Coming to America


May 30 Gladiator
June 20 Selma

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