Top Model Norge

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Top Model Norge
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Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Kathrine Sørland (1)
Vendela Kirsebom (2-3)
Mona Grudt (4)
Siri Tollerød (5)
Country of originNorway
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes60
Running time60 minutes
Original network TV3
Original releaseSeptember 4, 2006 
December 2, 2013
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Top Model Norge (English: Top Model Norway) was a Norwegian reality television show airing on TV3, based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model.



Kathrine Sørland Head Judge
Vendela Kirsebom Head Judge
Mona Grudt Head Judge
Siri Tollerød Head Judge
Judging Panelists
Hervé Bernard Main
Mette Mortensen Main
Sunniva Stordal Main
Bjørn Opsahl Main
Jan Thomas Main
Linda Vasquez Main
Mariana Verkerk Recurring
Marcel Leliënhof Main Guest
Storm P. Main
Erik Asla Main
Jonas Hallberg Main
Donna Ioanna Main


CyclePremiere dateWinnerRunner-upOther contestants in order of eliminationNumber of contestantsInternational Destination(s)
1 4 September 2006Maria Eilertsen Lene Egeli Eva Laading, Toril Charlotte Ulleberg, Trine Rekdal Hoel, Nina Therese Aune, Camilla Veie-Rosvoll, Meriam Lerøy Brahimi, Tara Midtli, Cecilie Sundsbø, Ingvild Jenhaug, Iren Desirée Puskas Kristiansen12 Flag of the United States.svg
New York City
2 3 September 2007Kamilla AlnesIvanna Petrova
Polina Barbasova
Ann-Jeanett Angell-Henriksen, Kine Nordeide Johansen, Kristina Talleraas Holen & Kristina Breivik, Agathe Høistad Guttuhaugen, Julia Brønn Lyon, Kaja Hegstad Lilleng, Silje Løvik, Anette Wiborg, Esther Roe13 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of Iceland.svg
Flag of France.svg
3 8 September 2008Martine LervikMarita Skeivik FrostThea Christophersen, Sasha Danest Hammari (disqualified), Sina Gulbrandsen, Silje Hellenes & Martine Dyb & Helene Hornstuen Urberg, Ida Nykås, Elise Haugen, Goshia Golab, Mona Lisa Ibrahim, Christina Slette Johnsen, Frøydis Labowsky (quit)14 Flag of Portugal.svg
Flag of Morocco.svg
Flag of France.svg
Flag of the United States.svg
New York City
4 7 February 2011Claudia BullCharlotte IsachsenSarah Gindel Jabang, Bambie Bang Vaage, Dasha Barannik, Farzaneh Davodi, Signe Marie Taubøll (quit), Inga Maurstad, Eirin Hagstrøm, Thea Sofie Rabbum Karlsen, Frida Mathea Kocian, Roberta Grybauskaite, Katarina Barannik, Alexandra Sanneh Stølen, Maiken Wahlstrøm Nilssen15 Flag of Spain.svg
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of Ireland.svg
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
5 16 September 2013Frida Børli SolakerIngebjørg Strand LendeElise Finnanger, Mariel Gomsrud (quit) & Marita Gomsrud (quit), Sunniva Veliz Pedersen, Amalie Raa, Malin Ludvigsen, Celina Mørch Honningsvåg, Ayla Svenke, Amalie Henden, Kristina Hansen, Marlen Fjeldstad, Rachana Nekså, Ine Ripsrud, Lovise Helvig16 Flag of the United States.svg
Los Angeles / New York City

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Lene Egeli is a Norwegian beauty pageant contestant and model who won the title of Frøken Norge 2008, on 21 April 2008. She went on to represent Norway in Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 13 December 2008. She did not advance to the semi-final but placed as one of the 32 semi-finalists in the Top Model fast track competition.

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Top ModelCurves is the second Scandinavian edition of Top Model. The series sees a number of plus-size aspiring models from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They competed against each other in a variety of challenges to determine who will win title of the next "top model" of Scandinavia along a lucrative modelling contract, and other prizes in the hope of a successful future in the modeling industry. The series was presented by Danish singer and songwriter Lina Rafn, Norwegian fashion journalist and television personality Janka Polliani, and Swedish fashion stylist Jonas Hallberg.

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