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In 1995 there were eight national newspapers in the Czech Republic and their total circulation was about 1.8 million copies. [1] The number of daily newspapers was 96 in 2004. [2]


Major national newspapers

NamePublisherType Circulation
in thousands (2018) [3]
in thousands (2015) [4]
Metro MAFRA freesheet, regional276470
Blesk Czech News Center tabloid1991,028
Mladá fronta DNES MAFRAserious, right116654
Deník Vltava-Labe-Press regional107652
Právo Borgis serious, left69303
Aha! Czech News Centertabloid44233
E15 Mladá fronta freesheet, economy4470
Hospodářské noviny Economia serious, economy34157
Sport Czech News Centersport only33256
Lidové noviny subsidiary of MAFRAserious, centre-right32210
Haló noviny Futura serious, far left? [5] N/A

Paid classified advertising newspaper Anonce is published four times per week, with a circulation of 306 thousand copies in 2015. [6]

This is a list of weekly newspapers published in the Czech Republic, not including magazines.

NamePublisherTypePress run
in thousands (2018) [3] [7]
in thousands (2012) [4]
5plus2 AGF Media freesheet738918
Nedělní Blesk Czech News Centertabloid101594
Nedělní Aha Czech News Centertabloid39156
Katolický týdeník Katolický týdeník s.r.o.religious36 [8] 200 [8]
Nedělní Sport Czech News Centersport only18147

German newspapers in the Czech Republic

Defunct newspapers of the Czech Republic

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<i>ABC</i> (newspaper) Spanish newspaper

ABC is a Spanish national daily newspaper. It is the third largest general-interest newspaper in Spain, and the oldest newspaper still operating in Madrid.

The mass media in Communist Czechoslovakia was controlled by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ). Private ownership of any publication or agency of the mass media was generally forbidden, although churches and other organizations published small periodicals and newspapers. Even with this informational monopoly in the hands of organizations under KSČ control, all publications were reviewed by the government's Office for Press and Information. Censorship was lifted for three months during the 1968 Prague Spring but afterward was reimposed under the terms of the 1966 Press Law. The law states that the Czechoslovak press is to provide complete information, but it must also advance the interests of socialist society and promote the people's socialist awareness of the policy of the communist party as the leading force in society and state.

China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China.

<i>Právo</i> daily newspaper

Právo is a Czech daily newspaper published in Prague, Czech Republic.

<i>Mladá fronta DNES</i> Czech newspaper

Mladá fronta Dnes, also known as MF DNES or simply Dnes (Today), is a daily newspaper in the Czech Republic. Its name could be translated into English as Youth Front Today. As of 2016, it is the second largest Czech newspaper, after the Czech tabloid Blesk.

<i>Blesk</i> Czech daily tabloid newspaper

Blesk is a daily tabloid newspaper published in Prague, the Czech Republic. Its name translates as flash.

<i>Lidové noviny</i> daily newspaper published in Prague

Lidové noviny is a daily newspaper published in Prague, the Czech Republic. It is the oldest Czech daily still in print. It is a national news daily covering political, economic, cultural and scientific affairs, mostly with a centre-right, conservative view. It often hosts commentaries and opinions of prominent personalities from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

<i>Business Post</i> Irish national financial Sunday newspaper

The Business Post is a Sunday newspaper distributed nationally in Ireland and an online publication and is focused mainly on business and financial issues in Ireland.

<i>The Prague Post</i> Newspaper

The Prague Post is an English language newspaper covering the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe which published its first weekly issue on October 1, 1991. It published a printed edition weekly until July, 2013 when it dropped the printed product to focus on its online platforms, including the website, a Kindle edition and online subscriptions. In 2016 Prague Post filed for bankruptcy., but continues to produce online material.

<i>Hospodářské noviny</i> newspaper

Hospodářské noviny is a daily newspaper in Prague, the Czech Republic.

<i>Respekt</i> magazine

Respekt is a Czech weekly newsmagazine published in Prague, the Czech Republic, reporting on domestic and foreign political and economic issues, as well as on science and culture.

Institute of the Czech Language

The Institute of the Czech Language is a scientific institution dedicated to the study of the Czech language. It is one of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Its headquarters are in Prague and it has a branch in Brno.

The Finance Business Daily is the only daily Slovenian business and financial newspaper. The idea to publish it had already been proposed by Iztok Jurančič before 1991, when Slovenia declared its independence. However, it was realized only in 1992. At first, the newspaper was published by the company Gospodarski Vestnik. Today, it is published by the Časnik Finance company, which is owned by the Swedish Bonnier Group and also publishes several other publications; for example, the magazines Manager and Moje finance, the healthcare newspaper Medicina danes, and the web portals Finance and Mojevro. As of 2008, the Finance Business Daily accounted for three quarter of the Časnik Finance company income. Before becoming a daily newspaper in 2002, Finance was issued twice weekly.

<i>Süddeutsche Zeitung</i> German newspaper published in Munich

The Süddeutsche Zeitung, published in Munich, Bavaria, is one of the largest daily newspapers in Germany.

Mafra (company) company in the Czech Republic

Mafra is a Czech media group that publishes printed and internet media, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary of Agrofert holding conglomerate that is owned by trust of Andrej Babiš, the current Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Mafra owns some of the most popular media in the Czech Republic, including MF DNES and Lidové noviny newspapers, and the most visited Czech news server iDnes.

<i>Aha!</i> (tabloid) periodical literature

Aha! is a Czech daily tabloid newspaper published in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Deník is a regional daily newspaper in the Czech Republic.

<i>Neue Post</i> periodical literature

Neue Post is a German-language weekly entertainment news magazine published in Hamburg, Germany.

The mass media in the Czech Republic refers to mass communication methods through broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet.


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