Isaiah Andrews

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Isaiah Smith Andrews
Nationality American
Institution Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard Society of Fellows
Alma mater Yale University (BA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD)
Anna Mikusheva
Awards2020 MacArthur Fellow
2021 John Bates Clark Medal

Isaiah Andrews (born 1986) is an American economist who is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In 2018, The Economist named him one of the 8 "best young economists of the decade." [1] He was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2020 [2] and in 2021, the American Economic Association awarded him the John Bates Clark Medal. [3]


Education and early life

Andrews grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, the son of economists Marcellus Andrews and Cheryl Smith. [4] [5] He graduated from Yale University in 2009 and completed a doctorate in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014, where his dissertation advisor was Anna Mikusheva. [6]


Andrews was the Silverman (1968) Family Career Assistant Professor and an Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2016 to 2018, when he joined the faculty at Harvard. [2] His research addresses questions of statistical inference when identification is weak and the quantification of uncertainty, such as uncertainty due to publication bias. [6] [5]

After his MacArthur win, Andrews, who is Black and gay, commented, “I hope that my getting this grant will help to demonstrate and show that there is room for success from a wide variety of folks in the economics profession.” [7]

He was elected fellow of the Econometric Society in 2020. [8]

Selected works

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