Thorsten Quaeschning

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Thorsten Quaeschning
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Thorsten Quaeschning performing with Tangerine Dream, Germany 2018
Background information
Born (1977-02-23) 23 February 1977 (age 44)
Berlin, Germany
Occupation(s)Composer, musician
Instruments Synthesizers, vocals, guitar, drums
Labels PledgeMusic
Azure Vista Records
Invisible Hands Music
Associated acts Tangerine Dream
Edgar Froese
Bianca Froese-Acquaye
Picture Palace music
Ulrich Schnauss
Hoshiko Yamane
Quaeschning & Schnauss [1]

Thorsten Quaeschning (born 23 February 1977) is a German musician. [2] He is the current bandleader of Tangerine Dream which he joined in 2005. He performs synthesizers, [3] [4] vocals, [3] guitar [5] and drums.


Thorsten Quaeschning performing with Tangerine Dream in 2007 Tangerine-dream-blo--w.jpg
Thorsten Quaeschning performing with Tangerine Dream in 2007

Early life

Thorsten Quaeschning was born in 1977 in Berlin within a classically trained music-loving family. [6]

As a child he went on to practice the violin, the piano, drums and the flute and was preferential to such classical musicians as Wagner and Humperdinck. [7]


Before joining Tangerine Dream, Quaeschning worked as a producer for the band Minory. Afterwards, he began to tour with Tangerine Dream behind the scenes in 2003 before joining them two years later.

Quaeschning has a second band called Picture Palace music. [7] [8]

In 2018 Quaeschning released the soundtrack to the thriller film Cargo . [7] [9] [10] [11] [12]



The Seaside Stage Session (2019)

The Capitol Session (2020) Ballhaus Session (2020)

with Ulrich Schnauss

with Picture Palace Music

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