Meanings of minor planet names: 16001–17000

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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center (MPC), and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.


Official naming citations of newly named small Solar System bodies are published in MPC's Minor Planet Circulars several times a year. [1] Recent citations can also be found on the JPL Small-Body Database (SBDB). [2] Until his death in 2016, German astronomer Lutz D. Schmadel compiled these citations into the Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (DMP) and regularly updated the collection. [3] [4] Based on Paul Herget's The Names of the Minor Planets , [5] Schmadel also researched the unclear origin of numerous asteroids, most of which had been named prior to World War II. PD-icon.svg This article incorporates  public domain material from the United States Government document: "SBDB". New namings may only be added after official publication as the preannouncement of names is condemned by the Committee on Small Body Nomenclature. [6]


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16002 Bertin 1999 AM24Emmanuel Bertin (born 1973), French astronomer JPL  · 16002
16007 Kaasalainen 1999 BC11 Mikko Kaasalainen (born 1965), Finnish astronomer and expert in orbital dynamics and lightcurve-inversion to reconstruct the shapes of minor planets MPC  · 16007
16012 Jamierubin 1999 CG19Jamie Elyce Rubin, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16012
16013 Schmidgall 1999 CX38Emma Rose Schmidgall, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16013
16014 Sinha 1999 CB47Naveen Neil Sinha, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16014
16015 Snell 1999 CK47Sabrina Curie Snell, 2003 Intel STS finalist and USNO SEAP intern [7] MPC  · 16015
16017 Street 1999 CX65Ethan James Street, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16017
16019 Edwardsu 1999 CL69Edward Joseph Su, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16019
16020 Tevelde 1999 CA76Vera Louise te Velde, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16020
16021 Caseyvaughn 1999 CG81Casey Ann Vaughn, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16021
16022 Wissnergross 1999 CJ86Zachary Daniel Wissner-Gross, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16022
16023 Alisonyee 1999 CV93Alison Kimberly Yee, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16023
16035 Sasandford 1999 FX32Scott A. Sandford (born 1957), American astronomer MPC  · 16035
16036 Moroz 1999 GV8Vassili I. Moroz (1931–2004), Russian planetary scientist and astronomer MPC  · 16036
16037 Sheehan 1999 GX8William Sheehan (born 1954), American psychiatrist, author, and amateur astronomer MPC  · 16037
16039 Zeglin 1999 GH18Scott Bailey Zeglin, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16039
16043 Yichenzhang 1999 GP23Yi-Chen Zhang, 2003 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16043
16044 Kurtbachmann 1999 GW24Kurt Bachmann, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16044
16046 Gregnorman 1999 JK Greg Norman (born 1956), a professional golfer from Queensland, became the world's leading player several years running and was the winner of 86 tournaments, including two British opens. Nicknamed "The Shark", he is also a keen deep-sea fisherman. MPC  · 16046
16051 Bernero 1999 JF36Bruce Bernero, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16051
16053 Brennan 1999 JA40James Brennan, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16053
16059 Marybuda 1999 JV86Mary Buda, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16059
16062 Buncher 1999 NR36David Buncher, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16062
16064 Davidharvey 1999 RH27David Harvey (born 1958), a software engineer at the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory JPL  · 16064
16065 Borel 1999 RE35 Émile Borel (1871–1956), French mathematician MPC  · 16065
16066 Richardbressler 1999 RN39Richard Main Bressler (born 1930), an American business leader and innovator, as well as a philanthropist, who has supported numerous worthy causes in science, education and the arts JPL  · 16066
16068 Citron 1999 RN86Jerry Citron, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16068
16069 Marshafolger 1999 RS95Marsha Folger, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16069
16073 Gaskin 1999 RK129Regina Gaskin, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16073
16074 Georgekaplan 1999 RR129George H. Kaplan (born 1948), American astronomer at USNO [7] MPC  · 16074
16075 Meglass 1999 RL130Mary Elizabeth Glass, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16075
16076 Barryhaase 1999 RV131Barry Haase, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16076
16077 Arayhamilton 1999 RK157A. Ray Hamilton, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16077
16078 Carolhersh 1999 RG177Carol Hersh, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16078
16079 Imada 1999 RP181Keith Imada, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16079
16083 Jorvik 1999 TH12 Jorvik, ninth-century Viking settlement that later became York MPC  · 16083
16085 Laffan 1999 TM27John Laffan, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16085
16089 Lamb 1999 TG147William Lamb, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16089
16090 Lukaszewski 1999 TN147Angela Lukaszewski, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16090
16091 Malchiodi 1999 TO152Beth Malchiodi, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16091
16094 Scottmccord 1999 TQ222Scott McCord, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16094
16095 Lorenball 1999 TA249 Loren C. Ball (born 1948), an American amateur astronomer and prolific discoverer of minor planets. Between 2000 and 2004, he discovered more than 100 asteroids from his Emerald Lane Observatory in Decatur, Alabama. Ball currently promotes asteroid education in schools and on social media. JPL  · 16095


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16101 Notskas 1999 VA36Chrysi Notskas, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16101
16102 Barshannon 1999 VT68Barbara Shannon, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16102
16103 Lorsolomon 1999 VU81Lorraine Solomon, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16103
16104 Stesullivan 1999 VT177Stephen Sullivan, 2003 Intel STS mentor MPC  · 16104
16105 Marksaunders 1999 VL211Mark Saunders (born 1942), director of the Exploration Systems and Space Operations Technology Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center MPC  · 16105
16106 Carmagnola 1999 VW212 Carmagnola, Italy MPC  · 16106
16107 Chanmugam 1999 WQ2 Ganesar Chanmugam (1939–1996), Sri Lankan-born American astrophysicist MPC  · 16107
16110 Paganetti 1999 WU8Mariarosa Paganetti, mother of Swiss discoverer Stefano Sposetti MPC  · 16110
16112 Vitaris 1999 XK13Bethany Ann Vitaris, 2001 DCYSC finalist MPC  · 16112
16113 Ahmed 1999 XN23Tahir Ahmed, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16113
16114 Alyono 1999 XV23Jennifer Christy Alyono, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16114
16116 Balakrishnan 1999 XQ29Jennifer Sayaka Balakrishnan, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16116
16118 Therberens 1999 XQ56Theresa Joan Berens, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16118
16119 Bronner 1999 XS60Mordechai Joseph Bronner, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16119
16120 Burnim 1999 XV60Jacob Samuels Burnim, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16120
16121 Burrell 1999 XD66Marc Anthony Burrell, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16121
16122 Wenyicai 1999 XW67Wenyi Cai, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16122
16123 Jessiecheng 1999 XQ83Jessie Cheng, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16123
16124 Timdong 1999 XR85Timothy Allen Dong, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16124
16127 Farzan-Kashani 1999 XK92Raphael Farzan-Kashani, 2002 Intel STS MPC  · 16127
16128 Kirfrieda 1999 XS92Kirsten Linnea Frieda, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16128
16129 Kevingao 1999 XG97Kevin Kuan Gao, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16129
16130 Giovine 1999 XU97Allegra Elizabeth Giovine, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16130
16131 Kaganovich 1999 XV97Mark Kaganovich, 2002 Intel STS MPC  · 16131
16132 Angelakim 1999 XH99Angela Soeun Kim, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16132
16135 Ivarsson 1999 XY104Karl R. Ivarsson (born 1939), a vertical transportation specialist in Los Angeles for 37 years. JPL MPC  · 16135
16142 Leung 1999 XC135Albert W. Leung, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16142
16144 Korsten 1999 XK144Erich E. Korsten (born 1945), a hydrologist and amateur astronomer from Dresden who now lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona. JPL  · 16144
16147 Jeanli 1999 XL175Jean Li, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16147
16150 Clinch 1999 XZ227Nicholas Bayard Clinch (born 1930), of Palo Alto, California, is a celebrated alpinist, expedition leader, philanthropist and investor. JPL  · 16150
16154 Dabramo 2000 AW2 Germano D'Abramo (born 1973), Italian astronomer and discoverer of minor planets MPC  · 16154
16155 Buddy 2000 AF5 Buddy Holly (1936–1959), was an American singer, songwriter, and pioneer of Rock and Roll from Lubbock, Texas, who was clearly the brightest star since Elvis when, at the age of 22, he was tragically killed in a plane crash. His life has been celebrated on film and in the long running musical Buddy. His songs remain as timeless as ever. JPL  · 16155
16157 Toastmasters 2000 AS50Toastmasters, a public speaking club, was started by Ralph C. Smedley in 1924 at a YMCA in Santa Ana, California. Today Toastmasters is an international organization that affords practice and training for men and women in the art of public speaking and in the presiding over meetings. JPL  · 16157
16158 Monty 2000 AV50Monty Roberts (born 1935), a true horse whisperer, has tirelessly taught that man-animal interactions, such as the traumatic breaking of horses, is bettered through nonviolent means. His writings extend these ideas and foster peaceable human-to-human interactions. JPL  · 16158
16163 Suhanli 2000 AD69Suhan Li, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16163
16164 Yangli 2000 AO69Yang Li, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16164
16165 Licht 2000 AW83Jacob Licht, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16165
16166 Jonlii 2000 AQ84Jonathan Lii, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16166
16167 Oertli 2000 AJ89Nicole Anne Oertli, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16167
16168 Palmen 2000 AR91Brandon Michael Palmen, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16168
16174 Parihar 2000 AX116Raminder Kaur Parihar, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16174
16175 Rypatterson 2000 AL118Ryan Randall Patterson, 2002 Intel STS MPC  · 16175
16177 Pelzer 2000 AR127Justin Raymond Pelzer, 2002 Intel STS MPC  · 16177
16180 Rapoport 2000 AZ136Ezra Jacob Rapoport, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16180
16189 Riehl 2000 AT187Emily Elizabeth Riehl, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16189
16191 Rubyroe 2000 AO205Ruby Roe, first wife (1943–1997) of discoverer James M. Roe MPC  · 16191
16192 Laird 2000 AU207 Elizabeth Rebecca Laird, Canadian physicist JPL  · 16192
16193 Nickaiser 2000 AV207 Nicholas Kaiser (born 1954), a British astrophysicist, who studied at Leeds University and Cambridge University, was at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics from 1988 to 1997. Since then, he has been at the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii. The name was suggested by P. Jedicke and R. Jedicke. JPL  · 16193
16194 Roderick 2000 AJ231Gavin Roderick (1977–2001) was an exceptionally bright and enthusiastic student of astrophysics at Cardiff University who died before being able to complete his studies and embark on a career in astronomy. He is greatly missed by his loving family, by his many friends and by all who taught him. MPC  · 16194
16197 Bluepeter 2000 AA243After the long-running children's programme Blue Peter on BBC television MPC  · 16197
16198 Búzios 2000 AB243 Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil JPL  · 16198
16199 Rozenblyum 2000 BX26Nikita Rozenblyum, 2002 Intel STS finalist MPC  · 16199


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16202 Srivastava 2000 CE28Siddharth Srivastava, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16202
16203 Jessicastahl 2000 CH32Jessica Randi Stahl, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16203
16207 Montgomery 2000 CV40Michael Montgomery (1925–2011) was a well-known jazz and ragtime piano player in the Detroit area of Michigan, and had one of the largest private collections of antique piano rolls in the U.S. JPL  · 16207
16209 Sterner 2000 CB56Beckett William Sterner, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16209
16211 Samirsur 2000 CL83Samir Sur, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16211
16212 Theberge 2000 CB84Ashleigh Brooks Theberge, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16212
16214 Venkatachalam 2000 CM87Vivek Venkatachalam, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16214
16215 Venkatraman 2000 CB104Dheera Venkatraman, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16215
16217 Peterbroughton 2000 DR13Peter Broughton (born 1940) taught high-school mathematics in Toronto, Ontario. He is an amateur astronomer who served as president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and received the society's Service Award in 1987. The name was suggested by P. Jedicke and R. Jedicke. JPL  · 16217
16218 Mintakeyes 2000 DV14Minta Keys (born 1961) is a veterinarian in Tucson, Arizona, who provides preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care to cats. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Tucson Hermitage Cat Shelter. JPL  · 16218
16219 Venturelli 2000 DL29Ophelia Shalini Venturelli, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16219
16220 Mikewagner 2000 DB40Michael Jacob Wagner, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16220
16221 Kevinyang 2000 DX48Kevin Yang, 2002 Intel STS finalist JPL  · 16221
16222 Donnanderson 2000 DK55Donna Anderson, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16222
16225 Georgebaldo 2000 DF71George J. Baldo, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16225
16226 Beaton 2000 DT72John Beaton, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16226
16230 Benson 2000 EA95Carol Benson, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16230
16231 Jessberger 2000 ES130Elmar K. Jessberger (born 1943) is a German professor of experimental and analytical planetology and director of the Institute for Planetology at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-University in Münster. He is renowned for his work on lunar and meteorite chronology and microanalysis of cosmic dust. JPL  · 16231
16232 Chijagerbs 2000 ED152James "Gerbs" Bauer (born 1968) is a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory whose research focuses on the physical nature of outer Solar System bodies. Chija Bauer (born 1977) is a physics teacher who helps to develop future scientists. JPL  · 16232
16234 Bosse 2000 FR20Angelique Bosse, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16234
16236 Stebrehmer 2000 GG51Stephen Brehmer, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16236
16238 Chappe 2000 GY104Sean Chappe, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16238
16239 Dower 2000 GY105Richard Dower, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16239
16241 Dvorsky 2000 GD126Mary Ann Dvorsky, 2002 Intel STS mentor. Dvorsky is a teacher at the Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland. JPL  · 16241
16243 Rosenbauer 2000 GO147Helmut Rosenbauer (born 1936), German astronomer and director of the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy in Katlenburg-Lindau. He was a leader in promoting the Philae lander on the Rosetta spacecraft to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosenbauer is PI of the COSAC instrument, designed to measure the comet's surface chemistry. JPL  · 16243
16244 Brož 2000 GQ147Miroslav Brož (born 1975), a Czech celestial mechanician at Charles University, Prague. Brož specializes in numerical methods and the Yarkovsky effect, and he also teaches at The Observatory and Planetarium Hradec Králové. JPL  · 16244
16246 Cantor 2000 HO3 Georg Cantor (1845–1918), a Russian-born German mathematician and professor at Halle. In a series of papers beginning in 1870 he developed the theory of infinite sets and was the first to recognize and prove that there are different degrees of infinity. JPL  · 16246
16247 Esner 2000 HY11William Esner, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16247
16248 Fox 2000 HT13Mitchell Fox, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16248
16249 Cauchy 2000 HT14 Augustin-Louis Cauchy (1789–1857), a French mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the theory of functions of complex variables, the study of determinants and the mathematical theory of elasticity. He introduced a higher level of rigor in mathematical proofs. MPC  · 16249
16250 Delbó 2000 HP26Marco Delbó (born 1972), an Italian astronomer who has contributed to the knowledge of the physical properties of near-Earth asteroids by means of thermal-infrared observations and modeling. He has derived an estimate of the thermal inertia of near-earth asteroids, which is vital for reliable calculations of orbital drift due to the Yarkovsky effect. JPL  · 16250
16251 Barbifrank 2000 HX48Barbi Frank, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16251
16252 Franfrost 2000 HQ51Fran Frost, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16252
16253 Griffis 2000 HJ52Wanda Griffis, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16253
16254 Harper 2000 HZ53Dan Harper, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16254
16255 Hampton 2000 HX63Donald L. Hampton (born 1963), an atmospheric physicist at Ball Aerospace and Technology, has served as the system engineer for all the scientific instruments on the Deep Impact mission. JPL  · 16255
16258 Willhayes 2000 JP13William Hayes, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16258
16259 Housinger 2000 JR13Sharon Housinger, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16259
16260 Sputnik 2000 JO15Sputnik is the Russian name of a series of artificial satellites, the first of which ushered in the space age on 1957 Oct. 4. JPL  · 16260
16261 Iidemachi 2000 JF18Iidemachi, a town is situated in the southern part of Yamagata, Japan. JPL  · 16261
16262 Rikurtz 2000 JR32Richard Kurtz, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16262
16264 Richlee 2000 JH40Richard Lee, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16264
16265 Lemay 2000 JL43Ron LeMay, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16265
16266 Johconnell 2000 JX43John McConnell, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16266
16267 Mcdermott 2000 JY43Frank McDermott, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16267
16268 Mcneeley 2000 JD44Pam McNeeley, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16268
16269 Merkord 2000 JP44Pat Merkord, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16269
16271 Duanenichols 2000 JC55Duane Nichols, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16271
16273 Oneill 2000 JS56Barbara O'Neill, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16273
16274 Pavlica 2000 JX56Robert Pavlica, 2002 Intel STS mentor JPL  · 16274
16277 Mallada 2000 JW74 Esmeralda Mallada (born 1937), an Uruguayan astronomer and professor at the Universidad de la República, who studies minor bodies and teaches cosmography and mathematics. In 1952 she was one of the founders of the Asociación de Aficionados a la Astronomía, the oldest amateur astronomer association in Uruguay. JPL  · 16277
16280 Groussin 2000 LS6Olivier Groussin (born 1976), an American planetary scientist at the University of Maryland, played a major role in the calibration of the visible-light instruments on the Deep Impact mission, and he also developed models for interpreting the results from the infrared spectrometer. JPL  · 16280


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16319 Xiamenerzhong 3252 T-1Named for the Xiamen No. 2 Middle School of Fujian, China, which has cultivated thousands of successful people in all walks of life since 1870, incorporating football, English, and music into school education. Name suggested by D.-h. Chen, a student of the school during 1961–1967. JPL  · 16319
16355 Buber 1975 UA1 Martin Buber (1878–1965), an Austrian-born Jewish philosopher and author. JPL  · 16355
16356 Univbalttech 1976 GV2Балтийского государственного технического университета «Военмех» (Voenmekh Baltic State Technical University, BSTU), St. Petersburg, Russia (previously the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics) JPL  · 16356
16357 Risanpei 1976 UP18Ri Sanpei (died 1655), (Li Sam Pyung in Korean) was one of the potters who was taken from the north-west Korean Peninsula to the north-west of Kyushu Island in 1598 JPL  · 16357
16358 Plesetsk 1976 YN7 Plesetsk Cosmodrome, main launching site of the former Soviet Union JPL  · 16358
16368 Città di Alba 1981 DFAlba is an ancient town, capital of the historical region of Langhe in Piedmont. It is famous for the excellence of its gastronomy, including "tartufi", sweets and some of the best Italian wines. The Cittá di Alba was a partisan stronghold during World War II and is very active now in cultural activities JPL  · 16368
16372 Demichele 1981 EP1Vincenzo De Michele (born 1936) is an Italian mineralogist and gemologist. He was the author of important works of mineralogical dissemination, including the Mineralogical Guide of Italy, and numerous essays on systematic and regional mineralogy. He was the discoverer of the Kamil impact crater (Egypt). JPL  · 16372
16395 Ioannpravednyj 1981 US14Ioannpravednyj (pious St. Ioann Kronstadtskij; Ivan Il'ich Sergiev, 1829–1908) was an archpriest who served in the cathedral of Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland. He became famous for miraculous healing, generous charity and a pious life. He established a center to help unemployed and homeless people, the first in Russia JPL  · 16395
16398 Hummel 1982 SN3 Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778–1837), famous Austrian pianist and versatile composer. JPL  · 16398
16399 Grokhovsky 1983 RF2Victor Grokhovsky (born 1947), a professor of meteoritics at the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, Russia. JPL  · 16399


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16402 Olgapopova 1984 UROlga P. Popova (born 1963), an expert in meteoroid strengths at the Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres of the Russian Academy of Sciences. JPL  · 16402
16406 Oszkiewicz 1985 PHDagmara Oszkiewicz (born 1982), a postdoctoral researcher at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. JPL  · 16406
16407 Oiunskij 1985 SV2Platon Alekseevich Sleptsov-Oiunskij (1893–1939) was a prominent Yakut writer, philosopher, scientist and public figure who had an influence on developing the national identity, science, language, literature and spiritual culture in Yakutia. JPL  · 16407
16413 Abulghazi 1987 BA2 Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur (1603–1663) ruled the khanate of Khorezm (now Uzbekistan). A copy of his writings on Mongols and Tatars fell into the hands of German naturalist D. G. Messerschmidt during a Siberian voyage and was published as Histoire généralogique des Tatars (Leiden, 1726). JPL  · 16413
16414 Le Procope 1987 QO5 Hermann Goldschmidt (1802–1866), a German painter and amateur astronomer, discovered 14 new minor planets during 1852–1861 from his living room above Le Procope café in Paris. The café, apparently the oldest in Paris, was established by Francesco Procopio in 1686 JPL  · 16414
16418 Lortzing 1987 SD10 Albert Lortzing (1801–1851), was a German singer, an actor and later a conductor. JPL  · 16418
16419 Kovalev 1987 SS28Sergej Nikitich Kovalev (born 1919) is an outstanding shipbuilder and prominent expert in the field of mechanics and hydrodynamics of ships and energetics. He is also broadly known for his paintings and literary works JPL  · 16419
16421 Roadrunner 1988 BJRoadruner is the common name for the Californian Earthcuckoo (Geococcyx californianus). The name comes from the habit of the bird of racing down roads in front of fast-moving vehicles JPL  · 16421
16424 Davaine 1988 CD2 Casimir Davaine (1812–1882) was a French physician working in the field of microbiology. In 1850 he discovered, with the pathologist Oliver Rayer, the microorganism Bacillus anthracis in the blood of diseased and dying sheep. The microorganism had the property of transmission from one animal to another. JPL  · 16424
16425 Chuckyeager 1988 CY2 Chuck Yeager (born 1923) was the first pilot confirmed to have broken the sound barrier in level flight, piloting a Bell XS-1 aircraft, on the morning of October 14, 1947. JPL  · 16425
16435 Fándly 1988 VE7 Juraj Fándly (1750–1811) a Slovak Roman Catholic priest, writer and author of the first book in Bernolák's language Dúverná zmlúva mezi mňí chom a diáblom ("The confidential pact between the monk and the devil", 1789). He was a zealous propagator of this language and a well-known educator. JPL  · 16435
16438 Knöfel 1989 AU6 André Knöfel (born 1963), a German meteorologist, amateur astronomer and an observer of minor planets, who is the head of the Fireball Data Center of the International Meteor Organization. He has located precovery observations of many objects in the Digital Sky Survey, among them this minor planet and the trans-Neptunian object 20000 Varuna ( 2000 WR106 ). MPC  · 16438
16439 Yamehoshinokawa 1989 BZYamehoshinokawa, Japanese river JPL  · 16439
16441 Kirchner 1989 EF6 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938), a German painter, graphic artist and sculptor. JPL  · 16441
16444 Godefroy 1989 GW1 Godefroy Wendelin (1580–1660) was a Belgian canon of the Liège episcopacy and an astronomer who erected the first astronomical observatory at the Signal de Lure near Mont Ventoux in Provence. The name was suggested by F. M. van der Mersch JPL  · 16444
16445 Klimt 1989 GN3 Gustav Klimt (1862–1918), an Austrian painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Art Nouveau movement. His paintings, characterized by elegant gold and colorful ornamentation, express subtle erotic feelings, as in "Die Jungfrau" (1907) and "Dana" (1913). JPL  · 16445
16447 Vauban 1989 RX Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633–1707), a French marshal and strategist of genius JPL  · 16447
16449 Kigoyama 1989 SOMount Kigoyama (546 m), Iahikawa prefecture, Japan, at whose summit are a planetarium and public observatory JPL  · 16449
16450 Messerschmidt 1989 SY2 Daniel Gottlieb Messerschmidt (1685–1735), a German naturalist who was sent by Peter the Great on an expedition to Siberia during 1719–1728. The first person to study systematically the "rumors" about "frozen" mammoths, he investigated thoroughly Siberian fauna and flora, as well as its mineralogy and geography. JPL  · 16450
16452 Goldfinger 1989 SE8Pauline J. ("PJ") Goldfinger, American adaptive-optics operator, who assisted in organizing the photographic glass plate archive of the 1.2-m Schmidt Oschin Telescope at Palomar Observatory JPL  · 16452
16459 Barth 1989 WE4 Karl Barth (1886–1968), a Swiss Protestant Reformed theologian and professor in Basel beginning in 1935. In Germany, he is known as the "Vater der Bekennende Kirche" where he was ousted from his post. His main works are "The Epistle to the Romans" and "Ecclesiastical Dogmatics". JPL  · 16459
16463 Nayoro 1990 EK Nayoro, Hokkaido, Japan JPL  · 16463
16465 Basilrowe 1990 FV1Basil H. Rowe (born 1960), a founding member of and current president of the Friends of the Cincinnati Observatory. JPL  · 16465
16466 Piyashiriyama 1990 FJ2 Mount Piyashiri (Piyashiri Yama), Hokkaido, Japan JPL  · 16466
16479 Paulze 1990 QK7 Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier (1758–1836), wife and scientific collaborator of French chemist Antoine Lavoisier JPL  · 16479
16481 Thames 1990 QU7The Thames, with a length of nearly 350 km, is the chief river in southern England. JPL  · 16481
16494 Oka 1990 SP8 Oka River, flowing from the central Russian Upland to eventually join the Volga JPL  · 16494
16497 Toinevermeylen 1990 SU8Antoine (Toine) Vermeylen (1937–2012) was a good friend of the discoverer. JPL  · 16497
16498 Passau 1990 SX8The Bavarian town of Passau in Germany JPL  · 16498


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16503 Ayato 1990 TYAyato Seki (born 2005), a grandchild of Japanese discoverer Tsutomu Seki JPL  · 16503
16505 Sulzer 1990 TB13Robert Sulzer-Forrer (1873–1953), a Swiss industrialist from Winterthur and member of the Sulzer dynasty MPC  · 16505
16507 Fuuren 1990 UM2The Japanese town of Fūren, Hokkaido. It is known for its fine rice. JPL  · 16507
16513 Vasks 1990 VP6 Pēteris Vasks (born 1946), Latvian composer and contra-bassist JPL  · 16513
16514 Stevelia 1990 VZ6Steve Goldberg (born 1949) and Amelia Goldberg (born 1940). They have spent years teaching beginners to observe the night sky. Amelia's Universe Sampler, a booklet of simple projects for beginners with small telescopes, is an official project of the Astronomical League. The couple has also helped manage the annual Texas Star Party JPL  · 16514
16515 Usman'grad 1990 VN14The town of Usman, Russia. It was founded in 1645, and is the birthplace of: physicist and Nobel Prize winner Nikolay Basov (1922–2001), astronomer and discoverer of minor planets Nikolai Chernykh (1931–2004) and the ethnographer B. P. Knyazhinskij (1892–1975). JPL  · 16515
16516 Efremlevitan 1990 VR14Efrem Pavlovich Levitan (born 1934) is a Russian teacher, scientist, writer, journalist and the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine The Earth and the Universe. For 55 years he has popularized astronomy in books, papers and lectures. JPL  · 16516
16518 Akihikoito 1990 WFAkihiko Ito (born 1959) is one of the leading CCD astrophotographers in Japan. He has shared his knowledge and skill with others from around the world who are interested in this field and contributed to great improvements in CCD imaging JPL  · 16518
16522 Tell 1991 AJ3 William Tell, legendary folk hero of Switzerland JPL  · 16522
16524 Hausmann 1991 BB3Manfred Hausmann (1898–1986), who was born in Kassel and died in Bremen, lived for many years in Worpswede and wrote lyrical poetry, stories and novels. Widely traveled, he studied distant cultures and translated their works. After 1945 he turned to Christianity and became a preacher JPL  · 16524
16525 Shumarinaiko 1991 CU2 Lake Shumarinai, located in the Shumarinai Prefectural Natural Park, Hokkaido, Japan JPL  · 16525
16528 Terakado 1991 GVKazuo Terakado (born 1947), Japanese scientific journalist and author JPL  · 16528
16529 Dangoldin 1991 GO1 Dan Goldin (born 1940), American NASA administrator MPC  · 16529
16543 Rosetta 1991 RC2The Rosetta space probe, which successfully visited comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in 2014 JPL  · 16543
16544 Hochlehnert 1991 RA3Horst Hochlehnert (born 1944) is a well-known German radiologist, radio ham operator and a good friend of the first discoverer. JPL  · 16544
16552 Sawamura 1991 SBTsuneo Sawamura (born 1928), a Japanese inventor. His anti-corrosion solder was used for the electrical systems of the Space Shuttle. JPL  · 16552
16555 Nagaomasami 1991 US3Masami Nagao (1966–1984), Japanese amateur astronomer JPL  · 16555
16560 Daitor 1991 VZ5Daitor (Dai'tor), a Trojan warrior who was killed by Teucer (Teukros) in Greek mythology JPL  · 16560
16561 Rawls 1991 VP7 John Rawls (1921–2002), American moral and political philosopher, known for his book A Theory of Justice MPC  · 16561
16563 Ob 1992 BF2 Ob River, flowing from the Altai Mountains to eventually join the Irtish, on which Joseph-Nicolas Delisle traveled in April 1740 to observe a transit of Mercury JPL  · 16563
16564 Coriolis 1992 BK2 Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis (1792–1843), French mathematician, mechanical engineer and scientist MPC  · 16564
16578 Essjayess 1992 FM1Shirley June Steel (S. J. S., pronounced: "Ess Jay Ess", née Parsons), mother of British discoverer Duncan Steel JPL  · 16578
16583 Oersted 1992 OH2 Hans Christian Ørsted (1777–1851), a Danish physicist and chemist. JPL  · 16583
16587 Nagamori 1992 SEKyouji Nagamori (born 1932), Japanese planetary ephemeride calculator JPL  · 16587
16588 Johngee 1992 STJohn Gee (?), who has provided leadership and service to the Caltech Class of 1953 and the Caltech community for more than half a century, including a stint as president of the Alumni Association JPL  · 16588
16589 Hastrup 1992 SL1Rolf Hastrup (born 1930), who was involved with NASA's Surveyor and Viking programs. He continues his long career at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, planning future unmanned space missions. He is a classmate of the discoverer's husband (Caltech class of 1953) and long time friend JPL  · 16589
16590 Brunowalter 1992 SM2 Bruno Walter (1876–1962), German-American conductor and composer MPC  · 16590
16594 Sorachi 1992 UL4 Sorachi District, Hokkaido, Japan JPL  · 16594
16596 Stephenstrauss 1992 UN7Steven Strauss (born 1943), science writer at the Canadian Toronto The Globe and Mail who received the Connaught medal in 1995 MPC  · 16596
16598 Brugmansia 1992 YC2 Brugmansia , known as "angel's trumpets", a genus of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae . They are woody trees or shrubs, with pendulous flowers, and have no spines on their fruit. JPL  · 16598
16599 Shorland 1993 BR2John Herschel Shorland, a direct descendant of John Herschel, has recently completed his own Herschel Archives in Norfolk, England. These archives include various documents and instruments associated with the Herschels, including the 7-foot telescope probably used by William Herschel to discover Uranus JPL  · 16599


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16602 Anabuki 1993 FY3Katsuhiko Anabuki (born 1955) was born in Marugame City, Kagawa prefecture. While running a printing business, he is active as an amateur astronomer, a member of Shikoku Astronomical Society and dedicated to astrophotography JPL  · 16602
16623 Muenzel 1993 GM1Gisela Muenzel was the life partner of Hilmar W. Duerbeck. Over the last 20 years, she contributed various papers on the history of astronomy, and collaborated with Duerbeck on diverse historical archives of astronomers and observatories JPL  · 16623
16624 Hoshizawa 1993 HXSachiko Hoshizawa (born 1951), a Japanese cook, television personality, and space enthusiast. He appears daily on a Japanese television program about cooking and has introduced more than 3800 dishes using the produce of Hokkaido. A great space enthusiast, she developed and in 2000 presented to the astronaut Kouichi Wakata a special soybean soup for space. JPL  · 16624
16625 Kunitsugu 1993 HG1Kunitsugu Terakado, Japanese project leader at the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) JPL  · 16625
16626 Thumper 1993 HJ3 Thumper, fictional young rabbit in Walt Disney's 1942 animated film Bambi JPL  · 16626
16641 Esteban 1993 QH10Manuel (born 1940) and Gloria (born 1940) Esteban have been an admired and popular couple at the California State University, Chico, where he served very ably as president from 1993 to 2003. Both Barcelona-born, Manuel is also known for his ability as an artistic glassblower and Gloria for her interest in art and literature. JPL  · 16641
16644 Otemaedaigaku 1993 SH1Otemaedaigaku, a private university in Japan JPL  · 16644
16645 Aldalara 1993 SP3ALDA, the Asociación Larense de Astronomía, is the association of amateur astronomers of Lara State, Venezuela. Since its foundation in 1985 its members have not only engaged in astronomical activities but have developed extensive educational and outreach activity, involving students and people from the general community JPL  · 16645
16646 Sparrman 1993 SJ5 Anders Sparrman (1748–1820), Swedish botanist, pupil of Linnaeus, who went around the world with James Cook's second voyage and wrote about it in A voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic polar circle, and round the world (1789) JPL  · 16646
16647 Robbydesmet 1993 SQ6Robby De Smet (born 1979), the son-in-law of the discoverer and a process foreman at a company in Antwerp (Zwijndrecht). (1789) JPL  · 16647
16650 Sakushingakuin 1993 TE1Sakushi Gakuin is a long-established school within a combined elementary, junior and senior secondary school system in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. JPL  · 16650
16666 Liroma 1993 XL1The Meiers are a family of amateur astronomers living near Ottawa, Ontario. Linda (born 1950) is an active observer. Between 1978 and 1984, Rolf (born 1953) discovered four comets and has recently built an observatory. Son Matthew (born 1985) has joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Ottawa Center. JPL  · 16666
16669 Rionuevo 1993 XK3The Rio Nuevo project at Flandrau Science Center in Rio Nuevo, a district of Tucson, Arizona. It is an effort to understand the city's history stretching back at least 2500 years, and to preserve and develop its heritage. Tucson's Rio Nuevo project is supported by the University of Arizona. It will benefit all students of the history of the American Southwest. JPL  · 16669
16671 Tago 1994 AF3Akira Tago (born 1926) has been the honorary president at Tokyo Future University since 2008 and is an authority in educational psychology. JPL  · 16671
16672 Bedini 1994 BA1Daniele Bedini (born 1952) is currently director at a university consortium in Florence and teaches space architecture at the Space International University in Strasbourg. He wrote a thesis on space architecture, the first of its kind in Europe. JPL  · 16672
16674 Birkeland 1994 BK3Kristian Olaf Birkeland (1867–1917) was a Norwegian scientist who elucidated the nature of the aurora borealis. He constructed an electromagnetic device enabling him to simulate the light of the polar aurora by directing a beam of cathode rays (electrons) on a sphere in a vacuum tank JPL  · 16674
16675 Torii 1994 CY1From 1985 to 2014 Hidemitsu Torii (born 1947) was the director general of Sanko Gakuen in Tokyo, which specializes in welfare, early childhood education and child psychology. He is well known as an enthusiastic educator. JPL  · 16675
16676 Tinne 1994 CA5 Alexandrine Tinné (1835–1869), a Dutch explorer and photographer who travelled through the Central Nile region and Central Africa. During her expeditions she collected plants, including several new species, and objects of art. JPL  · 16676
16680 Minamitanemachi 1994 EP3The Japanese town of Minamitanemachi, located in the southern part of Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima. It is well known as the town where a gun was introduced to Japan for the first time in 1543. It is also known for the Tanegashima Space Center. JPL  · 16680
16682 Donati 1994 FB Giovanni Battista Donati (1826–1873), an Italian astronomer from Tuscany. He made important contributions to the early development of stellar spectroscopy, being also the first to observe a cometary spectrum. He was director of the Florence Observatory and discoverer of six comets, among them the spectacular naked-eye comet C/1858 L1. JPL  · 16682
16683 Alepieri 1994 JYAlessandro Pieri (1969–2000) was an Italian amateur astronomer from childhood and was for many years a member of the Associazione Astrofili Valdinievole, an organization of amateur astronomers in northern Tuscany. He was an active meteor observer and an astrophotographer. JPL  · 16683
16689 Vistula 1994 PZ26 Vistula river, flowing from the Beskidy Mountains of southern Poland to the Baltic Sea past Krakóv, Warsaw and Gdańsk JPL  · 16689
16690 Fabritius 1994 UR6 Carel Fabritius (1622–1654, a Dutch painter and one of Rembrandt's most gifted pupils. JPL  · 16690
16693 Moseley 1994 YC2Terence J. C. A. Moseley (born 1946), editor of Stardust, 1992 Aidan P. Fitzgerald Medallist and founding member of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies, was the first amateur to use the recently restored six-foot Birr telescope in Sept. 2001. JPL  · 16693
16695 Terryhandley 1995 AM Terry Handley (1952–2015) was an American amateur astronomer and discoverer of minor planets with Aspergers Syndrome. In the late 1980s he was recognized as the only amateur astronomer in North America measuring positions of comets and minor planets. He ran a sky survey that resulted in the discovery of 7 minor planets. Name suggested by G. W. Kronk. JPL  · 16695
16696 Villamayor 1995 BE7Waldemar Villamayor-Venialbo (born 1970), a well-known popularizer of astronomy in Paraguay and the author of numerous articles on science whose main interests are celestial mechanics and minor planets. JPL  · 16696
16700 Seiwa 1995 DZSeiwa village, where the Seiwa-Kogen public observatory is located, is in the center of the island of Kyushu. JPL  · 16700


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16701 Volpe 1995 DH4Miguel A. Volpe Borgonon (born 1947), a Paraguayan amateur astronomer, professor of engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción and one of the founders of the Club de Astrofìsica del Paraguay. JPL  · 16701
16702 Buxner 1995 DZ8Sanlyn R. Buxner (born 1978) is known for her work in space science education and public outreach, including curriculum development, teacher workshops, and program evaluation. Her focus is on how science research experiences empower teachers and students and improve their science understanding. JPL  · 16702
16705 Reinhardt 1995 EO8 Max Reinhardt (Maximilian Goldmann, 1873–1943), an Austrian stage director and theater manager who worked mainly in Berlin and Vienna. He was a cofounder of the "Salzburger Festspiele". His productions of classic dramas caused an enormous stir. In 1933 he emigrated from Germany. JPL  · 16705
16706 Svojsík 1995 OE1 Antonín Benjamin Svojsík (1876–1938), Czech founder of the Czechoslovak Boy Scout organization Junák in 1912. He led it from 1914 until his death and was a member of the executive committee of the world Scout movement. After repeated bans between 1939 and 1989, Junák is now the most popular Czech children's organization. JPL  · 16706
16707 Norman 1995 QP10Lennie Norman (born 1948) and his father Charlie Norman (1920–2005) were both entertaining musicians. Lennie is also a very talented stand-up comedian JPL  · 16707
16709 Auratian 1995 SH5Auratian has been the patron saint of České Budějovice since 1670. According to legend, he was a Roman soldier living in the 2nd or 3rd century, executed for his Christian faith. Originally buried in the Calixt catacombs in Rome, his remains were transferred to Bohemia in 1634. Named on the 750th anniversary of the town. JPL  · 16709
16710 Kluyver 1995 SL20Helena A. Kluyver (1909–2001) was a Dutch astronomer who worked on the orbits of comets. She was also known for her research on stellar motions in the Hyades cluster and was an assistant at the General Secretary Office of the International Astronomical Union for many years. JPL  · 16710
16711 Ka-Dar 1995 SM29The astronomical observatory of Ka-Dar scientific center is the first private observatory in Russia open to the public. Founded on 2004 June 8, the observatory works for the popularization of scientific activity by amateur astronomers and their collaboration with professional astronomers JPL  · 16711
16713 Airashi 1995 SV52Airashi, located in the center of Kagoshima prefecture, is a new city created in 2010 by the combination of three towns. Airashi contains a number of historic sites JPL  · 16713
16714 Arndt 1995 SM54German patriotic writer and poet Ernst Moritz Arndt (1769–1860), born on the island of Rügen, was a professor of history at the University of Greifswald (which now bears his name), as well as in Bonn. A passionate agitator and singer of the German Wars for Liberation, he stood up for a revival in Germany JPL  · 16714
16715 Trettenero 1995 UN5 Virgilio Trettenero (1822–1868), an Italian astronomer who succeeded Santini as professor of astronomy at Padua. At the observatory there he observed minor planets, comets and eclipses and calculated orbits and ephemerides. JPL  · 16715
16718 Morikawa 1995 UA9Yoshiki Morikawa (born 1981), a Japanese amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy in Tokyo. JPL  · 16718
16719 Mizokami 1995 UF45Yoshihiro Mizokami (born 1952), the president of the steering committee of the Inagawa Observatory since 2002. JPL  · 16719
16723 Fumiofuke 1995 WX8Fumio Fuke (1949–2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the mission `KAGUYA' as a leader of the design and development of transponders used for the RSAT mission, which enabled the measurement of the gravity field of the far side of the moon JPL  · 16723
16724 Ullilotzmann 1995 YV3Ulrich (‘Ulli') Lotzmann (born 1956) is a German space historian, artist and astrophotographer. He is an expert in Apollo era spaceflight crew equipment and spacecraft systems and is a key contributor to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Name suggested by E. Jones and K. Glover. JPL  · 16724
16725 Toudono 1996 CE3Toudono mountain (height 1203 meters) is located in the west of the discoverer's home town, Shirataka, Yamagata prefecture JPL  · 16725
16730 Nijisseiki 1996 HJ1The Niji-sseiki fruit is a type of locally cultivated pear representative of and having a strong affinity to Tottori prefecture, a major pear producing area in which Saji village is located. In English, Niji-sseiki translates as "twentieth Century". JPL  · 16730
16731 Mitsumata 1996 HK1Mitsumata is an ingredient used in traditional Japanese papermaking and represents a local Saji industry. Saji village produces the major share of this country's handmade Japanese paper, the paper of choice for the writing of calligraphy. JPL  · 16731
16736 Tongariyama 1996 JW2Tongariyama mountain (height 901 meters) is located in the west of the discoverer's home town, Shirataka, Yamagata prefecture JPL  · 16736
16740 Kipthorne 1996 KT8 Kip Thorne (born 1940) is an astrophysicist working principally in the field of gravitation physics. The youngest full professor in the history of the California Institute of Technology, he was coauthor of the famous book, Gravitation (1973), with John Wheeler and Charles Mismer. JPL  · 16740
16742 Zink 1996 ONJohann Josef Zink (1842–1920), a publisher who issued postcards and guides in South Bohemia. JPL  · 16742
16744 Antonioleone 1996 OJ2Antonio Leone (born 1940), an Italian amateur astronomer from Taranto has developed principles of orbital motion in a manner easy for amateurs to understand since the early 1970s. This has resulted in two books, Introduzione alla Meccanica Celeste and, with a co-author, Elementi di Calcolo delle Orbite. JPL  · 16744
16745 Zappa 1996 PF5Giovanni Zappa (1884–1923) an Italian astronomer who was an assistant at the observatory of the Collegio Romano, adjunct astronomer at Catania, astronomer at Capodimonte and director of the observatory of Collurania and Collegio Romano. Interested in classical astronomy, he calculated orbits of minor planets and comets. JPL  · 16745
16749 Vospini 1996 QEGiancarlo Vospini (1935–2017) was an electronic engineer by profession and amateur astronomer by vocation. He was a member of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory and particularly active in popularization. JPL  · 16749
16750 Marisandoz 1996 QL Mari Sandoz (1896–1966), an American historian, biographer and novelist who wrote 21 books and stories about life on the Great Plains. Her first book, Old Jules, was published in 1935 after it won the Atlantic Nonfiction Prize. She also wrote Crazy Horse, a biography of the Sioux Chief, and Cheyenne Autumn, about Native Americans leaving the reservation. JPL  · 16750
16755 Cayley 1996 RE1 Arthur Cayley (1821–1895), an English mathematician who started out as a practicing lawyer but in 1863 became a professor of mathematics at Cambridge. He published papers on many topics in algebra and geometry and was the founder, together with Sylvester, of the theory of algebraic invariants. JPL  · 16755
16756 Keuskamp 1996 RQ11Diederik H.G. Keuskamp (1915–1992) was a professor of anesthesiology and a Dutch amateur astronomer with a great interest in comets. As a medical professional he contributed to the development of methods in the field of artificial respiration. JPL  · 16756
16757 Luoxiahong 1996 SC6 Luoxia Hong (140–87 BC) was the most famous folk astronomer in ancient China. He performed accurate observations with instruments (e.g., the equatorial armillary sphere) he made himself. He also produced Tai Chu Calendar, the first mathematical astronomy system in China, the standard for two millennia. MPC  · 16757
16759 Furuyama 1996 TJ7Shigeru Furuyama (born 1953) is a post-office clerk and renowned amateur astronomer in Japan. During his nine-year visual search for comets, Furuyama independently discovered C/1975 T2. In 1979 he changed from visual to photographic observing and later discovered C/1987 W2. MPC  · 16759
16760 Masanori 1996 TY7Masanori Sato (born 1952) is a member of Matsue Astronomy Club. He has popularized astronomy in Shimane prefecture and is an observing partner of the discoverer. JPL  · 16760
16761 Hertz 1996 TE8 Heinrich Hertz (1857–1894), a German physicist who substantially advanced knowledge of electricity. His experiments demonstrated the existence and examined the nature of electromagnetic waves, thereby opening the road to some of the most important achievements of modern technology. JPL  · 16761
16765 Agnesi 1996 UA Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718–1799), an Italian mathematician who became the first woman in the western world who can properly be called a mathematician. She wrote a treatise on algebra that was widely translated, and in 1750 she was appointed to a professorship at the University of Bologna. JPL  · 16765
16766 Righi 1996 UP Augusto Righi (1850–1920), an Italian physicist who continued Heinrich Hertz's research on electromagnetism and served as an inspiration to his student Marconi. JPL  · 16766
16770 Angkor Wat 1996 UD3Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia, built from the early twelfth century, that is the largest religious archaeological site in the world. JPL  · 16770
16779 Mittelman 1996 WH2David Ross Mittelman (1954–2017) was an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer as well as a patron of astronomy, education and medicine. He was instrumental in establishing the MDW Hydrogen-Alpha Sky Survey to create a large-scale mosaic of the heavens with deep CCD images. JPL  · 16779
16781 Renčín 1996 XU18Vladimír Renčín (born 1941) is a Czech graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. He published several books of cartoons, where various features of the Czech character are illustrated. JPL  · 16781
16783 Bychkov 1996 XY25Victor Dmitrievich Bychkov (born 1952), an astronomer at the Special Astrophysical Observatory, Zelenchukskaya. JPL  · 16783
16788 Alyssarose 1997 AR2Alyssa Rose Rhoden (born 1980), an American planetary scientist who studies icy moons throughout the Solar System and identified the first geologic evidence of Europa's obliquity. She is a professor at Arizona State University, a mother, a runner, and in her spare time works to promote global food sustainability. JPL  · 16788
16790 Yuuzou 1997 AZ4Yuuzou Hasegawa (1956–2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the mission `KAGUYA' as a leader of design, development and operations of Ground Test Facilities/Equipment, thereby realizing some unusual verifications and tests that assured 15 special KAGUYA flights JPL  · 16790
16794 Cucullia 1997 CQ1The caterpillar of the North American Asteroid Moth Cucullia asteroides feeds on flowers of the family Asteraceae. The Latin word cucullus means a hood, and it refers to a hood-like arrangement of hairs on the thorax of the adult moth. The citation was prepared by J. B. Tatum (Src). JPL  · 16794
16796 Shinji 1997 CY16Shinji Tsuruta (1957–2008) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the mission `KAGUYA' as a leader of design and development of the batteries that supplied electrical energy to all the on-board components of the KAGUYA, OKINA and OUNA spacecraft JPL  · 16796
16797 Wilkerson 1997 CA17Winston S. Wilkerson, uncle of the first discoverer's wife, is a member of the physics faculty at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. His interests have concentrated on variable stars, and he has been a member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers for many years. JPL  · 16797


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16801 Petřínpragensis 1997 SC2 Petřín, Petrin Hill and gardens in Prague, site of an observation tower (built in 1891 and modelled on the Eiffel Tower) and the Stefanik Observatory (Štefánikova Hvězdárna) MPC  · 16801
16802 Rainer 1997 SP3Rainer Gebetsroither (1976–1998) devoted his life to observations of nature as well as to the history and technology of railways. He suffered from a serious heart disease since his birth His parents Karin and Uwe are long-term members of the Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft (Linzer A.G.). JPL  · 16802
16804 Bonini 1997 SX15Claire Bonini (born 1951) is a schoolteacher who been active in teaching astronomy in French primary schools. She is the daughter of Robert and Henriette Chemin, observers at the Côte d'Azur Observatory Schmidt telescope. Her 1990 experiment in a Sevran kindergarten was extended nationally and to other age groups. JPL  · 16804
16807 Terasako 1997 TW25Masanori Terasako (born 1951), a renowned amateur astronomer in Japan. JPL  · 16807
16809 Galápagos 1997 USThe Galápagos Islands are a world heritage site and provide a living history of evolution. Assisted by the Charles Darwin Research Station located there, scientists have made many discoveries. The station also helps to preserve this National Park with its famous animals, such as the giant tortoises and the Darwin finches. MPC  · 16809
16810 Pavelaleksandrov 1997 UY2 Pavel Alexandrov (1896–1982) Pavel Alexandrov was a Russian mathematician and a student of Pavel Urysohn, with whom he later wrote a fundamental paper on compact topological spaces. After a stint as a theater producer, he became a professor at Moscow State University. JPL  · 16810
16813 Ronmastaler 1997 UT6Ronald A. Mastaler (born 1955) is an atmospheric scientist and a fluent translator and interpreter of the Russian language. With the Spacewatch project since 2013, he has been a prolific asteroid astrometrist. JPL  · 16813
16817 Onderlička 1997 UU10Bedřich Onderlička (1923–1994), was a prominent Czech astrophysicist and enthusiastic pedagogue who headed the department of astrophysics of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He specialized in stellar kinematics and chemistry of late-type stars. JPL  · 16817
16826 Daisuke 1997 WA2Daisuke Miyajima (1958–2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed much to the success of `KAGUYA' as a lead engineer of EMC design, control and verification tests that reduced the EMC noise and provided a quiet environment for mission sensors that needed to hear even a tiny voice from the moon JPL  · 16826
16847 Sanpoloamosciano 1997 XK10The Astronomical Observatory of San Polo a Mosciano (Osservatorio Astronomico di San Polo a Mosciano), the discovery site of this minor planet. The observatory is located at the small town of the same name, near Florence, Italy, and operated by the Associazione Astrofili Fiorentini. The first image of this minor planet shows it close to the M1 nebula. This was one of the few observations of minor planets taken at the observatory, which is usually involved in the study of variable stars. JPL  · 16847
16852 Nuredduna 1997 YP2Created by Majorcan poet Miquel Costa i Llobera in his poem The inheritance of the Greek genius, Nuredduna is a priestess, a great visionary who belonged to a primitive nation that built many megalithic monuments called Talaiots that even nowadays are present in the Balearic islands. JPL  · 16852
16853 Masafumi 1997 YV2Masafumi Kimura (1959–2009) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who calculated the spacecraft orbit and contributed much to the success of `KAGUYA' as leader of design of the high-gain antenna that allows communication between the moon and the earth JPL  · 16853
16856 Banach 1997 YE8 Stefan Banach (1892–1945) was a Polish mathematician and professor at the University of Lvov. His major contributions were in functional analysis, particularly the theory of complete normed linear spaces, now generally known as Banach spaces. JPL  · 16856
16857 Goodall 1997 YZ8Kirk Goodall (born 1964) was the Mars Pathfinder Web Engineer, and was instrumental in setting up the relationships with other countries and industry for mirror websites that allowed Mars Pathfinder to provide information to millions of people around the world. JPL  · 16857
16861 Lipovetsky 1997 YZ11Valentin Alexandrovich Lipovetsky (1945–1996) was a senior researcher at the Special Astrophysical Observatory, Zelenchukskaya, and headed a group studying Blue Compact Galaxies. JPL  · 16861
16869 Košinár 1998 AV8Ladislav Košinár (born 1929), mentor of amateur astronomy in Slovakia, founded the astronomical observatory in Sobotište in 1972. Long-time chairman of the Slovak Union of Amateur Astronomers, he is now an honorary member of the SUAA and of the Slovak Astronomical Society. The name was suggested by P. Rapavý JPL  · 16869
16874 Kurtwahl 1998 BK2Kurt Wahl, 2003 Intel STS mentor. He teaches at the Troy High School, Fullerton, California. JPL  · 16874
16878 Tombickler 1998 BL9Thomas C. Bickler (born 1950) is responsible for the NEAT camera electronics. He has experience with imaging instruments and has worked with CCD camera electronics systems extensively. During his 21 years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory he helped develop and deliver flight hardware for Galileo, Cassini and Space Telescope. He is also a member of the Wide Field Camera 3 development team. JPL  · 16878
16879 Campai 1998 BH10Paolo Campai (born 1957), an Italian amateur astronomer from Florence, is principally involved in astronomical photography and teaching. The discoverers met him in the course of observations of alpha Phoenicis and comet 1P/Halley in 1985 on a superb night near Florence JPL  · 16879
16887 Blouke 1998 BE26Morley Blouke (born 1941) is a well-known microelectronician, whose pioneering development of thinned CCDs gave rise to the WF/PC I focal plane. He now heads advanced development at Scientific Imaging Technologies, Inc., in Tigard, Oregon. JPL  · 16887
16888 Michaelbarber 1998 BM26Michael R. Barber (born 1947), an American lawyer and amateur astronomer in the gamma-ray bursts field at the Santa Barbara Astronomical Group, co-founded a small CCD brand that in 1991 developed star tracking equipment, allowing the start of CCD revolution in the amateur astronomer's world. JPL  · 16888
16892 Vaissière 1998 DN1Franck Vaissière (born 1958) has been responsible for the technical activity to the T60 association at the Pic du Midi Observatory. He also took part in H alpha coronographic observations and cowrote a book on this extraordinary astronomical site. He has long been treasurer of the Association des Utilisateurs de Détecteurs Electroniques. JPL  · 16892
16900 Lozère 1998 DQ13 Mont Lozère is the highest summit of the Cevennes mountains of the Massif Central in France at 1699 meters. The discovering Pises Observatory is located nearby. Lozère is also the name of the 48th French département. JPL  · 16900


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for...Ref · Catalog
16901 Johnbrooks 1998 DJ14John J. Brooks (born 1933), a mechanical engineer and amateur astronomer in the gamma-ray bursts field at the Santa Barbara Astronomical Group, co-founded a small CCD brand that in 1991 developed star tracking equipment, allowing the start of the CCD revolution in the amateur astronomer's world. JPL  · 16901
16906 Giovannisilva 1998 DY23Giovanni Silva (1882–1957), an Italian astronomer who was an assistant at the International Latitude Station at Carloforte and later director of the Padua Observatory until 1952. He contributed to classical astronomy, celestial mechanics, geodesy, astrophysics and the calculus of probability. JPL  · 16906
16908 Groeselenberg 1998 DD33Groeselenberg, a hill in Uccle, Belgium, and location of the Uccle Observatory MPC  · 16908
16909 Miladejager 1998 DX33Mila De Jager (born 2005) is the first granddaughter of the discoverer, Eric Walter Elst, and daughter of Sigyn and Philip De Jager. JPL  · 16909
16912 Rhiannon 1998 EP8 Rhiannon, a Welsh goddess and a mistress of the Singing Birds. Sometimes she appeared as a beautiful woman in dazzling gold on a white horse. She is a version of the proto-Celtic horse-goddess Epona. JPL  · 16912
16915 Bredthauer 1998 FR10Richard Bredthauer (born 1946) has been a CCD designer for the last 23 years, providing high-performance CCDs to the astronomical community. Richard has also fabricated several flight CCDs for NASA missions. including the Hubble Space Telescope. JPL  · 16915
16920 Larrywalker 1998 FR37Larry Walker, 2003 Intel STS mentor. He teaches at the Oak Ridge High School, Conroe, Texas. JPL  · 16920
16929 Hurník 1998 FP73 Ilja Hurník (1922–2013), a Czech composer, pianist, writer, musical pedagogue, speaker and popularizer, has a keen interest in science, particularly in astronomy. The name was suggested by participants of the meeting organized on the occasion of naming the Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium in Ostrava-Poruba. JPL  · 16929
16930 Respighi 1998 FF74 Lorenzo Respighi (1824–1889), an Italian astronomer who was professor of optics and astronomy and director successively of the observatories of Bologna and of Campidoglio in Rome. He compiled stellar catalogues, observed the planets and discovered three comets. He introduced the use of the objective prism in stellar spectroscopy, Italian astronomer JPL  · 16930
16944 Wangler 1998 HK45Julie Wangler, 2003 Intel STS mentor. She teaches at the Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, New Mexico. JPL  · 16944
16946 Farnham 1998 HJ51 Tony L. Farnham (born 1964), an American astronomer and discoverer of minor planets at the University of Maryland, who has studied the dynamics of cometary dust and determined comet rotation states. He has also contributed to the Deep Impact mission by improving the standardization of filter photometry. JPL  · 16946
16947 Wikrent 1998 HN80Brian Wikrent, 2003 Intel STS mentor. He teaches at the Robbinsdale Cooper High School, New Hope, Minnesota. MPC  · 16947
16951 Carolus Quartus 1998 KJ Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1316–1378), king of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, supported cultural and scientific advancement. Charles University, which he founded in Prague, was the first university in central Europe. During his 30-year reign the Czech lands did not experience the hardship of wars. The name was suggested by M. Juřík. JPL  · 16951
16952 Peteschultz 1998 KX3 Peter H. Schultz (born 1944), an American geologist at Brown University, has studied cratering phenomena experimentally and in the field. He has played a major role in defining and developing the Deep Impact mission, particularly through his cratering experiments at the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range. JPL  · 16952
16953 Besicovitch 1998 KE5 Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch (1891–1970), a Russian mathematician who taught at various institutions in the Soviet Union and later at the University of Cambridge. He had an astounding geometric intuition and proved many counter-intuitive results, particularly with regard to sets of points of fractal dimension. MPC  · 16953
16958 Klaasen 1998 PFKenneth P. Klaasen (born 1946), a geomorphologist and expert in scientific operations of spacecraft at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has designed observational sequences for numerous planetary missions, most recently for Deep Impact, for which he has also overseen instrument calibration. JPL  · 16958
16962 Elizawoolard 1998 QP93Elizabeth Woolard, 2003 Intel STS mentor. She teaches at the William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, North Carolina. MPC  · 16962
16967 Marcosbosso 1998 SR132Marcos Federico Bosso (born 1987), 2003 Intel STS winner. At the time, he attended the I.P.E.M. No 80, Dr. Luis Federico Leloir, Berrotaran, Cordoba, Argentina. MPC  · 16967
16969 Helamuda 1998 UM20 Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt (Helamuda), the museum of the federal state of Hessen. This unique institution features exquisite collections in both fine arts and natural sciences and conducts paleontological excavations at the nearby Messel site. JPL  · 16969
16972 Neish 1998 WK11Catherine D. Neish (born 1981) is a professor at the University of Western Ontario who studies Titan, the Moon and Venus using orbital radar. Previously known by the moniker Katie Dot, she is an avid scuba diver, a champion for social justice, and mother to Penelope. JPL  · 16972
16973 Gaspari 1998 WR19Luciano Gaspari (born 1986), 2003 Intel STS winner. He attended the I.P.E.M. No 80, Dr. Luis Federico Leloir, Berrotaran, Cordoba, Argentina. MPC  · 16973
16974 Iphthime 1998 WR21 Iphthime from Greek mythology. She was Penelope's sister who appears to her in a dream and comforts her as she is grieving. JPL  · 16974
16975 Delamere 1998 YX29W. Alan Delamere (born 1935), am American astronomer who recently retired from Ball Aerospace & Technologies, has made major contributions to cometary science, ranging from management of the Halley multicolor camera on the Giotto mission to his insightful approach to the original design of the Deep Impact mission and HiRISE. JPL  · 16975
16982 Tsinghua 1999 AS9 Tsinghua University is one of the most renowned research universities in China founded in 1911. It has made significant contributions to the development of science, technology, culture and the economy of China JPL  · 16982
16984 Veillet 1999 AA25 Christian Veillet (born 1954), a French astronomer and discoverer of minor planets was for several years head of the lunar-ranging station at the Côte d'Azur Observatory. Now senior astronomer for the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope, he is project scientist for the megaprime project. He recently discovered that the trans-Neptunian object 1998 WW31 is a binary. MPC  · 16984
16986 Archivestef 1999 AR34Stephanie McLaughlin (born 1961), an American space scientist who has worked at the University of Maryland both for the Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System and for the Deep Impact project, contributing to ground testing of scientific instruments and preparation of the complete scientific archive. JPL  · 16986
16996 Dahir 1999 CM32Roberto Daniel Dahir (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the E.P.E.T. No 6, Realico, La Pampa, Argentina. MPC  · 16996
16997 Garrone 1999 CO32Nestor Juan Garrone (born 1984), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the E.P.E.T. No 6, Realico, La Pampa, Argentina. MPC  · 16997
16998 Estelleweber 1999 CG46Estelle Lela Weber (born 1986), 2003 Intel STS finalist. She attended the Wollumbin High School, Murwillumbah, Queensland, Australia. MPC  · 16998
16999 Ajstewart 1999 CE47Andrew James Stewart (born 1987), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Karabar Distance Education Centre, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia. MPC  · 16999
17000 Medvedev 1999 CV48Alexandr V. Medvedev (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS and Karl Menger Memorial Prize finalist. He attended the BSU Liceum, Minsk, Belarus. MPC  · 17000


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