Forest of Equilibrium

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Forest of Equilibrium
Studio album by Cathedral
Released December 6, 1991 (1991-12-06)
Recorded July–August 1991
Studio Workshop Studios, Redditch, England
Genre Doom metal
Label Earache
Producer PBL, Lee Dorrian, Gary Jennings
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In Memorium EP
Forest of Equilibrium
The Ethereal Mirror
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Forest of Equilibrium is the debut album of the British doom metal band Cathedral, released in 1991 on Earache Records. It is considered a classic of its genre, doom metal. [2] Forest of Equilibrium was notably inducted into Decibel Magazine's Hall of Fame in February 2006 being the 12th inductee for the Decibel Hall of Fame. [3]


In 2009, Earache Records reissued the album along with four "bonus" songs that comprise the long out-of-print 1992 Soul Sacrifice EP. This deluxe digipak reissue also includes a poster of Dave Patchett's cover art and a new 40-minute documentary entitled "Return to the Forest" on DVD. [4]

Track listing

1."Picture of Beauty & Innocence (Intro)/Commiserating the Celebration"Lee DorrianGarry Jennings11:16
2."Ebony Tears"DorrianJennings7:46
3."Serpent Eve"Mark GriffithsJennings, Adam Lehan7:40
4."Soul Sacrifice"GriffithsJennings2:54
5."A Funeral Request (Ethereal Architect)"Griffith, David Park Barnitz Lehan9:17
7."Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain"DorrianJennings9:08



Additional musicians

Technical personnel


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