Country Music Awards of Australia

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Country Music Awards of Australia
Awarded forOutstanding achievements in the Australian country music industry
Presented by Country Music Association of Australia and Tamworth Regional Council
First awardedJanuary 1973;50 years ago (1973-01)
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The Country Music Awards of Australia also known as the Golden Guitar Awards (originally named Australasian Country Music Awards) is an annual awards night held in January during the Tamworth Country Music Festival, in Tamworth, New South Wales, celebrating recording excellence in the Australian country music industry. [1] The awards are hosted at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre (TRECC) on the final Saturday night of the Tamworth Festival. They have been held annually since 1973. [2] The first award ceremony had just six awards. The awards show is presented in fornt of live audience made up from the media, the music industry and the public.



The award winners are given a Golden Guitar trophy. These are cast in solid bronze on a base of polished Tasmanian Blackwood. They are 235 mm tall and weigh 1.5 kilos.

Australian Roll of Renown

Since 1976, the Australian Roll of Renown is an award to honour Australian and New Zealander country music artists who have shaped the industry by making a significant and lasting contribution to Country Music.

Major awards

Here is a list of major award winners. [3]

Country Music Awards of Australia
YearAlbum of the YearSong of the Year (APRA)Female Artist of the YearMale Artist of the YearTop Selling Album of the Year
1973Me & My Guitar by Slim Dusty"Lights On the Hill" by Slim Dusty not awardednot awarded Redback on the Toilet Seat by Slim Newton
1974Live At Tamworth by Slim Dusty"Goondiwindi Grey" by Tex Morton "Dust On Mother's Bible" by Suzanne Prentice "July You're a Woman" by Reg Lindsay Heaven Is My Woman's Love by Col Joye
1975 Australiana by Slim Dusty"The Biggest Disappointment" by Slim Dusty"What Kind of a Girl Do You Think I Am" by Jean Stafford "The Biggest Disappointment" by Slim Dustynot awarded
1976 Lights On the Hill by Slim Dusty"Santa Never Made It to Darwin" by Bill & Boyd "I Can Feel Love" by Heather McKean"My Lancashire Yodelling Lass" by Rex DallasWorst in the World by Slim Dusty
1977Angel of Goulburn Hill by Slim Dusty"Three Rivers Hotel" by Slim Dusty"Sweet Country Music" by Suzanne PrenticeAngel of Goulburn Hill by Slim DustyThings I See Around Me by Slim Dusty
1978Country Travellin' by The Hawking Brothers "Indian Pacific" by Slim DustyHow Great Thou Art by Suzanne PrenticeSilence On the Line by Reg LindsayIndian Pacific by Slim Dusty
1979One Day At a Time by The Hawking Bros"Beat of the Government Stroke" by Slim Dusty"Grievous Angel" by Anne Kirkpatrick "Marty" by Slim DustyOne Day At a Time by The Hawking Bros
1980Walk a Country Mile by Slim Dusty"Three Empty Bottles" by Dave PincombeHello Love by Jean Stafford"The Empty Arms Hotel" by Reg LindsayWalk a Country Mile by Slim Dusty
1981The Man Who Steadies the Lead by Slim Dusty"One Armed Bandit" by Allan Caswell & Brian Caswell "That Glory Bound Train" by Jean Stafford"I Love You So Rebecca" by Johnny Chester The Man Who Steadies the Lead by Slim Dusty
1982The Lady and the Cowboy by Jewel Blanch & Arthur Blanch "His Spurs Are Rusty Now" by Rex & Colin Dallas"I Can Love You" by Jewel Blanch"Rough Around The Edges " by Johnny ChesterWho Put the Roo in the Stew by Webb Bros
1983Too Late for Regrets by Arthur Blanch"Used to Be a Gold Song" - Allan Caswell & Keith Potger Send All The Ghosts Away by Jewel Blanch"An Ad in The Weekly Times" by Johnny ChesterOne Day At a Time by Suzanne Prentice
1984On the Wallaby by Slim Dusty"I Was Only 19" by John Schumann/Redgum "Beautiful Lady" by Patsy Riggir "I've Come a Long Way" by Arthur Blanch"I Was Only 19" by John Schumann/Redgum
1985Trucks On the Track by Slim Dusty"Queen in the Sport of Kings" by John Williamson You'll Never Take the Country Out of Me by Patsy Riggir"What Do Lonely People Do" by Arthur BlanchTrucks On the Track by Slim Dusty
1986 Road Thru the Heart by John Williamson"The Garden" by Allan CaswellYou Remind Me of a Love Song by Patsy Riggir"You and My Guitar" by John WilliamsonYodelling Man by Roger Tibbs
1987 Mallee Boy by John Williamson"He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober" by Slim DustyNow I'm Easy by Deniese Morrison "True Blue" by John WilliamsonPatsy Rigger Country by Patsy Rigger
1988Neon City by Slim Dusty"The Old Time Tent Shows" by Alan Hawking"I'm Stronger Than I Look" by Evelyn Bury"Black Jack Blues Again" by Allan CaswellMallee Boy by John Williamson
1989 Boomerang Café by John Williamson"We've Done Us Proud" by Slim Dusty"Battle Hymn of Love" by Deniese Morrison"Cloncurry Cattle Song" by James Blundell Boomerang Café by John Williamson
1990 Warragul by John Williamson"Kimberley Moon" by James Blundell"You've Gotta Learn to Dance" by Deniese Morrison"Kimberley Moon" by James BlundellWarragul by John Williamson
1991Coming Home by Slim Dusty"The Blue Heeler" by James Blundell"Sarah's Memory" by Norma Murphy"Age of Grace" by James BlundellTwo Singers, One Song by Slim Dusty & Anne Kirkpatrick
1992 Out of the Blue by Anne Kirkpatrick"Things Are Not the Same On the Land" by Slim Dusty"I Guess We've Been Together Too Long" by Anne Kirkpatrick"The River" by Keith Urban JW's Family Album by John Williamson
1993 The Outback Club by Lee Kernaghan "Boys from the Bush" by Lee Kernaghan"Tamworth" by Norma O'Hara Murphy"Boys from the Bush" by Lee Kernaghan This Road by James Blundell
1994 Three Chain Road by Lee Kernaghan"Three Chain Road" by Lee Kernaghan"Two Stars Fell" by Gina Jeffreys "Three Chain Road" by Lee Kernaghan Touch of Water by James Blundell
1995Homeland by Graeme Connors"Songs from the Homeland" by Graeme Connors "Girls Night Out" by Gina Jeffreys"Songs from the Homeland" by Graeme ConnorsThree Chain Road by Lee Kernaghan
1996 1959 by Lee Kernaghan"The Great Australian Dream" by Graeme Connors"Didn't We Shine" by Gina Jeffreys"End of the Road" by Troy Cassar-Daley Mulga to Mangoes by John Williamson
1997December Moon by Tania Kernaghan "The Road Less Travelled" by Graeme Connors"Where the Murray Meets the Darling" by Tania Kernaghan"The Road Less Travelled" by Graeme Connors1959 by Lee Kernaghan
1998 True Believer by Troy Cassar-Daley"Living in the Circle" by Dead Ringer Band "Dunroamin' Station" by Tania Kernaghan"Little Things" by Troy Cassar-Daley Pipe Dream by John Williamson
1999 Hat Town by Lee Kernaghan"Last Man Standing" by Adam Brand "Dancin' with Elvis" by Gina Jeffreys"Goondiwindi Moon" by Lee KernaghanHat Town by Lee Kernaghan
2000 The Captain by Kasey Chambers "They Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore" by Troy Cassar-Daley"The Captain" by Kasey Chambers"They Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore" by Troy Cassar-Daley The Way It Is by John Williamson
2001 Good Friends by Adam Brand"Good Things in Life" by Adam Brand"This Heart" by Beccy Cole "Good Friends" by Adam Brand Looking Forward Looking Back by Slim Dusty
2002Workin' Overtime by Adam Harvey "Not Pretty Enough" by Kasey Chambers"Too Strong to Break" by Beccy Cole"Shake of a Hand" by Adam Harvey Barricades & Brickwalls by Kasey Chambers
2003 Electric Rodeo by Lee Kernaghan"Born to Survive" by Troy Cassar-Daley"The Story of My Life" by Melinda Schneider"Born to Survive" by Troy Cassar-DaleyElectric Rodeo by Lee Kernaghan
2004 Beautiful Circle by Sara Storer "Raining on the Plains" by Sara StorerBeautiful Circle by Sara Storer"Call It Love" by Adam Harvey Golden Road by Keith Urban
2005Family Tree by Melinda Schneider"Real People" by Melinda Schneider"Pony" by Kasey Chambers"That's What You Call a Friend" by Adam Harvey Wayward Angel by Kasey Chambers
2006 Chandelier of Stars by John Williamson"Lonesome But Free" by Troy Cassar-Daley Firefly by Sara Storer"Lonesome But Free" by Troy Cassar-DaleyChandelier of Stars by John Williamson
2007 The New Bush by Lee Kernaghan"Poster Girl (Wrong Side of the World)" by Beccy Cole"Poster Girl (Wrong Side of the World)" by Beccy ColeThe New Bush by Lee KernaghanThe New Bush by Lee Kernaghan
2008I'm Doin' Alright by Adam Harvey"Land Cries Out" by Sara Storer"Then There's Me" by Dianna Corcoran "Everything's Going to Be Alright" by Troy Cassar-DaleyStronger by Melinda Schneider
2009 Rattlin' Bones by Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson "Rattlin' Bones" by Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson"What I Did Last Night" by Catherine Britt "Get On Down the Road" by Adam BrandRattlin' Bones by Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
2010 I Love This Place by Troy Cassar-Daley"Big Big Love" by Troy Cassar-Daley"Roller Coaster" by Felicity Urquhart I Love This Place by Troy Cassar-Daley Defying Gravity by Keith Urban
2011Still Walking by Graeme Connors"Little Bird" by Kasey Chambers"Little Bird" by Kasey ChambersA Good Life by Graeme Connors Planet Country by Lee Kernaghan
2012Falling Into Place by Adam Harvey"Bad Machines" by Shane Nicholson"Waitress" by Beccy Cole"Long Hot Summer" by Keith Urban Get Closer by Keith Urban
2013 Home by Troy Cassar-Daley"Home" by Troy Cassar-Daley"Charlestown Road" by Catherine BrittHome by Troy Cassar-DaleyHome by Troy Cassar-Daley
2014 Lovegrass by Sara Storer"Lady of the Land" by Luke O'Shea Lovegrass by Sara Storer"Flying With the King" by Lee Kernaghan Beautiful Noise by Lee Kernaghan
2015 Bittersweet by Kasey Chambers"Three Brothers (The Great War)" by Luke O'Shea"Superheroes" by Amber LawrenceSing You You by Luke O'Shea
2016 Freedom Ride by Troy Cassar-Daley"Freedom Ride" by Troy Cassar-Daley Boneshaker by Amber LawrenceFreedom Ride by Troy Cassar-Daley Spirit of the Anzacs by Lee Kernaghan
2017 Things I Carry Around by Troy Cassar-Daley"Call Me Crazy" by Travis Collins Silos by Sara StorerHard Light by Travis Collins Ripcord by Keith Urban
2018 Endless by The McClymonts"Our Backyard" by Travis Collins & Amber LawrenceMore Than Meets the Eye by Aleyce Simmonds Love and Blood by Shane Nicholson The 25th Anniversary Album by Lee Kernaghan
2019Country Heart by The Wolfe Brothers "Ain't Seen It Yet" by The Wolfe Brothers Lioness by Beccy ColeBrave & The Broken by Travis Collins Graffiti U by Keith Urban
2020Frozen Rabbits by Felicity Urquhart"Chain of Joy" by Felicity UrquhartFrozen Rabbits by Felicity Urquhart Things That We Drink To by Morgan Evans Backroad Nation by Lee Kernaghan
2021 Fallow by Fanny Lumsden "The High Price of Surviving" by Shane NicholsonFallow by Fanny LumsdenWreck Me by Travis Collins The Speed of Now Part 1 by Keith Urban
2022 [4] Living in Colour by Shane Nicholson"And You Will Have Your Way" by Shane Nicholson Ashleigh Dallas Troy Cassar-Daley The World Today by Troy Cassar-Daley
2023 [5] Light It Up by Casey Barnes "Star of the Show" by Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley Andrew Swift Amber Lawrence Light It Up by Casey Barnes [6]

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Arthur Blanch is an Australian country singer-songwriter. He is the father of country music singer, Jewel Blanch, with whom he has performed.

Reg Poole is an Australian country singer-songwriter. Poole won three Golden Guitars, was inducted into the Roll of Renown in 2006, was awarded an OAM for services to country music in 2006 and in 2016 was elevated to Country Music living legend; as award designed to honour the achievements of those who have made a lasting contribution to country music in Australia and are actively engaged in writing, recording and performing.

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Luke O'Shea is an Australian singer-songwriter and storyteller who has written, recorded and produced eight albums and won sixteen Golden Guitar Awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia, including three at the 2015 awards.

Andrew Swift is an Australian country music singer and songwriter. In 2017, Swift was a finalist in the Toyota Starmaker. Swift won two awards at the 2019 Golden guitar awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia.

Kaylee Bell is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. In 2013, she won the Toyota Star Maker award in Australia, joining the likes of Lee Kernaghan, Samantha McClymont and was the first New Zealand born artist since 1990 winner Keith Urban. She subsequently released her debut studio album, Heart First, later that year. Bell has placed multiple singles in the Top 10 of the Australian Country Music Charts and won multiple awards. She is currently the 'Most Streamed Female Country Artist' in Australia. Her second album, Silver Linings was released in November 2021. Bell opened for Brad Paisley on his World Tour NZ show late 2022 alongside Australian Country Star Morgan Evans and was support act for Ed Sheeran on his Mathematics World Tour in 2023.

Andy Golledge is an Australian country music singer and songwriter. He released his debut studio album, Strength of a Queen on 4 March 2022. For Golledge said Strength of a Queen is ultimately a journey saying "It's a search for somebody that loves you for who you are, and who you want to be, and ultimately sharing that journey together. It's about finding the strength of a queen within you and within another."

Ashleigh Dallas is an Australian country music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

The Weeping Willows are an Australian country music duo, formed in 2012 consisting of Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates. They have released three studio albums, The Weeping Willows (2012), Before Darkness Comes A-Callin (2016) and You Reap What You Sow (2022).

TC Cassidy is an Australian country music singer-songwriter.


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