My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

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"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"
My Angel Rocks Back and Forth.jpg
Single by Four Tet
Released3 May 2004 (2004-05-03)
Genre Outsider house
LengthCD: 23:23
DVD: 18:14
Label Domino
Producer(s) Four Tet
Four Tet singles chronology
"As Serious as Your Life"
"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"
"Castles Made of Sand"

"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" is a song by Four Tet, released on 3 May 2004 as a 12-inch single and CD single. The title track was originally part of Four Tet's previous album, Rounds . The CD edition comes with a bonus DVD of all of Four Tet's promotional videos to date.


The track was used as part of the soundtrack for Britney Spears's 2008 documentary, Britney: For the Record .

Track listing

12" / CD
1."My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" (album version)5:11
2."My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" (Four Teas on English Time — Icarus remix)7:20
3."First Thing/Chia" (The Space Between 3 and 7 — Isambard Khroustaliov remix)5:21
4."I've Got Viking in Me"2:16
5."All the Chimers"3:16
1."My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" (directed by Woof Wan-Bau)5:07
2."She Moves She" (directed by Dougal Wilson)4:41
3."As Serious as Your Life" (directed by Ed Holdsworth)4:48
4."No More Mosquitoes" (directed by Gordon Sharples)3:38


Chart performance for "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"
Chart (2004)Peak
UK Singles (OCC) [1] 156

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Icarus is a British band from London, England, specializing in electronic drum and bass with elements of experimental jazz and rich instrumentation. Formed in 1997 by cousins Ollie Bown and Sam Britton, the band's music has been described by Kieran Hebden as "really beautiful and also quite kind of evil". Hebden included an Icarus track, "Benevolent Incubator", on his Late Night Tales compilation, and Icarus also provided a remix of the Four Tet track "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth". Icarus have also remixed Murcof, Lunz, The Creatures, Spartak and Eclectic Method Featuring Chuck D.

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