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Pluto 13 GmbH
Piranha Bytes
Piranha Bytes Software GmbH (1997–2002)
Industry Video game industry
Founded1997;22 years ago (1997) in Bochum, Germany
  • Michael Hoge
  • Tom Putzki
  • Stefan Nyul
  • Alex Brüggemann
Key people
Michael Rüve Jr. (managing director)
Number of employees
30 [1]  (2017)
Parent Phenomedia (1999–2002)
Website https://www.piranha-bytes.com/

Pluto 13 GmbH, doing business as Piranha Bytes, is a German video game developer based in Essen. Founded in 1997, they are best known for their Gothic and Risen series of role-playing video games.

A video game developer is a software developer that specializes in video game development – the process and related disciplines of creating video games. A game developer can range from one person who undertakes all tasks to a large business with employee responsibilities split between individual disciplines, such as programming, design, art, testing, etc. Most game development companies have video game publisher financial and usually marketing support. Self-funded developers are known as independent or indie developers and usually make indie games.

Essen Place in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Essen is the central and second largest city of the Ruhr, the largest urban area in Germany. Its population of 583,393 makes it the ninth largest city of Germany, as well as the fourth largest city of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. On the Ruhr and Emscher rivers, Essen geographically is part of the Rhineland and the larger Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region. The Ruhrdeutsch regiolect spoken in the region has strong influences of both Low German (Westphalian) and Low Franconian.

Gothic is an action role-playing game franchise, created and owned by Piranha Bytes. The latest release was published by Nordic Games.



In 1997, Michael Hoge, Tom Putzki, Stefan Nyul and Alex Brüggemann incorporated Piranha Bytes Software GmbH in Bochum, Germany. [2] In 1999, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of German publisher Phenomedia. [2] Following a financial scandal, Phenomedia filed for insolvency in May 2002, as a result of which Piranha Bytes' management formed a new, independent company titled Pluto 13 GmbH. [2] In September 2002, Piranha Bytes acquired their trademarks, including the rights to their Gothic series, from Phenomedia, with Pluto 13 effectively adopting Piranha Bytes as their trading name. [2] In March 2004, Piranha Bytes was among the founders of GAME Bundesverband. [3]

Bochum Place in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Bochum is the sixth largest city of the most populous German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia after Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg, and its 364,920 (2016) inhabitants make it the 16th largest city of Germany. On the Ruhr Heights (Ruhrhöhen) hill chain, between the rivers Ruhr to the south and Emscher to the north, it is the second largest city of Westphalia after Dortmund, and the fourth largest city of the Ruhr after Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg. It lies at the centre of the Ruhr, Germany's largest urban area, in the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region, and belongs to the region of Arnsberg. It is surrounded by the cities of Herne, Castrop-Rauxel, Dortmund, Witten, Hattingen, Essen and Gelsenkirchen. Bochum is the sixth largest and one of the southernmost cities in the Low German dialect area. There are nine institutions of higher education in the city, most notably the Ruhr University Bochum, one of the ten largest universities in Germany, and Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

Germany Federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe, lying between the Baltic and North Seas to the north, and the Alps to the south. It borders Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France to the southwest, and Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west.

A subsidiary, subsidiary company or daughter company is a company that is owned or controlled by another company, which is called the parent company, parent, or holding company. The subsidiary can be a company, corporation, or limited liability company. In some cases it is a government or state-owned enterprise. In some cases, particularly in the music and book publishing industries, subsidiaries are referred to as imprints.

Games developed

PS3 PS4 Win X360 XONE
2001 Gothic NoNoYesNoNo
2002 Gothic II NoNoYesNoNo
2003 Gothic II: Night of the Raven NoNoYesNoNo
2006 Gothic 3 NoNoYesNoNo
2009 Risen NoNoYesYesNo
2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters YesNoYesYesNo
2014 Risen 3: Titan Lords YesYesYesYesNo
2017 ELEX NoYesYesNoYes

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<i>Gothic</i> (video game) 2001 video game

Gothic is a single-player action role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows developed by the German company Piranha Bytes.

Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH is a German video game developer based in Düsseldorf. Founded in October 1988 by Thomas Hertzler and Lothar Schmitt, the company is best known for developing the Anno and The Settlers series. In January 2001, the company was acquired by Ubisoft. In 2014, Related Designs became part of Blue Byte.

<i>Gothic II</i> video game

Gothic II is a role-playing video game and the sequel to Gothic, by the German developer Piranha Bytes. It was first released on November 29, 2002 in Germany, and in North America almost one year later on October 28, 2003. The game was published by JoWooD Productions and Atari, Inc.

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<i>The Settlers: Heritage of Kings</i> 2004 video game

The Settlers: Heritage of Kings, released as Heritage of Kings: The Settlers in North America, is a real-time strategy video game developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. Released in Germany for Microsoft Windows in November 2004, and in the United Kingdom and North America in February 2005, it is the fifth game in The Settlers series. In 2005, Blue Byte released two expansions, The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - Expansion Disc and The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - Legends Expansion Disc, in March and September respectively, featuring new single-player campaign missions, new maps for both single-player and multiplayer modes, a map editor, and a random map generator. In November, The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - Gold Edition was released, containing the original game and the first expansion. In 2009, the original game was also released on GOG.com. In 2018, the game was re-released as The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - History Edition.

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<i>Gothic 3</i> video game

Gothic 3 is a fantasy-themed open world action role-playing game for Microsoft Windows from the German game developer Piranha Bytes. It is the sequel to Gothic II. Although widely available in English, the native release of the game is German. The North American release incorporates two patches that appeared after the initial UK edition.


Deck13 Interactive GmbH is a German video game developer and publisher based in Frankfurt. The company was founded in July 2001 by the team behind Artex Software, a studio that primarily developed video games for RISC OS, such as Ankh: The Tales of Mystery. Originally bearing the name TriggerLab, the company was renamed to Deck13 after the release of its first game, Stealth Combat, in 2002. Deck13 is best known for developing the action role-playing games Lords of the Fallen and The Surge. Deck13 also operates a Hamburg-based subsidiary studio, Deck13 Hamburg.

<i>Risen</i> (video game) video game

Risen is a single-player fantasy-themed action role-playing game, developed by the German company Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver.

Spellbound Entertainment German video game developer based in Offenburg.

Spellbound Entertainment AG was German video game developer based in Offenburg. Founded in 1994 by Armin Gessert, the company is best known for the Desperados series.

Moorhuhn is a German casual game franchise for PCs and various other platforms. It consists of more than 30 games, the first of which – a shoot 'em up – was Germany's most popular computer game in the early 2000s.

Travian Games

Travian Games GmbH, based in Munich, is a medium-sized German company in the software industry that has specialized in developing and marketing PC and browser games. Travian Games also acts as an international publisher for selected game titles. Since 2017, the largest company in the game industry in Bavaria has been a member of the BIU – Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware. Moreover, Lars Janssen, CEO of Travian Games, has been serving as a board member of Game – the Association of the German Games Industry since 2018.

<i>The Settlers</i> video game series introduced in 1993

The Settlers is a video game series. The first game in the series is The Settlers (1993). There are eight games in the series, including remakes. All the games were developed by the German studio Blue Byte, and were published by either Blue Byte or Ubisoft, the company that later acquired Blue Byte. The tablet version of the game is developed by Gameloft.

<i>Risen</i> (series) video game series

Risen is an action role-playing game franchise, developed by the German company Piranha Bytes under Microsoft Windows and converted by Wizarbox into PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is published and distributed by the German company Deep Silver, a division of Koch Media.

THQ Nordic GmbH is an Austrian video game publisher based in Vienna. It is a subsidiary of Swedish company THQ Nordic AB. The company was founded in 2011 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Eric Olof Wingefors. Its core portfolio comprises products and brands which were acquired from other large publishers, such as JoWooD Entertainment and its former subsidiaries DreamCatcher Interactive and The Adventure Company in 2011, THQ in 2013, and NovaLogic in 2016.

<i>Herz</i> (album) album

Herz (Heart) is the ninth studio album by German pop duo Rosenstolz, containing songs representing the different sides of love. Released in 2004 by Island Records, the album reached triple platinum status in Germany. It also yielded four top 20 hits in the German singles chart.

Sproing Interactive Media GmbH was an Austrian video game developer. It was founded in 2001 by Harald Riegler and Gerhard Seiler. Riegler and Seiler have owned and managed the company up to the present. The company has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


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