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Joel Schumacher
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Schumacher in 2003
Joel T. Schumacher

(1939-08-29) August 29, 1939 (age 80)
Education Parsons The New School for Design
Alma mater University of California, Los Angeles
Years active1972–present

Joel T. Schumacher ( /ˈʃmɑːkər/ ; born August 29, 1939) is an American filmmaker. Schumacher rose to fame after directing three hit films: St. Elmo's Fire (1985), The Lost Boys (1987), and Flatliners (1990). He later went on to direct the John Grisham adaptations The Client (1994) and A Time to Kill (1996). His films Falling Down (1993) and 8mm (1999) competed for Palme d'Or and Golden Bear, respectively.


In 1993, he signed on to direct the next installments of the Batman film series. [1] The Schumacher-directed Batman films Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997) received mixed-to-negative reactions from both critics and the public. After the Batman films, Schumacher pulled back from blockbusters and returned to making minimalist films such as Tigerland (2000) and Phone Booth (2002), both earning positive reviews. [2] [3] He also directed The Phantom of the Opera (2004), The Number 23 (2007), and two episodes of House of Cards .

Known for casting young actors, Schumacher helped actors like Colin Farrell, [4] Kiefer Sutherland, [5] and Matthew McConaughey [6] to launch careers.

Early life

Schumacher was born in New York City, the son of Marian (née Kantor) and Francis Schumacher. His mother was a Swedish Jew, whereas his father was a Baptist from Knoxville, Tennessee, who died when Joel was four years old. [7] Schumacher studied at Parsons The New School for Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. [8] After first working in the fashion industry, he realized his true love was in filmmaking. He moved to Los Angeles, where he began his media work as a costume designer in films such as Woody Allen's Sleeper and Interiors and developed his skills with television work while earning an MFA from UCLA.[ citation needed ]

Schumacher's first screenplay was for the musical drama Sparkle in 1976, which Schumacher had developed with Howard Rosenman before moving to Los Angeles. He also wrote the screenplays for the 1976 low-budget hit movie Car Wash , 1978's The Wiz —an adaptation of the stage play of the same name—and a number of other minor successes. His film directorial debut was The Incredible Shrinking Woman in 1981, which starred Lily Tomlin.[ citation needed ]


The Brat Pack

The Brat Pack films St. Elmo's Fire and The Lost Boys were two of Schumacher's biggest hits. Their style impressed audiences and their financial success allowed studios to trust him with ever-larger projects. He states in the director's commentary for St. Elmo's Fire that he resents the "Brat Pack" label, as he feels it misrepresents the group.[ citation needed ]

John Grisham

Schumacher has directed two adaptations of John Grisham's novels: The Client (1994) and A Time to Kill (1996). Grisham personally requested that Schumacher return to direct A Time to Kill.[ citation needed ]


Schumacher replaced Tim Burton as the director of the Batman film franchise when he directed Batman Forever in 1995. Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton in the title role. Despite mixed critical reception, the film scored the highest-grossing opening weekend of 1995. It finished as the second-highest-grossing film of the year in North America, and sixth-highest worldwide.

After this success, Warner Bros. hired Schumacher to direct a sequel, Batman & Robin , which was released in 1997. The film did not perform as well at the box office as its predecessors, and was critically panned; it is frequently considered to be one of the worst films ever made. [9] [10] Warner Bros. subsequently put the Batman film series on hiatus for several years, canceling Schumacher's next planned Batman movie, Batman Unchained . [11] On the DVD commentary, Schumacher has admitted that his movie disappointed fans of darker Batman adaptations, saying that the film was made intentionally marketable (or "toyetic") and kid-friendly. He claims to have been under heavy pressure from the studio to do so; however, he admits full responsibility and, at one point, apologized to any fans who were disappointed. Schumacher is a devoted Batman fan himself, and has said he would have preferred to work on an adaptation of the comic Batman: Year One . [12]

Schumacher also served as the director for the music videos of two songs appearing in the franchise: "Kiss from a Rose", by Seal, and "The End Is the Beginning Is the End", by The Smashing Pumpkins, which he co-directed with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

Post-Batman career

After back-to-back Grisham and Batman films, Schumacher decided to reinvent his career with darker, lower-budget fare like 8mm with Nicolas Cage, and Flawless with Robert De Niro. 8mm was entered into the 49th Berlin International Film Festival. [13]

In 1999, Schumacher also directed the music video for "Letting the Cables Sleep" by English rock band Bush. In 2000, Schumacher directed the Vietnam-era boot camp drama Tigerland , which introduced Hollywood to a young Colin Farrell. Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised the film. He wrote: "Tigerland lands squarely in the top tier of best movies about America's Vietnam experience."

Schumacher returned to big-budget Hollywood with Bad Company starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. The film was originally slated to be released in November 2001, but after the September 11 attacks it was pushed back to the summer of 2002 because of its theme about terrorist attacks in New York City. The film was panned by most critics and was a box office failure. In 2003, he released the controversial Phone Booth , in which he once again worked with Farrell. The film—about an unseen gunman tormenting a publicist—was also delayed for months due to the Beltway sniper attacks. It received generally positive reviews, earning a 71 percent "Fresh" rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. [14] Buoyed by Farrell's recently found fame, the film earned $98.7 million worldwide.

In 2002, he directed Cate Blanchett in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced biopic Veronica Guerin . The film is about the eponymous Irish journalist, who was murdered by drug dealers in 1996.

Schumacher directed a film version of the musical The Phantom of the Opera in 2004, an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's original stage musical. Despite mixed reviews, the film earned $154.6 million worldwide (Schumacher's biggest hit of the 21st century to date) and was nominated for three Academy Awards, as well as three Golden Globes, including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Schumacher directed The Number 23 in 2007, which was a critical flop but a moderate financial success. [15] His next project was the vampire thriller Blood Creek , which was filmed in the spring of 2007 in rural Romania. It had a limited release.

In August 2008, Schumacher directed the music video for American rock band Scars on Broadway, for their single "World Long Gone". [16]

In December 2006, Schumacher was attached to direct the film version of The Minds of Billy Milligan . The projected release date was supposed to be in 2008, but any film based on the book wasn't released and its author Daniel Keyes died in 2014. [17] [18]

In October 2011, Schumacher released his latest film, Trespass . The action-thriller reunited Schumacher with stars Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage. [19]

He was next slated to direct the film The Hive (retitled The Call for release), but left the project for an undisclosed reason, replaced by Brad Anderson. [20]

Joel Schumacher is friends with David Fincher, and directed two episodes of the first season of House of Cards , which Fincher produced.

Personal life

Schumacher has been openly gay throughout most of his career. According to Schumacher, this fact has been purposely reflected as a statement in many of his films. [21] Schumacher claims that he has had sex with up to 20,000 men. [22]

When asked by the BBC if he believed in God, Schumacher said:

I'm sort of in that school of that quote from Hamlet . 'There's more in heaven and earth, Horatio.' If you live long enough you will definitely get to understand that the universe is a profound mystery and I didn't create it. We're on this mud ball rolling around and I don't know where we are, and nobody knows where we are. I definitely believe that I'm not the highest form of intelligence in the universe. But I don't like to use the word God because it's so overused in the United States—not so much in Europe—but it's become politicized and has this ugly meaning now. Like asking someone if they believe in God has become an attack—like if you don't believe in Jesus you're not one of us! I loathe the use of God or any kind of spirituality as a form of discrimination or separation because that's a total misuse of it. [23]

Politically, Schumacher donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. [24]



YearTitleCredited asNotes
Director Writer
1976 Sparkle NoYesDirected by Sam O'Steen
Car Wash NoYesDirected by Michael Schultz
1978 The Wiz NoYesDirected by Sidney Lumet
1981 The Incredible Shrinking Woman YesNo Directorial debut
1983 D.C. Cab YesYesa.k.a. Street Fleet
1985 St. Elmo's Fire YesYes
1987 The Lost Boys YesNo
1989 Cousins YesNo
1990 Flatliners YesNo
1991 Dying Young YesNo
1993 Falling Down YesNo
1994 The Client YesNo
1995 Batman Forever YesNo
1996 A Time to Kill YesNo
1997 Batman & Robin YesNo
1999 8mm YesNoAlso producer
Flawless YesYesAlso producer
2000 Tigerland YesNo
2002 Bad Company YesNo
Phone Booth YesNo
2003 Veronica Guerin YesNo
2004 The Phantom of the Opera YesYesAlso executive music producer
2007 The Number 23 YesNo
2009 Blood Creek YesNo
2010 Twelve YesNo
2011Man in the MirrorYesNoShort
Trespass YesNo
Only Executive Producer
1995 The Babysitter Guy Ferland
2000 Gossip Davis Guggenheim


YearTitleCredited asNotes
1974Virginia HillYesNoYesTV Movie
1979Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and GrillYesNoYesTV Movie
1983Now We're Cookin'NoYesYesTV Movie; directed by Noam Pitlik
1985Code Name: FoxfireNoYesStory (Pilot)Creator, 8 episodes
1986 Slow Burn NoYesNoTV Movie; directed by Matthew Chapman
1992 2000 Malibu Road YesYesNo5 episodes (director); 1 episode (producer)
2008Choose or LoseYesNoNoTV Special
2013 House of Cards YesNoNo2 episodes
2015Do Not Disturb: Hotel HorrorsNoYesNoMini-Series, 3 episodes; directed by Mark Marabella

Music videos

1988 INXS Devil Inside
1993 Lenny Kravitz Heaven Help (European Version)
1994 Seal Kiss from a Rose (Version 1)
1997 The Smashing Pumpkins The End is the Beginning is the End
1999 Bush Letting The Cables Sleep
2012The Killing FloorStar Baby

As costume designer

1972 Play It as It Lays Frank Perry
1973 The Last of Sheila Herbert Ross
Blume in Love Paul Mazursky
Sleeper Woody Allen
1975 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Neil Simon
1978 Interiors Woody Allen

As production designer

1974 Killer Bees Curtis Harrington TV Movie

As cameo appearances

1998 Welcome to Hollywood HimselfTony Markes and Adam Rifkin Mockumentary
2017 Nightcap HimselfJohnny MilordEpisode 'Guest in a Snake'

Recurring collaborators

Schumacher often casts the same actors in different films. Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, Michael Paul Chan, Nicolas Cage, John Diehl, Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Colin Farrell, and Shea Whigham are among his more frequent acting collaborators.

Harry Gregson-Williams often composes the music for his films and Mark Stevens often serves as editor.

Actors and actresses

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The fictional superhero Batman, who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, has appeared in various films since his inception. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character first starred in two serial films in the 1940s: Batman and Batman and Robin. The character also appeared in the 1966 film Batman, which was a feature film adaptation of the 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, who also starred in the film. Toward the end of the 1980s, the Warner Bros. studio began producing a series of feature films starring Batman, beginning with the 1989 film Batman, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton. Burton and Keaton returned for the 1992 sequel Batman Returns, and in 1995, Joel Schumacher directed Batman Forever with Val Kilmer as Batman. Schumacher also directed the 1997 sequel Batman & Robin, which starred George Clooney. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin were poorly received by both critics and fans, leading to the cancellation of Batman Unchained.

The fictional character Superman, an American comic book superhero in DC Comics publications, has appeared in various films almost since his inception. He debuted in cinemas in a series of animated shorts beginning in 1941, and then starred in two movie serials in 1948 and 1950. An independent studio, Lippert Pictures, released the first Superman feature film, Superman and the Mole Men, starring George Reeves, in 1951. Ilya, Alexander Salkind, and Pierre Spengler purchased the Superman film rights in 1974. After numerous scripts, Richard Donner was hired to direct the film, filming Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) simultaneously. Donner had already shot eighty percent of Superman II with Christopher Reeve before it was decided to finish shooting the first film. The Salkinds fired Donner after Superman's release and commissioned Richard Lester as the director to finish Superman II. Lester also returned for Superman III (1983), and the Salkinds further produced the related 1984 spin-off Supergirl before selling the rights to Cannon Films, resulting in the poorly reviewed Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). Ilya Salkind commissioned a fifth Superman script before Warner Bros. acquired the rights entirely in 1993.

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Mark Stevens is an American film editor. He is best known for his collaborations with film director Joel Schumacher. Some of their collaborations include Batman & Robin, 8mm, Tigerland, Phone Booth and The Number 23. He also worked as an assistant editor on the films Hard to Kill, If Looks Could Kill, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and The Fugitive.


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