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NRK Aktivum was created in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) to take care of NRK's commercial activities. NRK Aktivum develop and sell products, services and rights based on NRK's program production and brands. [1]

They offer DVDs, music, books, audiobooks and licensed products from NRK's program archives and ongoing production of television, radio and online. They also sell billboards to sponsor on television, they have an event department, as well as an offer to visitors Marienlyst with a visitor center and guided tours. [2]

The company as of 2012 has 25 employees, and its 2011 revenue was approximately 130 million Norwegian krone. [3]

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NRK State-owned Norwegian public broadcaster

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in Norway. All other TV channels, broadcast from Norway, were banned from 1960 until 1981. NRK broadcasts three national TV channels and three national radio channels on digital terrestrial television, digital terrestrial radio and subscription television. All NRK radio stations are being streamed online at, which also offers an extensive TV service. NRK is a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The Secret Life of Us is a three-time silver Logie Award-winning Australian television drama series set in the beachside suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. The series was produced by Southern Star Group and screened in Australia from 2001 to 2005 on Network Ten and on Channel 4 in the UK. Initially co-funded by the two networks, Channel 4 pulled out after the third series and the fourth series was not aired in the UK. It is primarily a drama with some comedic moments.

Kristin Halvorsen Norwegian politician

Kristin Halvorsen is a Norwegian politician of the Socialist Left Party. She served as Minister of Finance from 2005 to 2009 and as Minister of Education from 2009 to 2013.

Vinmonopolet, symbolized by Ⓥ and colloquially shortened to Polet, is a government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer and the only company allowed to sell beverages containing an alcohol content higher than 4.75% in Norway.

NRK1 Norwegian television channel

NRK1 is the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's (NRK) main television channel. Test broadcasts started on 12 January 1954, regular test broadcasts started on 13 April 1958 and regular broadcasts started on 20 August 1960. It is Norway's oldest and largest television channel and was the country's only free-to-air television channel until the launch of TV 2 in 1992. Previously known simply as "NRK", the channel is now known as "NRK1", to distinguish itself from sister channel "NRK2", which started broadcasting on 1 September 1996.

NRK2 Norwegian television channel

NRK2 is one of the TV channels of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). It was launched on 1 September 1996. It has traditionally concentrated on more on cultural and in-depth programmes than its sister channel NRK1 and has also shown drama series, comedies, and news. When not broadcasting regular programmes, it used to show "Svisj", an interactive programme with music videos and SMS chat. With the launch of NRK3 in early September 2007, "Svisj" moved to the new station and NRK2 refocused its programming to focus on news, documentaries, and cultural programs.

Norges Televisjon AS, or NTV, operates the digital terrestrial television (DTT) network in Norway. The infrastructure is owned by the Telenor-subsidiary Norkring, while the content is provided by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and RiksTV. The company is owned in equal parts by NRK, TV 2 and Telenor. The same companies also own RiksTV. RiksTV offers a range of pay television channels.

Kongeparken amusement park in Norway

Kongeparken is an amusement park in the village Ålgård, near Stavanger, Norway. Kongeparken is the biggest amusement park in the southwest of Norway and Rogaland's biggest tourist attraction. The park offers over 60 different rides and adventures for the entire family and has been awarded several times for good service and innovative attractions.

Television in Norway was introduced in 1954, but first program was shown in 1958, and officially begin on August 20, 1960. Like in Denmark, Norway had only one television channel until the 1980s. Some 40% of the population have cable TV, and 30% have satellite TV. Another 30% have terrestrial television only.


Norkring AS is a provider of digital terrestrial television and radio transmitting in Norway and Belgium. In Norway, Norkring operates a Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) network for Norges Televisjon, as well as a FM and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. In Belgium, Norkring operates a DVB-T, DVB-T2, FM, DAB and DAB+ network. It operated a DVB-T network in Slovenia between 2010 and 2012. Norkring is owned by Telenor; Norkring België is owned 75 percent by Norkring and 25 percent by Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen.

Mass media in Norway outlines the current state of the press, television, radio, film and cinema, and social media in Norway.

Fantorangen television series

Fantorangen is a Norwegian television character known from Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where he has his own program on the children's channel NRK Super. He is a plushie created and operated by Berit Nermoen, who also writes the scripts. The puppet was created in 2007 by visual artist Tiina Suhonen, in co-operation with costume department in NRK. With his slightly mischievous personality, he has become one of NRK's most popular characters for children. As a result of the success there has been made music videos, books and licensed products with Fantorangen and he acts with Berit Nermoen at various festivals and other cultural events.

Adil Khan Norwegian actor and dancer

Adil Khan is a Norwegian dancer and actor of mixed Punjabi and Pashtun descent. He won Dansefeber, hosted by TVNorge in 2006.

My Mercy Box is a Norwegian documentary series for children and families, produced by the Norwegian production company TV Inter. The original title in Norway is Fride på Skipet, and the series was aired at the children's network NRK Super, spring 2010. The first of ten episodes was broadcast 8 April 2010. It is about eight-year-old Fride Tvedt, living on the hospital ship MS Africa Mercy. The ship sails along the coast of West Africa in a humanitarian effort for the Christian organization Mercy Ships. Fride's father is a dentist and her mother is a nurse. Fride's older brother and sister also live on board.

Arne Wam is a Norwegian journalist and civil servant, who has had several leading positions in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the Norwegian State Railways (NSB).

Jon Ola Sand Norwegian television executive

Jon Ola Sand, is a Norwegian television executive, who was the European Broadcasting Union's Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Slow television, or slow TV, is a term used for a genre of "marathon" television coverage of an ordinary event in its complete length. Its name is derived both from the long endurance of the broadcast as well as from the natural slow pace of the television program's progress. It was popularised in the 2000s by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), beginning with the broadcast of a 7-hour train journey in 2009.

Norway participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Norwegian entry was selected through Melodi Grand Prix 2012, a national selection consisting of three semi-finals and a final, organised by the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. Tooji represented Norway with the song "Stay", which qualified from the second semi-final and went on to place 26th (last) in the final, scoring 7 points.

<i>Lilyhammer</i> Norwegian-American television series

Lilyhammer is a Norwegian–American television series starring Steven Van Zandt about a former New York-based gangster named Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano trying to start a new life in isolated Lillehammer, Norway. The first season premiered on Norwegian NRK1 on 25 January 2012 with a record audience of 998,000 viewers, and premiered on Netflix in North America on 6 February 2012, with all eight episodes available in full for streaming on the service. Lilyhammer was promoted as "the first time Netflix offered exclusive content".

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