Saskatoon Yellow Jackets

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Saskatoon Yellow Jackets
LeagueWestern Major Baseball League (Central Division)
LocationSaskatoon, SK
Ballpark Cairns Field
Year founded2002

The Saskatoon Yellow Jackets were a baseball team which played in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The team was a member of the Western Major Baseball League, a collegiate summer baseball league operating in the prairie provinces of Canada. The team joined the league in 2002, but struggled financially throughout its existence. In 2014, the team folded, having missed the playoffs for six straight seasons. [1]

The Saskatoon Yellow Jackets last six seasons in existence featured zero winning seasons as they finished 15-25 in 2009, 12-29 in 2010, 14-28 in 2011, 20-26 in 2012, 18-26 in 2013, and 20-26 in 2014. [2] All of these six seasons saw the Yellow Jackets finish third in the Central Division of the Western Canadian Baseball League.

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Sport in Saskatchewan includes ice skating, speed skating, curling, curling bonspiels, snowboarding, snow golf, broomball, ice hockey, badminton, and curling. Summer sports abound: among these are school track and field days, community rodeos, golf tournaments, and sporting events such as baseball, softball, and snowmobile, snowmobile rallies. School teams usually feature baseball, basketball, field hockey, Association football or soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, and wrestling. Popular individual sports include auto racing, boxing, cycling, golf, hiking, horse racing, ice skating, skateboarding, skiing, swimming, tennis, triathlon, track and field, and water sports. Other sports include tobogganing, sailing, rowing, trap shooting, lawn bowling, and horseshoe. Saskatchewan speed skaters have enjoyed recent success in the Olympics in Salt Lake City and Turin. The Saskatchewan Olympic medalists include Catriona Le May Doan, Jason Parker and Justin Warsylewicz.

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Brandon Tyler Cumpton is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Diablos Rojos del Mexico of the Mexican League. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 9th round of the 2010 Major League Baseball draft and made his MLB debut for them in 2013. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he pitched for the Yellow Jackets. Cumpton has also played for the Toronto Blue Jays.


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