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Meta Antenen
Meta Antenen 1972.jpg
Meta Antenen c. 1972
Personal information
Born7 April 1949 (1949-04-07) (age 71)
Orpund, Switzerland
Height168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight56 kg (123 lb)
Event(s) Women's pentathlon
ClubLeichtathletik-Club Schaffhausen Basel
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s)80 mH – 10.78 (1968)
100 mH – 13.0 (1974)
100 m – 11.4 (1970)
LJ – 6.73 m (1971)
Pentathlon – 4848 (1968) [1]

Meta Antenen (born 7 April 1949) is a retired Swiss pentathlete. Between 1969 and 1975 she won nine medals at the European championships, mostly in the long jump and hurdles. She competed at the 1968 and 1972 Olympics in four events in total and placed eighth in the pentathlon in 1968 and sixth in the long jump in 1972. Antenen was selected as the Swiss Sports Personality of the Year in 1966 and 1971. Her husband Georges Mathys is an Olympic Swiss field hockey player. [2]

International competitions

Representing Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
1966 European Indoor Games Dortmund, West Germany 9th (sf)60 m hurdles 8.7
6thLong jump 5.83 m
European Championships Budapest, Hungary 14th (h)80 m hurdles 11.2 1
8thLong jump 6.23 m
7thPentathlon 3815 pts
European Junior Games Odessa, Soviet Union 1st80 m hurdles11.1
1stPentathlon4609 pts
1967 European Indoor Games Prague, Czechoslovakia 6th50 m hurdles 7.2
5thLong jump 6.11 m
1968 European Indoor Games Madrid, Spain 6th (sf)50 m hurdles 7.16
6thLong jump 6.08 m
Olympic Games Munich, West Germany 14th (h)80 m hurdles 10.9
8thPentathlon 4848 pts
1969 European Indoor Games Belgrade, Serbia 2nd50 m hurdles 7.3
3rdLong jump 6.15 m
European Championships Athens, Greece 12thLong jump 6.13 m
2ndPentathlon 4210 pts
1970 European Indoor Championships Vienna, Austria 8th (sf)60 m hurdles 8.7
6thLong jump 6.36 m
1971 European Indoor Championships Sofia, Bulgaria 4th60 m hurdles 8.3
4thLong jump 6.33 m
European Championships Helsinki, Finland 7th (h)100 m 11.79 1
5th100 m hurdles 13.35
2ndLong jump 6.73 m
1972 European Indoor Championships Grenoble, France 4th50 m hurdles 7.05
2ndLong jump 6.42 m
Olympic Games Munich, West Germany 17th (h)100 m hurdles 13.61 2
6thLong jump 6.49 m
1973 European Indoor Championships Rotterdam, Netherlands 4th60 m hurdles 8.27
5thLong jump 6.08 m
1974 European Indoor Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 3rd60 m hurdles 8.19
1stLong jump 6.69 m
European Championships Rome, Italy 8thLong jump 6.33 m
1975 European Indoor Championships Katowice, Poland 6th60 m hurdles 8.60
3rdLong jump 6.28 m
1976 European Indoor Championships Munich, West Germany 9th (h)60 m hurdles 8.59
7thLong jump 6.22 m

1Did not start in the semifinals
2Did not finish in the semifinals

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Antenen is a Swiss surname that may refer to

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