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Jürränyň oýy (????-1967)
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Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 41°11′0″N61°24′0″E / 41.18333°N 61.40000°E / 41.18333; 61.40000 Coordinates: 41°11′0″N61°24′0″E / 41.18333°N 61.40000°E / 41.18333; 61.40000
Country Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan
Province Lebap Province
District Darganata District

Gazojak (Turkmen : Gazojak) is a city in Darganata District, Lebap Province, Turkmenistan. [1] It is a border crossing to Uzbekistan, across from the Pitnyak rail customs point and the Druzhba motor road customs point on the Uzbek side. [2]


The city's economy revolves around the natural gas industry, hence the name gaz ojak, meaning "gas furnace", which it received in 1967. Prior to that the settlement was called Jürränyň oýy, "Jürrä's Thought", Jürrä being a masculine name. [3]

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