The Black Sessions

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The Black Sessions
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Compilation album by
ReleasedFebruary 21, 2005 (2005-02-21)
  • Discouraged Ones (Disc 1 & 2), Sunlight Studios, July–August 1997
  • Tonight's Decision, (Disc 1 & 2), Sunlight Studios, February–April 1999
  • Teargas EP / Last Fair Deal Gone Down / Tonight's Music (Disc 1 & 2), Sunlight Studios, April–November 2000
  • Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun (Disc 1 & 2), 303 Studios, Stockholm & Studio Kuling, Örebro, October–November 2002
  • Disc 3, Kraków, April 2003
Length206:25 (3 Hours, 26 Minutes, 25 Seconds)
Label Peaceville
Producer Katatonia on Teargas EP/Last Deal Gone Down/Tonight's Music & Viva Emptiness, Thomas Skogsberg, Jocke Petterson
Katatonia chronology
Brave Yester Days
The Black Sessions
My Twin

The Black Sessions is the second greatest hits compilation album by Swedish metal band Katatonia, released on February 21, 2005 through Peaceville. The compilation includes hit songs, B-sides and rarities recorded on the band's previous studio albums (from Tonight's Decision to Viva Emptiness ). A live DVD for the band performing in Krakow, Poland in April 2003 is also included in the compilation.


The song "Wait Outside" is recorded during the Viva Emptiness recording session but previously unreleased anywhere. A remixed and remastered version of the song is included on the 10th anniversary edition of Viva Emptiness.

Track listing

Disc one - CD

1."Teargas" Teargas EP / Last Fair Deal Gone Down3:32
2."Right into the Bliss" Tonight's Decision 5:05
3."Criminals" Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun3:47
4."Help Me Disappear" Tonight's Music 5:14
5."Nerve" Saw You Drown / Discouraged Ones 4:30
6."The Future of Speech" Last Fair Deal Gone Down 5:39
7."Ghost of the Sun"Viva Emptiness4:07
8."I Am Nothing"Tonight's Decision4:37
9."Deadhouse" Discouraged Ones 4:35
10."Passing Bird"Last Fair Deal Gone Down3:38
11."Sleeper"Viva Emptiness4:08
13."No Devotion"Tonight's Decision4:49
14."Chrome"Last Fair Deal Gone Down5:14
15."A Premonition"Viva Emptiness3:34

Disc two - CD

1."Dispossession"Last Fair Deal Gone Down5:37
2."Cold Ways"Discouraged Ones5:23
3."Nightmares by the Sea (Jeff Buckley cover)"Tonight's Decision4:16
4."O How I Enjoy the Light (Will Oldham cover)"Tonight's Music2:44
5."Evidence"Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun4:36
6."March 4"Teargas / Last Fair Deal Gone Down3:53
7."I Break"Discouraged Ones4:22
8."For My Demons"Tonight's Decision 5:43
9."Omerta"Viva Emptiness2:58
10."Tonight's Music"Last Fair Deal Gone Down4:20
11."Stalemate"Discouraged Ones4:19
12."Wait Outside"The Black Sessions / Viva Emptiness (Reissue)3:38
13."Fractured"Tonight's Decision5:52
14."Sweet Nurse"Last Fair Deal Gone Down3:56
15."Black Session"Tonight's Decision7:02

Disc three - DVD

1."Ghost of the Sun"Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun5:28
2."Criminals"Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun3:51
3."Teargas"Teargas EP / Last Fair Deal Gone Down3:17
4."I Break"Discouraged Ones4:14
5."I Am Nothing"Tonight's Decision4:36
6."Sweet Nurse"Last Fair Deal Gone Down4:07
7."Tonight's Music"Last Fair Deal Gone Down / Tonight's Music3:57
8."For My Demons"Tonight's Decision5:06
9."Chrome"Last Fair Deal Gone Down5:04
10."The Future of Speech"Last Fair Deal Gone Down5:16
11."Complicity"Viva Emptiness4:04
12."Burn the Remembrance"Viva Emptiness4:54
13."Evidence"Viva Emptiness / Ghost of the Sun5:08
14."Deadhouse"Discouraged Ones4:41
15."Murder"Brave Murder Day5:11



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Jonas Renkse

Jonas Petter Renkse is a founding member, songwriter, lead vocalist and ex-drummer of the band Katatonia, founding member, songwriter, bassist, backing vocalist, ex-guitarist (2004) of the band Bloodbath. He was also the founding member, drummer, vocalist, guitarist & songwriter of the band October Tide.

<i>Brave Murder Day</i> 1996 studio album by Katatonia

Brave Murder Day is Katatonia's second full-length album, released in 1996 by Avantgarde Music.

<i>Discouraged Ones</i> 1998 studio album by Katatonia

Discouraged Ones is the third full-length album by Katatonia. The album was released on April 27, 1998. This is the only Katatonia album with bassist Micke Oretoft. It is also their last release with Jonas Renkse on drums; on future releases, he would focus on being the band's lead vocalist and contributing additional guitar work. According to Renkse, Discouraged Ones had sold roughly 20,000 copies as of 2001.

<i>Tonights Decision</i> 1999 studio album by Katatonia

Tonight's Decision is the fourth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 1999 by Peaceville Records. The album was reissued in 2003 with two bonus tracks.

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<i>Viva Emptiness</i> 2003 studio album by Katatonia

Viva Emptiness is the sixth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 2003 by Peaceville Records. On the album's tenth anniversary in 2013, it was re-released, featuring a new mix, mastering, and additional keyboard arrangements.

<i>Sounds of Decay</i> 1997 EP by Katatonia

Sounds of Decay is a three-song EP released by Katatonia in 1997. The front cover is a screenshot of a decrepit god, taken from the movie Begotten.

<i>The Great Cold Distance</i> 2006 studio album by Katatonia

The Great Cold Distance is the seventh full-length album by Swedish metal band Katatonia, released on 13 March 2006. The album was recorded and mixed at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro between May and August 2005.

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Tonight's Music is a song by Swedish band Katatonia, released in 2001 as the only single from their fifth studio album Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

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Live Consternation is a live album and video by Swedish heavy metal band Katatonia, released in both CD and DVD format through Peaceville Records, on 28 May 2007. The double album features a live performance recorded at Germany's Summer Breeze Open Air festival, on 17 August 2006. The artwork was designed by Travis Smith and is close to the visual concept for The Great Cold Distance.

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<i>Teargas</i> (EP) 2001 EP by Katatonia

Teargas EP is a three song EP by Katatonia. It was released by Peaceville Records and Snapper Music on 20 February 2001. This is the first release to feature new members Mattias Norrman and Daniel Liljekvist, which solidified the band's lineup as a quintet for the following decade, until after their November 2009 release Night Is the New Day. This EP is featured on their compilation album release The Black Sessions.

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