Dialogue (Four Tet album)

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Studio album by
Released1 February 1999
RecordedOctober 1997–September 1998
Genre Outsider house, nu jazz
Label Output
Producer Kieran Hebden
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Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svg [1]
NME 8/10 [2]
Pitchfork 6.3/10 [3]

Dialogue is the debut studio album by British electronic musician Kieran Hebden, released under his alias Four Tet on 1 February 1999.

Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments and circuitry-based music technology. In general, a distinction can be made between sound produced using electromechanical means, and that produced using electronics only. Electromechanical instruments include mechanical elements, such as strings, hammers, and so on, and electric elements, such as magnetic pickups, power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Examples of electromechanical sound producing devices include the telharmonium, Hammond organ, and the electric guitar, which are typically made loud enough for performers and audiences to hear with an instrument amplifier and speaker cabinet. Pure electronic instruments do not have vibrating strings, hammers, or other sound-producing mechanisms. Devices such as the theremin, synthesizer, and computer can produce electronic sounds.

Four Tet British musician

Kieran Hebden, best known by the stage name Four Tet, is an English musician. Hebden first came to prominence as a member of the band Fridge before establishing himself as a solo artist.


Track listing

  1. "The Space of Two Weeks" – 5:50
  2. "Chiron" – 5:23
  3. "Alambradas" – 1:55
  4. "3.3 Degrees from the Pole" – 6:00
  5. "Misnomer" – 3:20
  6. "Liquefaction" – 4:58
  7. "She Scanned" – 3:12
  8. "Calamine" – 7:38
  9. "The Butterfly Effect" – 6:21
  10. "Aying" (CD only) – 4:56
  11. "Fume" (CD only) – 9:53
  12. "Charm" (CD only) – 5:04

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This is a comprehensive listing of releases, collaborations, remixes and productions documenting the solo work of the British electronic musician Kieran Hebden. Alongside his role as a member of Fridge, Hebden has established himself as a solo artist under the moniker Four Tet, and has performed as part of the duo Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid.

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<i>New Energy</i> (album) 2017 studio album by Four Tet

New Energy is the ninth studio album by British electronic musician Kieran Hebden, released under his alias Four Tet on 29 September 2017 by Text Records. The album follows a more uptempo, listener-friendly style than previous Four Tet records while containing elements of those albums and a variety of musical styles as well as virtual instrument replications of culturally-tinged instruments. The album garnered critical acclaim, landing on several year-end lists by publications such as PopMatters, Q, Uncut, The Guardian, and Pitchfork, and reached number 48 on the UK Albums Chart.


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