Tiruchirappalli Bus Rapid Transit System

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Tiruchirappalli BRTS
Owner Government of Tamil Nadu
Locale Tiruchirappalli
Transit type Bus rapid transit
Number of lines2
Headquarters Tiruchirappalli
Operation will start2018
Operator(s) Tiruchirappalli City Municipal Corporation
System length24 km (15 mi)

Tiruchirappalli BRTS is a proposed bus rapid transit system for the city of Tiruchirappalli.



During November 2013, at the two-day conference on "Sustainable Cities Through Transport" at Coimbatore, respective city engineers from Madurai, Tiruchi, Tirupur, Salem and Coimbatore came together discussed about planning and creation of transit systems, pedestrian pathways, cycling tracks, parks, pedestrian zones, etc.,. [1] Later in January 2014, the same was presented to K. P. Munusamy, State Minister of Municipal Administration and Rural Development, Law, Courts and Prisons by Corporation officials at a workshop in Chennai. [2] [3] the Corporation Commissioner of Tiruchi City, V. P. Thandapani declared that about 52 kilometres (32 mi) of pedestrian pathways and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) of green lines will be constructed in addition to 341 new buses by 2018 at a cost of 655 crore (US$82 million). [4]

Modelled on the lines of Ahmedabad BRTS, the plan was developed in association with Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is being funded by Ministry of Urban Development would improve the city's road infrastructure and future transport modes, which presently has narrow roads and indiscriminate encroachments coupled with booming vehicle population. [5]


Route NoSectionDistance
(in km)
1 Central Bus Stand TBA Srirangam 17Survey completedPlanned
2 Central Bus Stand TBA K. K. Nagar 7Survey completedPlanned

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Chathiram Bus Stand, Tiruchirappalli, old name Chinnaiya Pillai Chathiram also popularly known Chathiram Perundu Nilayam or Chathiram Bus Stand, is one of the bus termini of Trichy, other being the Central Bus Stand. The terminus is located in a land of 2.05 acres (0.83 ha) near Chintamani, adjacent to St. Joseph's College.

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The town of Viluppuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is well connected by both rail and road to other major cities in the state including Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Salem, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Dindigul and Vellore. And also other state major cities such as Bengaluru, Tirupati, Pondicherry and Mangalore. Viluppuram serves as one of the important railway junction of Tamil Nadu and Southern Railway Zone. The nearest domestic airport is Pondicherry, which has a daily chartered flight to Bengaluru. The nearest international airports are Chennai and Tiruchirappalli.

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Coimbatore Metro, also known as Kovai Metro, is a proposed rapid transit system for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


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