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A resort village is a type of incorporated urban municipality in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. [1] A resort village is created from an organized hamlet by the Minister of Municipal Affairs by ministerial order via section 51 of The Municipalities Act if the community has:

Provinces and territories of Canada Top-level subdivisions of Canada

The provinces and territories of Canada are sub-national governments within the geographical areas of Canada under the authority of the Canadian Constitution. In the 1867 Canadian Confederation, three provinces of British North America—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada —were united to form a federated colony, becoming a sovereign nation in the next century. Over its history, Canada's international borders have changed several times, and the country has grown from the original four provinces to the current ten provinces and three territories. Together, the provinces and territories make up the world's second-largest country by area.

Saskatchewan Province of Canada

Saskatchewan is a prairie and boreal province in western Canada, the only province without a natural border. It has an area of 651,900 square kilometres (251,700 sq mi), nearly 10 percent of which is fresh water, composed mostly of rivers, reservoirs, and the province's 100,000 lakes.

Hamlet (place) Small human settlement in a rural area

A hamlet is a small human settlement. In different jurisdictions and geographies, hamlets may be the size of a town, village or parish, be considered a smaller settlement or subdivision or satellite entity to a larger settlement. The word and concept of a hamlet have roots in the Anglo-Norman settlement of England, where the old French hamlet came to apply to small human settlements. In British geography, a hamlet is considered smaller than a village and distinctly without a church.


Saskatchewan has 40 resort villages [1] that had a cumulative population of 4,118 and an average population of 103 in the 2011 Census. [3] [4] Saskatchewan's largest and smallest resort villages are Candle Lake and the Lumsden Beach with populations of 765 and 10 respectively. [3] [4]

Candle Lake is a body of water in central Saskatchewan, approximately 65 kilometres (40 mi) northeast of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It is also the name of a resort village along the Eastern shore of the lake, and of Candle Lake Provincial Park which encompasses much of the surrounding area. Candle Lake is a popular tourist destination in Western Canada and is located in the boreal forest biome. In addition to natural sand beaches, the lake contains a number of sport fish species including northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, burbot, lake whitefish, white sucker, longnose sucker and shorthead redhorse. The lake takes its name from a Cree legend about flickering lights appearing near the north end of the lake, which have supposedly been seen right up to contemporary times. Some theorize that the lights are caused by a gas emitted from decaying driftwood, rather than having a paranormal origin.

A resort village council may request the Minister of Municipal Affairs to change its status to a town if the resort village has a population of 500 or more. [2]


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Canada has a total of 3,572 municipalities among its 10 provinces and 3 territories that are subject to some form of local government.


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