Toby Carvery

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Toby Carvery
FormerlyToby Pub & Carvery
Company typeSubsidiary
FounderMichael Sabrin
Number of locations
158 [1]
Area served
United Kingdom
Products Carvery
British Cuisine
Full English Breakfast
Number of employees
Parent Mitchells & Butlers

Toby Carvery is a British carvery chain brand owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers, which consists of 158 restaurants.



Toby Carvery as a brand was founded as part of Bass Charrington in 1985. The parent company subsequently rebranded as Six Continents plc, before the former Bass pub estate was spun off into Mitchells & Butlers. [2] The chain was previously known as "Toby Pub and Carvery", but it was rebranded, removing the pub part of the name.

As well as carvery meat, the chain offers vegetarian and vegan food [3] and fish main courses. A breakfast menu is available at some sites. [4]

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