Paws (EP)

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Four Tet Paws cover.jpg
EP by
Released7 December 2001
Genre Folktronica, post-rock
Label Domino [1]
Producer Kieran Hebden [2]
Four Tet chronology

Paws is an EP released by Four Tet on 7 December 2001. It consists of remixes of works on his album Pause ; the EP's name is a pun on the album's title.

Track listing

  1. "Glue of the Other World" – 7:34
  2. "Hilarious Movie of the 90's" (Koushik's Funny Flick) – 2:39
  3. "Hilarious Movie of the 90's" (Manitoba Remix) – 5:37
  4. "No More Mosquitoes" (Boom Bip Remix) – 5:02

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