Michael Hoenig

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Michael Hoenig
Born (1952-01-04) 4 January 1952 (age 69)
Hamburg, West Germany
Genres Electronic
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter
Instruments Synthesizer
Years active1971–present
Labels Warner Bros. Records
Associated acts Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free

Michael Hoenig (born 4 January 1952) is a German composer who has composed music for several films and games, in addition to two solo albums, including the highly acclaimed 1978 album Departure from the Northern Wasteland . In 1997, he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for composing the theme to the science fiction series Dark Skies . [1]


Early career

As the editor of the underground magazine LOVE in the late sixties, Hoenig was part of the burgeoning progressive rock scene in Berlin, which fostered bands like Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel and Agitation Free. His interest in avant-garde music, sound generators and prepared tapes caught the eye of Michael Guenther, the bassist of Agitation Free, and he joined the band in February 1971. In March 1975, Hoenig was hired to replace Peter Baumann in Tangerine Dream for an Australian tour and a London Royal Albert Hall concert, and subsequently left Agitation Free, which broke up shortly after. Baumann rejoined Tangerine Dream soon after, and Hoenig went on to collaborate with Klaus Schulze on the short-lived project "Timewind" (unrelated to the 1975 Schulze album of the same name). In 1976 he had a brief collaboration with Manuel Göttsching of Ash Ra Tempel; a recording of one of the sessions was released in 1995 under the title "Early Water". In 1977, he released his first solo album, the highly acclaimed Berlin School classic Departure from the Northern Wasteland , and left for Los Angeles shortly after it was released. [2]

Later career

Hoenig owns a recording studio in Los Angeles and through his company Metamusic Productions, he has composed the scores for several movies (see filmography below) and television shows. In addition to this, he has composed music for the extremely popular Baldur's Gate PC games by BioWare. In 1987, Hoenig released his second solo album, Xcept One. The track Bones on the Beach from the Xcept One album was installed in the roller coaster CHAOS at Opryland in Nashville, making the attraction the first roller coaster to be synced to music. Bones on the Beach has also been used at a similar roller coaster, Revolution, at Bobbejaanland, a family park in Lichtaart, Belgium from 2004-2008 and since 2011.



with Tangerine Dream

with Manuel Göttsching




Television series


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Ash Ra Tempel was a German krautrock group active from 1970 to 1976, Manuel Göttsching's first prominent musical output. Ash Ra Tempel featured revolving members. Göttsching retired the use of the Ash Ra Tempel name after he became the sole remaining member. His first solo album Inventions for Electric Guitar was the last album to bear the Ash Ra Tempel name. Göttsching later used the name Ashra for his solo output as an homage to his former group. Ashra eventually evolved into a full band and continued along with Göttsching until 1998.

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<i>Departure from the Northern Wasteland</i> 1978 studio album by Michael Hoenig

Departure from the Northern Wasteland is the debut studio album of electronic music composer Michael Hoenig, released in 1978 by Warner Bros. Records.

<i>Xcept One</i> 1987 studio album by Michael Hoenig

Xcept One is the second album by composer Michael Hoenig, released in 1987 through Capitol Records.

Michael Duwe, aka Mickie D, is a composer, producer and musician from Berlin, Germany. He is composing music for German television series, documentaries or film. Besides several solo albums, including his 1978 masterpiece ‚Mickie D’s Unicorn, he has worked with different bands, musicians and producers like Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig, Michael Shrieve, Wolfgang Loos (Alphaville) or Conny Plank.

<i>Antique Dreams</i> 2000 compilation album by Tangerine Dream

Antique Dreams is the seventieth release and first compilation album by Tangerine Dream. Compiled and remixed in 2000, and recorded between 1971 and 1988, it is the third and last of the Tangerine Dream Classics Edition series, following Sohoman and Soundmill Navigator. The album features live, studio and remix elements.


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