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This is a list of locomotives and multiple units that have been used in Finland. VR Group (privatised in 1995, previously Valtionrautatiet, Finnish state railways) has a monopoly on passenger traffic and is currently the only freight operator on the Finnish rail network. Some trainsets are however owned by other companies such as Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oy  [ fi ] or Karelian Trains.


Electric locomotives

ImageClassIn serviceNumbers
VR Sr1 3095.JPG VR Class Sr1 1973–3001–3112
Kupittaa railway station, track one.jpg VR Class Sr2 1995–3201–3246
Vr sr3 3304 3307 3306.jpg VR Class Sr3 2017–3301–3380

    Diesel locomotives

    ImageClassIn serviceNumbers
    Lightweight (axle load 8.1–11.1 t)
    Tve1 hpk.jpg VR Class Tve1 1958–1963406–436
    Tve5-kok-1.jpg VR Class Tve5 1978–1979601–610
    Midweight (axle load 11.1–14 t)
    Tve2 Hy.jpg VR Class Tve2 (OTSO2)1962–1964441–448
    Vv13 hpk.jpg VR Class Tve3 1950–1960451–487, 491–495
    VR Class Sv1 1980-19843201
    VR Class Sv11 1953–19641725 (later 1703)
    VR Class Vv12 1953–19651700–1702
    Dv11 1805 Toijala.jpg VR Class Dv11 [note 1] 1958–19861804–1819
    VR Dv12 locomotive in Tornio Feb2009 001.jpg VR Class Dv12 [note 2] 1963–2501–2568
    VR-2010-Tamp.jpg VR Class Dv15 [note 3] 1958–20041955–2012
    VR Dv16 Locomotive.jpg VR Class Dv16 [note 4] 1962–20082013-2040
    Heavy (axle load 14 t and up)
    Tve4 507.jpg VR Class Tve4 1978–1983501–540
    Hr11 1953.jpg VR Class Hr11 1955–19721950–1954
    Dr12 2216 Rm.jpg VR Class Dr12 [note 5] 1959–19912200–2241
    Hr13 dr13 2304.jpg VR Class Dr13 [note 6] 1962–20002301–2354
    VR Dr14 locomotive in Tampere Apr2009 002.jpg VR Class Dr14 1969–1851–1874
    VR Class Dr15 19802439 [note 7]
    Dr16 2805 Kolari.JPG VR Class Dr16 1986–2801–2823
    CZ LOKO Dr 18 2048-20.jpg Fenniarail Class Dr18 2015–101–105
    1. The Dv11 was known as the Vr11 until 1976.
    2. The Dv12 was known as the Sv12 until 1976, except for units of the 2700 series, which were called Sr12.
    3. The Dv15 was known as the Vv15 until 1976.
    4. The Dv16 was known as the Vv16 until 1976.
    5. The Dr12 was known as the Hr12 until 1976.
    6. The Dr13 was known as the Hr13 until 1976.
    7. Dr15 2439 was modified in 1980 from Dr12 2239.

    Petrol-Paraffin locomotives

    ImageClassNumberTypeManufacturerWheel arrangementBuiltNotes
    VR Class Vk11 Hyvinkaa Rly Mus Finland 1.jpg VR Class Vk11 101, 102 Petrol-paraffin locomotiveAb Slipmaterial, Västervik, and Lokomo B1930, 1936101 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum

    Petrol-Paraffin locomotive references

    Data from:

    Steam locomotives

    ImageClassIn ServiceNumbersTypeManufacturerWheel arrangementNotes (including nickname)
    A1 locomotive in Hameenlinna.jpg Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A1 1860–19111–6Passenger Steam LocomotiveCanada Works 4-4-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A2 1866–7–8Passenger Steam Locomotive 4-4-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A3 1869–11–20, 44–47, 178–182, 222–227Passenger Steam Locomotive Dubs and Company 4-4-0
    BaldwinHH.jpg Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A4 1872–191863–71Passenger Steam Locomotive Baldwin Locomotive Works 4-4-0 Website about the Hanko–Hyvinkää 4-4-0
    Finland A5 1.JPG Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A5 1874– 192757–58Passenger Steam LocomotiveHelsingfors / VRHki Valtionrautatiet, Helsingin konepaja 4-4-0 “Lankkihattu”; No 58 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A6 1874–59–61, 90–99Passenger Steam Locomotive 4-4-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A7 1898–228–231Passenger Steam Locomotive 4-4-0
    Finland Beyer1.JPG Finnish Steam Locomotive Class B1 1868–19289–10, 53–56, 150–151Shunter Steam Locomotive Beyer Peacock 0-4-2ST “Ram”, No 9 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum. The oldest preserved locomotive in Finland.
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class B2 1880–100Shunter Steam Locomotive Beyer Peacock 0-4-2ST
    Loco21.jpg Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C1 1869–192621–30Freight Steam Locomotive Neilson and Company No 1427 0-6-0 “Bristollari”, No 21 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum. The second oldest preserved locomotive in Finland.
    Sls1849 204.jpg Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C2 1869–31–43, 48–52Freight Steam Locomotive Avonside Engine Company, Bristol 0-6-0 “Bristollari”
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C3 1872–?74–75Freight Steam Locomotive 0-6-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C4 1875–?62, 78–89Freight Steam Locomotive 0-6-0
    Finland Hannoversche2.JPG Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C5 1881–1930101–114Freight Steam locomotive Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG, Hannover No 1477 0-6-0 “Bliksti”, No 110 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class C6 100Freight Steam Locomotive 0-6-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class D1 72–73 2-4-0
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class E1 1875–?76–77 0-4-0WT
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class R2 74–75 2-6-2WT
    Forney044.jpg Finnish Steam Locomotive Class F1 1885–193563–64, 115–116,132–133Passenger Steam Locomotive Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works Societe Suisse No 434 0-4-4RT “Felix”, No 132 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class F2 1899–?65 Baldwin Locomotive Works 2-4-2RT
    Finnish Steam Locomotive Class M1 1913–?66 Tampella 2-8-0T
    Locomotive 293.jpg VR Class Hk1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H1 & H2)
    1898–1959232–241,291–300,322–333Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive Baldwin Locomotive Works built 232–241, Richmond Locomotive Works built 291–300, 322–333 4-6-0 “Big-Wheel Kaanari”, No 293 preserved at the Finland Station, St.Petersburg, Russia
    VR Class Hk2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H3)
    437–446,448–451Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive 4-6-0
    VR Class Hk3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Classes H3, H4 & H5)
    447,452–453,471–486Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive 4-6-0
    Hk5-497.jpg VR Class Hk5
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H6)
    1909–1959439–515Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive 4-6-0 No. 497 is preserved at Haapamäki
    Ukkopekka.jpg VR Class Hr1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class P1)
    1937–19741000–1021Passenger Steam Locomotive Lokomo Oy and Tampella Oy 4-6-2 “Ukko-Pekka”; Not in service 1972; Returned to Service due to oil crisis
    VR Class Hr2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H11)
    1942–19531900–1906Passenger Steam Locomotive Nohab 4-6-0 “Hurricane”;
    VR Class Hr3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H11)
    1942–19531907–1919Passenger Steam Locomotive Nohab 4-6-0 “Hurricane”;
    Finnish460.jpg VR Class Hv1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H8)
    1915–1967545–578,648–655Passenger Steam Locomotive Tampella, Tampereen Pellava- ja Rautateollisuus Oy ; Lokomo Oy 4-6-0 "Heikki", Hv1 555 only was nicknamed "Princess"; No 555 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Hv2 Helsinki 1960.jpg VR Class Hv2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H9)
    1919–1968579–593,671–684,777–780Passenger Steam LocomotiveL. Schwartzkopff and Lokomo 4-6-0 “Heikki”, No 680 is preserved at Haapamäki
    Hv3 Locomotive number 781 Vanha veturi H3794 C.jpg VR Class Hv3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H9)
    1921–1970638–647,781–785,991–999Passenger Steam Locomotive Tampella, Tampereen Pellava- ja Rautateollisuus Oy; L. Schwartzkopff and Lokomo 4-6-0 “Heikki”, The following are preserved No 781 Kerava, No 995 Suolahti, No 998 Haapamäki Detailed drawings of a VR Class Hv3
    VR Class Hv4
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class H7)
    1912–1964516–529,742–751,757–760Passenger Steam Locomotive Lokomo Oy and Tampella Oy 4-6-0 “Pikku-Heikki”,Nos 742 & 751 are preserved Haapamäki
    Kerava train station 1950s.png VR Class Pr1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class N1)
    1924–1972761–776Local Passenger Steam Locomotive Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG ; Tampella Tampereen Pellava- ja Rautateollisuus Oy, Lokomo Oy 2-8-2T “Paikku”, No 776 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Pr2 1800 (2'C2' h2t).jpg VR Class Pr2 1942–19601800–1803Local Passenger Steam Locomotive Henschel & Son 4-6-4T "Henschel" No 1800 preserved at Haapamäki
    RRO 2.JPG VR Class Rro 1914–?1–2 Tampella Tampereen Pellava- ja Rautateollisuus Oy 0-4-0T No. 2 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Finland SocieteSuisse1.JPG VR Class Sk1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Classes G1, G2 & G4)
    1885–117–131,134–149,152–172,183–190Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works Societe Suisse No 405 2-6-0 “Little Brown”; No 124 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    VR 2-6-0 No.315.jpg VR Class Sk2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Classes G1, G6 & G9)
    1896–196–213,314–321,360–372Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive Tampella 2-6-0 No 315 is preserved at Tampere, Tampella
    Finland Sk3 1.JPG VR Class Sk3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Classes G3, G5, G10 & G11)
    1892–1960173–177,191–195,214–221,334–359,373–406,427–436Mixed Traffic Locomotive Tampella Tammerfors Linne-&Jern-Manufakt.A.B. No 49 2-6-0,“Grandmother”; No 400 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    VR Class Sk4
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class G7)
    242–253,306–313Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive 2-6-0 "Little-Wheel Kaanari"
    Steam engine Rauma rata Nr. 5.png VR Class Sk5
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class G12)
    66–67Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive 2-6-0
    VR Class Sk6
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class G8)
    254–270Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive Richmond Locomotive Works 2-6-0 “Riksmont”
    VR Class Tk1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class K1)
    271–290 2-8-0 “Amerikan Satikka”
    Tk2-419.jpg VR Class Tk2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class K2)
    1903–1960407–426, 457–470 2-8-0 “Satikka”, The following are preserved 407 Närpes, 418 Junction City, Oregon, USA, 419 Haapamäki
    Gruzovoi parovoz TkZ 1105 (3).jpg VR Class Tk3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class K5)
    1927–1975800–899,1100–1118,1129–1170Freight Steam Locomotive Tampella, Lokomo and Frichs 2-8-0 “The Little Jumbo”
    Tr1 Toijala.jpg VR Class Tr1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class R1)
    1940–19751030–1096Freight Steam Locomotive Tampella, Tampere / Lokomo, Tampere / Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik GmbH, Jungenthal 2-8-2 “Risto”, 1033 and 1096 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Tr2Locomotive.jpeg VR Class Tr2 1946–19681300–1319 ALCO, Baldwin Locomotive Works 2-10-0 Nicknamed “Truman”. Similar to Russian locomotive class Ye. No 1319 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Tv1 609 Haapamaki 02.08.11.JPG VR Class Tv1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class K3)
    1917–1974594–617,685–741,900–948,1200–1211 Tampella, 2-8-0 “Jumbo”,The following are preserved no. 609 Haapamäki, no. 933 veturimuseo at Toijala, no 940 Lapinlahti, and no 943 Ylivieska
    VR Class Tv2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class K4)
    618–637 2-8-0 “Wilson”
    Baldwin264.jpg VR Class Vk1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class I1)
    1900–1952301–305Local Passenger Steam Locomotive Baldwin Locomotive Works 2-6-4T “Amerikan”, “Iita”
    VR Class Vk2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class I2)
    454–455Local Passenger Steam Locomotive 2-6-4T “Iita”
    Kauklahti 1920.jpg VR Class Vk3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class I3)
    1906–1964456, 487–492Local Passenger Steam Locomotive Tampella, Tampereen Pellava- ja Rautateollisuus Oy 2-6-4T “Iita”, No 489 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Borsig-Leena.jpg VR Class Vk4 1910–196268Light Replacement Steam Locomotive Borsig Lokomotiv Werke (AEG) 0-4-0T "Leena", Oldest working broad gauge locomotive in Finland. No 68 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Rauma 7.jpg VR Class Vk5 72–75 2-8-2T
    VR Class Vk6 70–71 0-4-4RT
    Veturi vr1 Salo.jpg VR Class Vr1
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class L1)
    1913–1974530–544,656–670,787–799Shunter Steam Locomotive Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG, No 10264 0-6-0T “Hen”, No 669 preserved at the Finnish Railway Museum
    Bf Haapamaki, Vr2 953 (C1'h2).jpg VR Class Vr2
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class D1)
    1930–1975950–965Steam Locomotive 0-6-2T "Duck", The following are preserved in Finland No 950 Joensuu, 951 Tuuri, 953 Haapamäki, 961 Jyväskylä, 964 Veturimuseo at Toijala
    Vr3kukko.jpg VR Class Vr3
    (Finnish Steam Locomotive Class O1)
    1924–1975752–756Steam Locomotive 0-10-0T "Rooster" / 'Cockerel", No 755 stored at the Finnish Railway Museum
    VR Class Vr4 1400–1423 0-6-0T
    Kalkkuna1422.png VR Class Vr5 1948–19711400–1423 Vulcan Iron Works 0-6-2T "Turkey", No 1422 is preserved at Haapamäki.

    Steam locomotive references

    Data from:

    Electric multiple units

    ImageClassIn serviceNumbers
    Sm 1 Kannelmaki.jpg VR Class Sm1 1969–20166001+6201 – 6050+6250
    M-juna Pasilassa 220808.jpg VR Class Sm2 1975–6051+6251 – 6100+6300
    Green Sm3 at Jyvaskyla.jpg VR Class Sm3 1995–7x01–7x18
    VR Sm4 6422 Helsinki.JPG VR Class Sm4 1999–6301+6401 – 6330+6430
    Sm5 Leppavaara.jpg JKOY Class Sm5 2009–01–81
    Sm6 Allegro at Lahti.jpg Karelian Trains Class Sm6 2010–7x51–7x54

    Diesel multiple units

    ImageClassIn serviceNumbers
    VR Class Ds1 Hyvinkaa Rly Mus Finland 3.jpg VR Class Ds1 1928–19551, 4 and 5
    VR Class Dm1 & Dm2 1935–196113–19
    Dm4 1.jpg VR Class Dm3 & Dm4 1952–19711500–1509 (Dm3)
    1600–1623 (Dm4) [note 1]
    Lattahattu (Dm7), Naantalin rata, Naantali, 1.8.2010 (4).JPG VR Class Dm6 & Dm7 1954–19884000–4014 (Dm6)
    4020–4216 (Dm7)
    Hyvinkaa knp - Psl 050.jpg VR Class Dm8 1964–19865001–5012
    Dm9 Porkkana.jpg VR Class Dm9 1965–19905101–5124
    VR Dm10 class 4301.jpg VR Class Dm10 1994–19974301
    VR Class Dm11 19974401–4406 [note 2]
    VR4407Dm12Joensuussa2007.jpg VR Class Dm12 2005–4401–4416
    1. The nine Dm3:s were upgraded to Dm4:s number 1614–1623 between 1956 and 1958.
    2. The numbers of the Dm11 class were reused on Dm12 class units.

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    Hanko–Hyvinkää railway

    The Hanko–Hyvinkää Railroad, 1872–1875, was Finland's first privately funded railway.

    Finnish Railway Museum railway museum in Hyvinkää, Finland

    The Finnish Railway Museum is located in Hyvinkää, Finland. It was founded in 1898 and located in Helsinki. The museum was moved to Hyvinkää in 1974.

    VR Class Sr1

    The Sr1 is a class of electric locomotives built for VR of Finland. These 25 kV locomotives were built in the Soviet Union at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Factory between 1973 and 1985. Two additional locomotives of this class were built at the VR Hyvinkää Machine Workshop in 1993 and 1995, number 3111 from spare parts and number 3112 from the original prototype locomotive that was never used by the VR. The official classification given by the manufacturer is VL70 or ES40.

    Jokioinen Museum Railway

    The Jokioinen Museum Railway is located in Jokioinen, Finland. It is located on the last operating commercial narrow gauge railway in Finland, the 750 mm gauge Jokioinen Railway.

    VR Class Sr2

    The Sr2 is a class of electric locomotives of the VR Group. They were built by SLM/ABB and later by Adtranz and finally Bombardier Transportation and assembled by Transtech Oy. They are closely based on the class Re 460 locomotives of Swiss Federal Railways.

    VR Class Dr16

    The Dr16 is a class of diesel-electric locomotives used by VR. The 23 locomotives have a single, off-centre cab and are currently VR's most powerful diesel locomotives. Their nickname is "Iso Vaalee". They are presently mainly used on heavy freight services in northern Finland; their main passenger duty is the haulage of trains on the non-electrified line between Kemi and Kolari in Lapland. Dr16 locomotives were also used extensively on the line between Oulu and Rovaniemi, prior to the completion of the electrification of the line in 2004.

    VR Class Dv12

    The Dv12 is the standard Finnish medium-weight diesel-hydraulic road switcher operated by VR. As all the main lines of Finnish railway network have been electrificied, the locomotive is designated mostly to unelectrified, less frequently used side lines. Occasionally it may still pull cargo trains on main lines. It has also been put in service as a shunter, replacing older classes Dv15 and Dv16 as they were retired. A total of 192 locomotives were built by Lokomo and Valmet between the years 1963 and 1984. As of 2019, the oldest Dv12 units are 56 years old.

    VR Class Sm1

    The electric multiple unit Sm1 is a class of commuter train equipment that was in active use by VR from 1969–2016. Fifty Sm1 units were built between 1968 and 1973 at Valmet airplane factory in Tampere. They were put into use on the first electrified Finnish railway line between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi on January 26, 1969 with five units in operation. All Sm1's were thoroughly renovated between 1994 and 2000. Commercial service ended in April 2016.

    VR Class Sm2

    The Sm2 is a class of electric multiple units in use by VR in commuter traffic in the Helsinki area. Fifty Sm2 units were built between 1975 and 1981 by Valmet in Tampere.

    VR Class Dm7 Diesel multiple unit locomotives

    The Dm6 and Dm7 were diesel multiple units built by Valmet in the 1950s and 1960s for Valtionrautatiet. They are known by their nickname lättähattu.

    VR Class Dr14

    The Dr14 is a heavy shunting locomotive used by VR Group. Some of the locomotives can be radio controlled.

    VR Class Dm10

    The Dm10 was an experimental diesel multiple unit built by VR Group's Pieksämäki workshop in 1994. It was based on a blue passenger carriage, Eit 23018, which was fitted with two diesel engines taken from HKL buses 601 and 608. The train had 80 no-smoking seats and had the driver selling tickets, which was unusual for Finnish conditions. During testing, it was run under the nomenclature KOEMV 9991, transporting Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari in Savonia in May 1994.

    VR Class Pr1

    VR Class Pr1 was a tank steam locomotive for local passenger services of Finnish railways.

    VR Class Hv1

    The Finnish Hv1 class was a 4-6-0 express passenger train locomotive. 42 were built between 1915 and 1921. They were numbered 545–578 and 648–655.

    VR Class Vr1

    Before 1942 VR Class Vr1s originally had the class name was L1. The Vr1 was a powerful and effective locomotive. Part of them were built by Tampella and part by Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG of Germany. They were numbered 530–544, 656–670, 787–799 and were nicknamed “Kana” ("Hen"). They were operation from 1913-1974.

    VR Class Tr1

    The VR Class Tr1 is a class of heavy freight locomotive built in Finland and Germany. Before 1942 VR Class Tr1s originally had the class name R1. They were nicknamed “Risto”, after the Finnish President Risto Ryti. They were numbered 1030–1096.

    VR Class Vk4

    The locomotive that came to form VR Class Vk4 was originally one of a pair of 0-4-0T locomotives ordered from Rheinmetall Borsig Lokomotiv Werke (AEG), Germany to work at Ino fortress at Terijoki on the Karelian Isthmus. The locomotives had 2 axles, they were the wet-steam type, and used a slip-Walschaert valve gear. Production numbers and years were 7268/1909 and 7858/1910. The fortress was in Finnish hands when Finland became independent.

    VR Class Tve2

    VR Class Tve2 was a VR Group diesel shunting locomotive. They were ordered from the Saalasti Oy engineering company and built between 1962–64. Locomotives was sent to the Turenki sugar factory. A total of 8 units. The manufacturer's designation for the model was OTSO2 and OTSO2/VR.

    Ekenäs railway station

    The Ekenäs railway station is located in Raseborg, Finland, in the urban area and city seat of Ekenäs. It is located along the Karis–Hanko railway, and its neighboring stations are Skogby in the west and Dragsvik in the east.

    Lappohja railway station Railway station in Hanko, Finland

    The Lappohja railway station is located in the town of Hanko, Finland, in the village of Lappohja. It is located along the Karis–Hanko railway, and its neighboring stations are Skogby in the east and Santala in the west.


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